The victims of the weather in Italy were five

Victims of bad weather in Italy, which over the weekend hit the north and central part of the peninsula and the effects of which continue to struggle rescuers were a total of five people, said on Tuesday the agency TMNews.

As a result of heavy rains, many of the city were flooded, including Venice, as well as in a number of cities have gone landslides. The hardest hit region of Liguria, Veneto and Tuscany, where a high level of risk remained until Monday night, but the elements affected and the Metropolitan Region of Lazio, where torrential rains have also flooded

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On about. Jamaica flew hurricane

Jamaica was under a hurricane hit Sandy, who had a 1-category of danger. One person died after it fell from a hill a few cobbles budge hurricane wind. According to forecasts, the hurricane will only gain momentum, moving towards the north of Cuba, which already declared a storm warning.

Sandy brought heavy rain and wind with a speed of 125 km / h In this regard, on the island of closing schools and airports, water transportation has changed its course in the major cities for two days curfew. First came under attack in Kingston, then a hurricane as

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End of the world will be


30.11.12.Ne can more safely see how smart people like to talk stupid topic that will be the end-light quantum jump in or out of aliens? And "accidentally" say about December 21, 2012 …

Long ago it was reported that December 21, 2012 ends with an agreement between the Federal Reserve and the U.S. government's use of the dollar! Since the 60's (at least 50 years ago) years, it became clear that no one will not renew it. Ideological training went to the abandonment of the dollar. To distract people began to make massive stuffing of information about the Mayan

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Japan offers an even more powerful earthquake and tsunami

The Japanese Government listens to the echo of last year's earthquake and tsunami underwater faults that surround the country, can lead to more serious catastrophes than thought.

Last week, officials in charge of disaster management, informed account of the results of simulations, which showed that the risk of an even more terrible tsunami than Tohoku.

The data were obtained by a research team led by Katsuyuki Abe, honorary professor at Tokyo University. Scientists upgraded the official model to include data from recent large earthquakes — including last year's Japanese and Chilean magnitude 9.0 that hit in 2010

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Four people were killed in a landslide in Rio de Janeiro

Four people were killed and 12 missing in landslides in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro, said local civil defense service.

According to authorities, multiple landslides soil in upstate this past Sunday and Monday were caused by torrential rains. Seven settlements announced emergency mode.

Hardest hit by the disaster adjacent to Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais. According to the latest report of your local TD, the number of flood victims has reached 15, while 36 people were injured, more than 13,000 homeless. Over the banks of the river destroyed the house of 131 and 112 bridges. Emergency mode declared

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New York City experienced a strong disaster in its history

Difficult situation in the U.S., now day the whole world watches with bated breath to see how the most populous region of North America goes under the water. "Supershtorm" "Sandy" dealt a crushing blow to the east coast of the United States. Flooded roads, tunnels and subways, overflowed rivers, burning houses, more than six million people are still without electricity. Dead — at least 17, but authorities assure that all could have turned out much worse.

The most vulnerable to the shocks of "Sandy" was a system of energy supply. Squally wind tore the wires like a thread. Technical

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10 people died because of the floods in Spain

In the Spanish province of Valencia eliminate consequences tornado TV channel "Russia 24". Storm ravaged on several towns. In Gandia destroyed the local fair — from pavilions nothing left felled giant Ferris wheel, 35 people were injured.

In the south of the country are struggling with flooding. Rivers overflow their banks, dams can not withstand, resulting in the flow of water and mud rushing into the streets and squares of cities, eroding roads and destroying bridges. Also, in some areas of the country recorded landslides, to some of the cities can be reached only by helicopter.

In the list

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Kuban Cossack patrol the streets of cities

In the Krasnodar region, the governor's decree, created a Cossack brigade that will maintain law and order on the streets of cities and towns of the Kuban. A September 1, 1000 Cossacks vigilantes began patrolling.

In Krasnodar, took to the streets 150 Cossacks, together with the police and other public organizations. In addition to the maintenance of public order, the Cossacks will monitor the presence of children in the street late at night. That they may be there without parents or without supervision.

Mayor of Krasnodar Vladimir Evlanov believes Cossack detachments patrolling the streets of the city will

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Life after us

Authors of the film, along with scientists — biologists, ecologists, geologists, engineers — are trying to find an answer to the question what will happen to our planet, animals and plants, if people suddenly disappear.

How long will be created by mankind monuments and artifacts? What will be left of our industrial world? I destroyed the first place? In seeking answers to these questions the experts refer to the experience of the past, exploring the ruins of ancient civilizations and modern cities, destroyed by natural disasters and man-made disasters. After 6 months, suburban areas will settle coyotes and bobcats

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Floods in Brazil

Affected more than 60 cities. Fled their homes around 13 thousand people have died. Floods and landslides caused by heavy rains.

People evacuated by boats, flooded basements and first floors of the houses. Shop assistants are alarmed — product comes up on the streets. With such disasters Brazil already familiar. A year ago, severe flooding in the country killed 890 people.

National TV Belarus

The state of emergency declared in 66 cities of Brazil. According to the latest data, the powerful floods killed eight people over 30 have received various injuries. Torrential rain did

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