The medieval mosaics of Rome. 7th century.

Of all the monumental scenery of Rome. founded in the VII century, it has survived only a few. The situation is similar to the works of this period in Byzantium. Based on these few examples left in its original form it can be judged that the artistic processes taking place in Rome at this time, represent a gradual departure from the Byzantine influences and the formation of their own style based on the ancient traditions of the city of Saint Peter and processing borrowed ideas shapes and motifs introduced by other cultural centers of the Christian East. The scenery apses

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In Belarus, there was the first alley sobriety

In the village every weekend Mosar come weave tourists to look at "Belarusian Versal": how the area around the church has prospered priest Juozas Bulka. Visitors go to the source of water to the pharmaceutical and consider scenic landscapes — Park, topped with statues rates with water lilies decorated klyumby. But on Sunday, several hundred people came specially to St. Anne’s Church to drop here alleykami sobriety. Thought to make this alley also belongs to the local priest Juozas Bulka — known to the whole of Belarus fighter drunkenness. The priest prays Juozas Bulka together with thoseand who came to

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Catholic church does not wish to remain on the street Russian

Not so long ago a priest offers Vladislav Zavalniuk Minsk authorities decided Bersana rename the street, which is near the church, in the street Edward Voinilovich. Edward Voinilovich — recognizable in the late XIX — early XX century landowner and philanthropist who supported the Belarusian nezalezhnitsky movement, June 11 last year Minsk was reburied in the Church of St. Simon and Lena. For their money Voinilovich built this church in Minsk in 1910.As a result, the authorities’ decision Reddish church remained in the street Russian, 15.Vladislav Zavalniuk priest said, addressing the faithful:"Document on hand until we have. But I consult

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Reddish church prayed for teachers and Belarusian Writers

Mass in the parish church of reddish arranged rector, priest-master Vladislav Zavalniuk. He said:"Today we also pray especially for teachers. Thanks to everyone who really gets this foundation in the education and development of our people. Among us very pochetaemy sovereign Ryhor Baradulin our recognizable poet, who, for his possible love for the fatherland through God, through spirituality. And we come together in a spirit of prayer with all the masters words, all the poets and writers of Belarus. God bless, that language was unblemished, in different values of net. To assist in the formation of the word through the

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In Synkavitskay church now sounded Mighty God

A 12-hour prayer service in the church began. Immediately felt how raschudesnye speakers here. All the same, the church not only inimitable own outdoor unusual architecture. Whoever built it, conceived as the voice will sound here.Artemy father abbot very loudly read prayers and sang the chorus instead of two seminarians Zhirovitsy. Their voice and floated around the temple, creating a beautiful atmosphere.Father Arseny before that did not hide his own excitement, however, saw that happening in merapryemtva quite cozy atmosphere, as students from schools Elkavskay not allowed here, and the congregation is quite insignificant.Father Arseny: "The local population is not

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In Synkovichi a festival of Christian poetry

Festival that took place in the church, received the blessing of the bishop of Grodno and Volkovysk Art. Before the celebration of the church rector Synkavitskay father Arseny spent Belarusian-worship.The festival assumed the role of Famous Belarusian poets among them — Znich (Oleg Bembel), Anatoly Vertinsky, Ales Pashkevich, Olga Ipatova, Yuri and Sergey Golub Chigrin also writers and musicians from Grodno, Zelva Bridge and Slonim.

Kondrusiewicz vorachivaetsya to lead the Belarusian Church

Mass in Minsk department until prezentatsyynaya: Kondrusiewicz hold it as ordinary priest. This is an ordinary practice of the church — said the administration of Minsk-Mogilev diocese. For example, in July, the Metropolitan was a guest in the village church Gudogaj recalls an employee of the department Ms Danuta."In Gudagae was the coronation of Our Lady Moms Moms. And was Kondrusiewicz, had spoken. And so read, read so perfectly — sobbing tears. And we seem to have listened to him all day — so it was not bad."He did a lot for the church in Belarus was the BelarusianOn Sunday

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P. Rudkovskii: From power suffer more informal religious initiatives

Tsigankov: "What words best describe the relationship between the state and religious confessions in Belarus? This cooperation, domination or something else?" Rudkovskii: "These cases may be referred to such a shaky state of equilibrium. Equilibrium because any acquired conflict is not observed, and so far does not seem to be. From time to time there are certain excesses like the memorable article Presidential Administration Deputy Governor Anatoly Rubinov anti-religious or anti-Catholic temper article in June in the newspaper "Respublika" "New Crusaders." But in both cases editorial tried to soften this statement or even an apology. " Tsigankov: "But the government

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Thought Connection church and state — a return to the Middle Ages

Tsigankov: "How did you feel about the combination of religion and education? What form of religion, in your opinion, has the right to be in school? "Akudovich: "I believe that the church should not come to school, the education system. And even more so, if the government allows a one denomination to work with children, and not let others. There are also good experience of Sunday church schools, outside of secular education — let it lasts. European civilization many centuries fought for the fact that breed apart religion and government. And when that failed, we zaimeli powerful civilization explosion. Returning

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Benicia — not bednitsa

Girlfriend: "Earlier Benicia Benicia is not called, and Bednitsa." Sapach: "From the word ‘poor’?"Girlfriend: "Certainly … And later, in connection with that read was not very comfortable, the village began to call Benicia. "Girlfriend Vasilinka proves that it’s — the only version of the origin of a strange name Benicia. In general, if not the only one, this sounds quite plausible: you look to the left, in the direction of the well-known Krevo — and then run over one on one elastic bumps, sand and clay, poor land, look to the right, where, again, the well-known Zalesye Oginski — on

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