Yurlova SHIPULIN and won a Christmas Race

Russians Ekaterina Yurlova and Anton SHIPULIN won in the traditional "Christmas Race", held in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Thanks confident shooting in the pursuit, which was preceded by a mass start, the Russian biathletes more than seven seconds ahead of a French couple in the Marie Dorin Habert, as well as representatives of Norway Fanny Horn and Lars Birkeland. "Christmas Race". Gelsenkirchen (Germany) Mixed Relay. Pursuit.

VIDEO 1. Catherine Yurlova / SHIPULIN Anton (Russia) — 32.24,0 (3 free range) 2. Marie Dorin Habert / Martin Fourcade (France) — lag 7.3 (7) 3. Fanny Horn / Lars Birkeland (Norway) — +

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Police searches agenda 9-year-old little boy

Christmas Emperor believes that the police came to find out where the agenda, which was summoned to the local police department Cherikov nine-year boy Evgeny Gerasimov in connection with the investigation of the blast in Minsk on July 4th.According to the journalist, the police claim to have already returned to talk to the boy’s mother Lena Bolshakov. Roman Christmas claims that the police found out his friends what he was doing.Recall specifically Roman Christmas Lena Bolshakov said first call to the police’s own juvenile offspring. The case raised in Belarus wide public resonance. The day before yesterday the police chief

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9-year-old boy caused by the blast case

Call — in connection with the investigation of the explosion in Minsk on July 4. The agenda is labeled a "come to the police department Cherikov on mining entities for involvement in the explosion."

About Man call the police Krycheu correspondent of the newspaper "Free City" Roman said his mom Christmas Lena Bolshakov. According to her, the police were going to take in the offspring fingerprints.


According to Christmas, boy  already questioned about the explosion at the school and local police Sergeant Ivanov Cherikov. Mom found out about this event. Youth owed to come to the police

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In Belarusian musicians of winter — green harvest

In This year Belarusian viewers if not the first time could choose with whom to while away the New Year’s Eve — with the "official" Russian pop on the main municipal channels (normal "set" of Darafeyavay, Smolova brothers Hlestova etc.) or not favored by the attention of public hangouts on the satellite channel "Belsat" (from peravvasoblenaga Liavon Volsky IQ to 48 "of snow alley, 8"). However, read on vsepolnotsennuyu candidacy still not necessary, because the audience "Belsat" still quite moderate. Because almost always "telemany" preference was given to the third, the tested version — Russian channel with the usual set

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How to celebrate Christmas Belarusian VIP?

Recognized master Russian director Cinématographe Viktor Dashuk respects and values all faiths:"I do sod, so celebrate those, and others, and others."Reporter: "And all sorts of traditions, rituals, you know?""I know all about it, since it was my childhood. This is what I have connected with the concept of" Homeland. "Christmas I remember from years 3 — 4 as some ray of light as prazdnichek as satisfaction. We strolled home great company gifts to us who could. And this feeling prazdnichka remains for life. " Daughter of Masherov Natalia Masherova grew and matured, when Belarus Russian religious prazdnichkom were not held

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Christmas Zinaida Bondarenko

Ulitenok: "Mrs. Zinaida than distinctive you Christmas?"Bondarenko: "Here, as they say, two in one: and Christmas, and the day of Christ’s birth — they are usually historically close."Ulitenok: "And what exactly is celebrated in your family?"Bondarenko: "Christmas. Peep But someone, or when you hear the Mummers in the yard, then go out and join the joyful songs. Merry Christmas I no longer met during his life in the Gomel region. Currently prazdnichka this seems to have become less."Ulitenok: "Here, in Minsk, had kalyadovshchytsay be?"Bondarenko: "At one point … where? Outdoor Communist Party of the USSR and time!"Ulitenok: "You share the

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Belarusian Orthodox Christmas meet

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Two years ago we celebrated Christmas together

Lady: "I believe that everyone should own prazdnichek celebrate when it happens, but do not connect all together. Catholics celebrate in their own day, Orthodox — in your own. "Lady: "It is best to celebrate together."Lady: "I wish that separately. I myself — Orthodox and me my Christmas seems to have been transferred from generation to generation. "Man: "We were Unitarian civilization, and two years ago celebrated Christmas together. And if the Uniate Church will return to our country, I will consider it as a victory over the impact of the metropolitan church. "Man: "This is historically that celebrate differently.

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How to celebrate Christmas in the near and distant light?

Vienna has opened the season of Christmas balls. After a long hiatus resumed Vienna Music Festival since the Middle Ages and the Baroque "Resonanzen", the theme of which in This year — "Improvisation, performance, ecstasy." The program Viennese balls usual: first — welcome cocktail, after performances of the Vienna Opera and Ballet, banquet and dancing until 5:00 am.In English, the Tower at the "Medieval Yule" can behold how to celebrate Christmas at the royal court of Edward I. And at the moment in London gather most eminent mimes, magicians and dancers from around the world — on the world’s largest

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Christmas gifts from parents Madeline McKenna

"We wish that our Madeline toys as Christmas gifts received by those small Belarusians who eventually most diverse circumstances deprived of happy young people", quotes the words of parents McKenna British "Daily Mirror". According to British media, Christmas gifts, each of which is attached photo Madeline, students must obtain Zhodino yes Bobruisk orphanages.How to write English media campaign organized by the charitable organization "Samaritan’s Purse" and recently made a charitable foundation "Madeline." The purpose of the campaign — to draw attention around the world catastrophic fate of this and encourage girls to find her in the midst of the inhabitants

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