Ever decreasing circles -getting close to wildlife

Wildlife photography is often considered the domain of extreme long lenses. These great bazooka-like lumps of glass, metal and engineering plastic that cost a fortune and weigh a proverbial ton are seen as an easy solution when your subjects are shy, skittish and difficult or dangerous to approach.

While there are times long lenses are unavoidable, anyone who has ever worked with super telephotos will tell you that far from being an easy solution they are especially challenging to use well. The high levels of magnification they achieve means that every tiny movement

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New products. Decking.

1. Cornerstone’s ResinDek.

These engineered wood panels from Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products are designed for material-handling businesses, meaning they are extra durable and capable of supporting weight loads up to 8,000 pounds. Higher stain resistance is the other hallmark of this durable line. Panels can be installed on top of existing flooring, allowing homeowners to continue their daily routine during repairs. For more information, circle No. 800 on reader service card.

2. Ultra Cork, Panorama Post Topless Glass System.

Duradek’s newest offerings include three new shades of its Ultra Cork line and a new Panorama Post topless glass system. Ultra

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This multilateral DIAMOND

LLC «supervisor», created in 2005, is part of the holding A-Class Group and today is a dynamically developing company that promotes the domestic market products under its own brand Prorab. Today, the range of the brand more than a thousand positions of power tools, hardware, garden tools and equipment, among which are particularly noteworthy line of diamond tools.

Cut-Off Wheels

The main type of diamond tools, the company proposed «supervisor» — cutting discs for angle grinders and electric Tile. Being the most famous and most popular kind of diamond tooling, such circles are presented in a variety of options: continuous

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Brett Metcalfe

I’ve had minimal involvement with racing since my injuries. I watch it on TV, I train and practise during the week and that’s about it. I knew It wouldn’t be easy to watch a whole SX season go by without wanting to race, but so far I’m handling that OK. My body just isn’t ready yet, period.

I have a lot to live for in my household now, being a new dad, and that’s something I’ve directed a lot of my time to. I’ve considered a lot of different racing options and put some attention into what I’d

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Diold FHI — 02

Machine for sharpening drills

Power consumption: 200 W

SPEED (idling): 5500 rev / min

Dimensions (without cord): 210x190x120 mm

Weight: 1.86 kg

Price: 1900 rubles.

Electric sharpener — something very useful in the economy. In itself it is not a tool, but using it is easy to clean up some of the other tools and osnastku- When one small condition — the presence of experience or «direct source»: without it even sharpen a kitchen knife will not work, and only about editing the cutting edge drills and can not speak.

This machine just simplifies the process of sharpening. Its

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Kamertsyyalizatsyya got to the children’s workshop

Ancestors of kids attending salomaplyatsennya circle at the National Centre of creativity kids and youth, they say the threat of closing the circle. Prerequisite called commercialization of the institution with davneshney history.Veronica Swan — Mom 4 children. The eldest daughter Zlata and Sons Kazik and Gleb salomaplyatsennya stroll in a circle, which leads Valentine Loikaw. Circle more than 10 years working in the National Centre for creative kids and youth — a former Republican House of Pioneers. Babes from employment in ecstasy. But their case is almost not burning. Not in the sense that it is unnecessary, and that the

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Three-level traffic interchange opened in Sochi

In Sochi on Wednesday opened a three-tier transportation "Krasnodar ring," the correspondent of the agency "Interfax-South" with the opening ceremony of the object. "Krasnodar ring" — is one of the key elements of the transport infrastructure of the city of Sochi.

At the traffic circle three levels, seven viaducts and one tunnel.

After the opening of three of the eight interchanges bandwidth central thoroughfares of the city of Sochi will be doubled.

Transport infrastructure of Sochi in preparation for the Olympics is central, and two-thirds of public investment — an investment in transport

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Villagers saw the sky Newbie secret signs


Victor Gaidukov lives in the village of shiny new (Pavlovsky District, Voronezh Oblast). At the beginning of the sixth morning he was awakened by his wife Galina, who read the book and pointed to the window. On another dark sky above the forest, a large glowing object clavate had joined with him a bright arc, like a rainbow.

From the outside it looked like a giant lantern. He still hung to the south-west of the house Gaidukova. Grabbing digital home "bar of soap" couple time to make a single frame of the window. But too weak for

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The longest bridge in the Arctic Circle

Bridge over Yuribey — bridge over the floodplain Yuribey (Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District). Is part of the railway line Ob — Bovanenko, one of the longest bridges in Russia and the longest bridge in the world of the Arctic Circle.

Bridge on the River Yuribey built in record time for 349 days. commissioning — June 2009 length — 3900 meters

The construction of the bridge was carried out with the use of modern technology on high stilts and without the traditional dumping ground, which helped preserve the ecosystem of the river, without causing harm to the spawning grounds of

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The Planetarium revives astrokruzhki

The Planetarium resumes reception pupils in astronomical circles. Among Moscow boys aged 11-12 will select 90 of the most capable and enthusiastic astronomy.

 Photo source:planetarium-moscow.ru

As the press service of the Moscow planetarium, classes in astrokruzhkah will be free. The main purpose — to awaken in children the desire to study astronomy and the desire for new discoveries.

Especially for visitors circles in the planetarium provides classrooms. Classes will be held in the Great Hall of the Star, using a three-dimensional image of the demonstration program «Uniview», in an astronomical observatory on the site, the equipment

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