Sergei Semenov: One should read perfectly, and second — impressive act

Ulitenok: engaged in political and social life is often referred to activists. How do they differ from the ordinary?Semenov: I would not call them activists, and ordinary citizens. Citizen not only knows their rights and responsibilities, but also defends them. That, unfortunately, almost ordinary Belarusians do not.Ulitenok: Perhaps there is in principle: to intrigue public concerns of people living classical scheme — the main wage and family?Semenov: If the increase in utility prices, this also applies to family and wages. That’s necessary for them to explain what’s happening, as not enough people for an unlimited number of people with a

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Human rights activists have issued a statement about the persecution of foreign people

The reason for the adoption of the statement was the forcible deportation from Belarus for 10 years businessman Alan Pliev Russian citizen.The statement said: "Belarusian authorities illegally persecuted not only the business of the Russian Federation, and Ukraine, other states. At times it is accompanied by the confiscation of their property and the public humiliation of pluses. "The organizing committee of the Public Commission for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Political Repression expresses strong protest against "Voluntarist action regime against foreign people." He urged governments of foreign countries and international organizations to defend the foreign people who are persecuted in

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BSDP (Gromada) in October will take a massive admission of new members

By him, thought broad appeal in BSDP (Gromada) adherents social democratic thought belongs to Alexander Kozulin."To start this company was April 2006 after so called presidential election, but the arrest of her favorite party ripped off. After trial Kozulin back to this idea. And in September 2007 BSDP Central Committee decided that the urgency of the call for citizens to join the party further increased, "- said I. Rynkevich.BSDP (Gromada) hopes that "many of those who supported the nomination A.Kozulin presidential candidate, signed a petition for his release, and now identify with his political views, can join the party, headed

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Free Schengen visas for Belarusians while at Wish

Press secretary of the Polish Embassy in Belarus Monica Sadkovskaya 4 Presidents initiative calls "political declaration":"It should be considered first as a political statement. This is the desire of these countries to facilitate visa regime to facilitate the conditions for obtaining visas. But again, this step should be regarded as a political declaration, because the decisions that relate specifically to obtain Schengen visas, accepted all countries, within that zone. And it can not be manufactured, so to speak, in a one-sided manner.All it is imperative to discuss. And yet because it is very difficult to say how to react to

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The U.S. State Department condemned the recent crackdown in Belarus

The statement states that "the Belarusian authorities intensified campaign of intimidation against its own people.""At soon opposition politician Andrei Klimov was sentenced in a closed trial for publishing articles critical of the Lukashenko regime on the Web. Police arrested people who peacefully protested against political targets trials members of the "Young Front" were arrested actors and audience of the play, detained citizens who have tried to take part in the celebration of the anniversary of a medieval battle. Political parties, which plan take the role of in elections next year, appeared before the risk of losing reception.Lukashenko’s regime expressed a

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G.Paganyayla: Was residence — will check

Citizens will regitsya locally constant residence or temporary residence. It should be called, for example, to the head ZhESa. Initially submit the necessary documents, and later get a passport with a stamp on the residence registration certificate or residence registration.But citizens should not engage in discharge. Registration Authority is the institution of the Interior.Get registration will be from 3 to 13 daysDeputy Head of the Department of Citizenship and movement Alex Runner explained the difference between registration of residence."Registration changed with 2 institutes — Institute of residence registration and registration of temporary residence. Various things. If registration at the place

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In Minsk judge Polish spies

4 people blame all of treason (part 1 of Article 356). They are threatened imprisonment from 7 to 15 gadov.Yashche 1st defendant besides blame even espionage (part 4 artykula16 and Article 358). By vinavachannya, these citizens produced human intelligence for the benefit of the Polish secret services. About detention "group of Polish spies" KGB said in July.In July of municipal funds mass disk imaging once said about the "spy scandal". Press office of the KGB arrested named names "spies." They were four people of Belarus — last major armed forces of Belarus Vladimir Ruskin, the last Major Viktor Bogdan, military

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A day or figure: 1 million euros

The Foundation provides financial support for a bachelor’s degree or master’s institutions in the Netherlands. Education may include both research and practical training.The program is designed for those Belarusian students who for political reasons difficult to get an education at home. In This year, not counting the Belarusian students in the program will be able to take the role of citizens of Zimbabwe.As said BelaPAN control programs allocating financial aid to study in the Netherlands Daniel van Aken, foreign students can be taken virtually all of the Dutch universities, the leading language learning in the UK. Students receive a stipend

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Belarusian died in an accident at Maloyaroslavets

9 people were killed 7 people in Ukraine, the driver — citizen of Belarus, also lady’s identity and citizenship being set.Two injured people were hospitalized in Ukraine, Interfax reported.Accident happened near the village of Mikheev Malayaraslavetskaga district 142 kilometer highway M3.Look of the scene on the map.

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Orsha detained Polish citizen wanted by Interpol

The terrain of Poland citizen of Belarus earlier lived with said Poles were sent from Poland for violation of the accommodation on foreign terrain. Tomas arrested Balthasar came to the Belarusian citizen in Orsha. Tomas Balthazar, born in 1973, who constantly pryzhyvae in the Polish town of Heat, is currently in Orsha temporary detention and waiting extradition.According to the Department of disk imaging and public relations of the Interior Ministry of the Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee for six months of the current this year already the 18th foreign citizen wanted by Interpol and detained on the ground of the Vitebsk

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