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You can spy on Americans: Internet companies supported the bill total surveillance in the United States

One of the lobby groups, which includes representatives of Google, Microsoft and Yahoo, officially supported the bill CISPA. The new document expands the powers of law enforcement agencies and allows them to control information on the Internet, as well as to monitor all movements of U.S. citizens.

April 14, 2013, 13:55

Chairman of the board of directors of Google, Eric Schmidt, CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer and Vice President Brad Smith, Microsoft signed a letter in which he supported the government policy to online safety and thanked the government for the work, according to U.S.

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Tourists arrive

In the first nine months of this year, Russia visited by more than 19.1 million foreign citizens, which is 12% more than the same period last year, according to the website Rostourism based on data obtained from the Federal State Statistics Service, and the Federal Border Service of the Russian Federation.


The country nationals visited 216 countries. Of the total of 7.1 million trips were made by citizens of CIS countries and 12.1 million — the residents of foreign countries.

The flow of foreigners has increased mainly due to Chinese citizens: the first 9 months

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American democracy: that behind the facade?

At the time, the events September 11, 2001 have been used by the U.S. government as a pretext cutting rights and liberties of American citizens. Immediately after the attacks has been adopted by the "Patriot Act» (Uniting and Strengthening America byProviding Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001), authorizing the National Security Agency to listen to all phone calls and secretly search private homes of U.S. citizens without court authorization. The administration of George W. Bush called the document "a key step in the fight against terrorism." This legislation was adopted October 26, 2001, that

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Eurostat: almost a quarter of EU citizens live in poverty

Almost a quarter of EU citizens were in 2011 close to the poverty line. This is stated in a report released today by the EU statistical office — Eurostat.

"119.6 million, representing 24.2 percent of the total population of the 27 EU countries are on the verge of extreme poverty" — the report says the agency. As of 2010 the figure was 23.4 percent.

The exact numerical expression "coefficient of poverty" throughout the EU, there is due to the extremely high prices even spread to 17 countries in the euro zone, not to mention all the 27 EU member states.

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Adoption in Russia

In 2009, the trend of reducing the number of children without parental care identified during the year.

The structure of adoption in 2009

In 2004, it looked like this:

In 2004, foreign citizens adopted in 1.3 more children than the Russians. In 2009, the Russians adopted 2.3 times more children than foreign citizens!

As citizens of Russia are considered first for adoption, then bolshinsvo infants remain in the country. (Newborn Russians give 24 times more often than foreigners)

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Unions citizens Russia and Ukraine.

The Union of Ukrainians created! NstarikovNovember 17th, 18:26

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Ideas aimed at integration and peaceful development without shocks that move the Trade Union of Russian citizens have the support and understanding, not only in Russia. And all the parts of one country, which today are still disunited. In Ukraine, created the Citizens' Union of Ukraine. " The things said and written some time ago, it became a reality. Citizens of Ukraine, which inspires action PRTs, have created a similar organization that can engage those who have

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Wide Web. 1973.

The film tells of the anti-Soviet propaganda, which is conducted in the media of Western Europe and America, speeches extremist groups against the Soviet Union. The film shows an interview of former Soviet citizens who left the Soviet Union and moved to a place of residence in other countries, including Israel, interviews of former citizens of socialist countries. The film features a variety of filming, including interviews with the leader of the German sex party Kurt Bauer, the dispersal of student demonstrations in Germany, meeting in Brussels, the International Committee for Human Rights in the USSR, an

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10 facts about the financial food chain in the U.S.

As the country's victorious liberalism invisible hand of the market distributes the proceeds among wallets citizens?

1. In 1970, the richest 1% of Americans received 8% of total revenue. Today it is 21%

2. This top 1% richer than the bottom 95% combined

3. On According to Forbes, the 400 wealthiest Americans are richer than the poorest 150 million citizens

4. The poorest 50% of Americans own only 2.5% of all U.S. wealth

5. From 1979 to 2007, incomes of the top 1% of Americans rose by 390% for

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U.S. Attorney Generals Office authorized the execution of citizens without trial

Any citizen of the United States, representing a threat to U.S. national security and being abroad can be destroyed without the sanction of the court. This statement U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder issued a service Bi-bi-si. The prosecutor noted that the country is at war, and deal with the enemies to the laws of war — to indulge in consumption without charge or trial.

"When these people take up arms against their own country or collude with" al-Qaeda "to kill American citizens, can only be one answer. We must do everything to stop them, in full accordance with our

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Ten reasons why the U.S. today is not a free country

Each year, the U.S. State Department publishes reports on human rights in other countries, monitoring the adoption in various countries around the world of restrictive laws and regulations in this area. Iran, for example, has been criticized for refusing to conduct an open and fair trials and restrictions on privacy, while Russia indignantly condemned for undermining due process. Other countries have been condemned for the use of secret evidence and torture.

Even when we judge the countries we consider unfree, Americans remain confident that any definition of a free nation must include their own definition — "the land of

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