In Houston, increased levels of ozone pollution

Officials of the fourth largest city in the United States from Houston recently announced that due to increased levels of ozone in the air of the village to alarming figures they have, will make public the environmental danger warning.

According to the online report, the newspaper Houston Chronicle, currently warning applies directly to Houston and several other cities, including Galveston and Brazoriya. It is in these communities atmospheric conditions are most pleasing to the increase in concentration of ozone in the air breathed by the locals. Ozone is a highly reactive gaseous substance and is usually found in large

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Chinese cities are not suitable for breathing …

Two-thirds of Chinese cities do not meet the new standards of allowable air pollution, on Friday reported that the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China.

Air pollution remains "a challenge for the country," especially after the government recently tightened environmental regulations, said Deputy Minister of Environmental Wu Xiaoqing.

Last Wednesday, the State Council adopted new air quality standards. They limit the presence of foreign particles in the air, the size of 2.5 microns or less.

China previously measured impurities in the air if they were less than 10 microns. However, smaller particles are considered more dangerous to health.

New Chinese

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China will spend $ 315 million each year on the development of hybrid and electric cars

The Chinese government plans to invest in the development of vehicles that use alternative fuel, to 2 billion yuan (about 315 million U.S. dollars) each year. Thus, the authorities intend to not only reduce the level of pollution of cities, but also to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels.

As reported by Automotive News, citing data from the Ministry of Finance of China, the government will also encourage the use of public transport, equipped with a hybrid power plant in the largest cities of the country. This was stated by the Deputy Minister of Finance Zhang Shaochun.

Various organizations and

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Thermal catastrophe is inevitable

Scientists from around the world have provided strong evidence that global warming continues to worsen and, obviously, can not be stopped by the measures which are now accepted. Not all are sure that his cause — the greenhouse gases emitted by industry and automobiles, but all agree that it is becoming warmer and warmer. 80 years of the last century was the warmest decade on record at the time. But 90 years were even warmer, and the first decade of the new century was warmer than the 80's.

The ice around the world are melting and sea levels rising.

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The concentration of dust in Yerevan three times higher than normal

Average concentration of dust in Yerevan in June of this year exceeded the maximum permissible concentration (MPC) of 3.1 times, said on Wednesday the news site referring to the Ministry of Environment of Armenia.

In addition, the concentration of nitrogen dioxide in the Armenian capital exceeded the norm by 2.6 times, nitrogen monoxide and sulfur dioxide are within acceptable limits.

For comparison, the average concentration of dust in the second largest city of the Republic of Gyumri in June exceeded MPC by 1.9 times (compared to May concentration increased 1.4 times).

In other cities, the concentration of dust is

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Jellyfish threaten Israeli electricity

Jellyfish can leave Israeli cities without light. Large thermal power stations, "Orot Rabin" has now been proved under threat of closure.

The thing is, that in the Mediterranean had multiplied so many jellyfish that are sucked into their tons of water cooling systems of power plants. Filter is very difficult, because the number of jellyfish increasing day by day, so that an accident is possible.

Plant owner, the corporation "Israel Electric", decided by the end of this summer to stop work "Orot Rabin". Now this power facility produces more than 20 percent of all electricity in the country, so

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EU proposes to ban petrol and diesel cars in cities

Cars in European cities risk being banned. EU Transport Commission proposes to ban the use of settlements in vehicles with petrol or diesel engine, reports True life of this initiative is called very remote — 2050

The initiative will be implemented gradually

European authorities have already carried out several campaigns to tighten requirements for environmental combustion engines. Older models of engines (the dirtiest) is already banned. Gradually the power of Europe will be deleted from the list of all the new items, and by 2030 the number of cars with internal combustion engine in European cities should be halved

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Largest metropolis rapidly sinking

To all those who have not yet had time to visit the capital of Thailand, it is recommended to do so in the near future. Because by 2020, a significant part of Bangkok disappear under water.

Thai scientists believe that such a fate awaits one of the largest cities in South Asia, RIA "Novosti". This stems from the coming flood will, as usual, the global climate change. If sustained by the same rate, in Bangkok and at least eight cities in the region in the next ten years is expected to total or partial flooding, the director of the Research

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Disaster particularly seriously affected the Asian cities

Deadly floods, power outages, endless traffic jams — all a result of rapid economic development, extreme weather conditions and migration of rural residents to cities. Accordingly, the absence of a competent strategic development plan, a minor investment in infrastructure and the lack of political will has meant that large cities are critically vulnerable to climate change.

Over the last few years in Bangkok and Manila hit by severe floods for decades, while India was the world's largest power outage due to queries raised by the burgeoning industry, a growing number of houses and offices. This is a situation

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The Chinese have learned to fake shark fins

In China, no one is surprised by synthetic eggs and rice, as well as made of pork or beef grape wine without grape juice. Recently found that the PRC massively selling shark fins, which are also close resemblance, have nothing to do with these marine predators.

According to the publication, "Zhejiang Online", after numerous complaints about the large number of fake shark fin market, the Bureau of Industry and Commerce of Zhejiang Province has investigated in this area.

Beginning in December of last year, officers checked 617 distributors shark fins and 316 catering establishments in which the fins are

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