In Ukraine, the Chupacabra comes to people through the portal


Original hypothesis concerning the origin of the elusive nature of the beast called "Chupacabra" announced days researcher of anomalous phenomena Vladimir Litovka, the initiator of the "anomalous" in the school museum Romni (Sumy region).

Ukrainian researcher manifestation of the "phenomenon of Chupacabra" believes that the solution lies in the phenomenon of other unsolved areas of our existence.

"Being referred to as the phenomenon of" Chupacabra ", enters into our world through space-time portals, which are located at the positions of the Scythian burial cemeteries" — in all seriousness, the researcher has to consider its version of colleagues.

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An unknown creature terrorizes the Perm region. Mysterious Chupacabra?



Mysterious animal kills livestock at night, and the locals say about the appearance of "Chupacabra" Residents Yusvinsky district of the Perm region live in fear of the mysterious beasts of the forest, which in the night attacks on livestock and kills him. According to the villagers, in the last two weeks of the victims of an unknown substance were dozens of rabbits. The municipal authorities have instructed residents to abstain from evening and night walks and, if possible, stay home

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Chile: the skeleton of Chupacabra?




Priznanny researcher of the phenomenon of "Chupacabra" (Chupacabras) and a member of the Corporation GEO (Chilean organization dedicated to "the study of vozdushnyhfenomenov" and, simply put, studies of the "anomalous") Alberto Urquiza (Alberto Urquiza) November 13, 2003 the corporation has filed three photos of a mysterious skeleton being. The remains of an animal unknown to science

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Chupacabra. South Ural.

Late in the evening Nicholas from Coosa (South Urals), passing through the city past the metal urns, suddenly felt the eyes. He turned — and saw a strange-looking animal that is clearly interested passers-by. A man in possession of a gun, he walked from the hunt. Nicholas was about to shoot, but the chupacabra, sensing danger, ran away. Yuzhnouralets caught a glimpse of the beast.

— The animal is very similar to a dog, but slightly larger. He has a bald face and more claws, long tail. More items did

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Chupacabra. A selection of photos and videos

Chupacabra — A mysterious creature that is seen in all countries of the world. Lots of photos and video material, as well as drawings created by eyewitnesses. What is it really? Indeed mystical creature, the result of cross-breeding of animals, mutation, or a skilled installation enthusiast? Perhaps the answer to this question is not found until it's creation will not be caught. I offer you a selection of photos and videos about this creature.

Video Chupacabra. Watch


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Chupacabra showed up in the Zhytomyr region

November 10, 2012 4:28

In the town of Malin, Zhitomir region keeps at bay chupacabra. According to eyewitnesses, the animal that has long lived near the village, moved to its very center.

Chupacabra recently entered the yard of a private house and killed 30 rabbits. Carcass, which had been drained of blood, lay spread out on color and color. A couple of days after the incident Chupacabra attacked another court. Just devastated animal sheds in three or four houses.

Chupacabra spotted in Kirovograd, people utykivayut their gardens traps

November 17, 2012 23:38

Unknown beast already looked into some chicken coops and ransacked several yards.

Next legendary chupacabra been seen on the outskirts of the regional center. Residents complain of Kirovohrad — unknown creature naglovoruet livestock from their homes. Eyewitnesses claim: this animal has reddish hair and moves by jumping on two legs.

Last night the unknown creature decimate the bird population the inhabitants of an entire street. Within a few hours of sunrise yards disappeared three dozen chickens.

Basil eyewitness caught the thief on his garden. Says

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Puzzles and anomalies in 2011

December 30, 2011 16:28

In the past year looking for Bigfoot, Chupacabra authenticate and frozen aliens.

Throughout the year from all over the world there were reports of encounters with mysterious creatures and representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. People out there, here imagined Yeti Chupacabra and UFOs. Overall, 2011 was remembered by several unusual phenomena.

Most attention to themselves chained snowman. To search for him in October was abandoned Russian-American expedition. The researchers went to the Kuzbass, taking with them as bait Nikolai Valuev. Athlete on the dimensions just fit the description of female yeti, said experts. However being never

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Chupacabra in Chernigov. Video


12.10.11.V night from 10th to 11th October at the farm on Green Street a being killed more than five dozen animals. Dead Rabbits, chickens and found indokachek morning host, when he came to feed her? Menagerie. This could make no known predators convinced Oleg Poyasnik zoologist. Scientist for several years now oversees the activities of the so-called Chupacabra. Collects the beast files.

Handwriting, which saw a zoologist at the scene confirmed that the yard was operating it chupacabra. She once again kills animals actually in the city center, close to the core.

Recall that on the account of

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Chupakabra.Foto was got near Novosibirsk. Video


Photo: Natalia Grigorevskii

24.07.11.Zhiteley several villages near Novosibirsk "Nightmare" is that week. They believe that under the cover of night to their homes climbs unknown science creature: Chupacabra.

A mysterious animal, of which started a legend in the last century (see our dossier), settled at metropolis and attacks on livestock villagers. Prefers mainly goats and sheep but not above.

While the owners of the house is asleep, she sneaks into the hall, floods the poor animals in one jump and bites his fangs into his neck and drinking their blood — to the last drop. If we believe

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