Since July 1, officials have no right to demand an extract from the Unified State Register

News from the legislative sphere. Most likely the news does not apply to the subject site (because publish in offtopic), but the laws governing life in our country and one of the innovations Latest one greatly simplifies the state. bodies of all the ordinary citizens. In the near future, officials will be hostages of their own bureaucratic trap — the need to run after numerous inquiries and documents.

According to the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation, with the July 1, 2012 at the regional level should begin to work the system of interagency electronic interaction

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In Vladivostok, open bridge across the Golden Horn!

August 11 at 11:00 am The opening ceremony of the bridge across the Golden Horn. Thousands of citizens have come here to walk around it and a few minutes to get to the opposite shore of the bay.

The bridge, which at the end of Internet voting is called "Gold", given the power of pedestrians on the weekend, and on Monday it will go to cars.

The bridge across the Golden Horn — one of the five largest cable-stayed bridges in the world. The construction began July 25, 2008 in the framework of the program of preparation of Vladivostok for

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The need destulenizatsii

The need destulenizatsii

Victor Marakhovsky Chief editor of a web project "However". Journalist. Born in Riga in 1978.

Dear readers! Of course, the power may be, and nothing was accused of deliberately drowning of Krymsk. But is it possible to believe in her innocence? After all, it holds the power of mental debilitation, de-Russification, de-Stalinization, anesthesia and pindosizatsiyu Russia. How to trust her if Chubais free? When we enter the WTO? No answer? Then some. Meanwhile, each year 100,000 people die from drugs, compounded by the collapse of the industry, and the borders with Central Asia open, and there

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Believed in the ruble

For the first time in 20 years, more than 70% of Russians are curled on the availability of savings, with over 80% of them keep accumulating only in rubles.

In March 2012, holding Romir Research conducted nationwide survey on the topic — the currency in which the Russians keep their savings and where they want to invest. Romir has for many years undertaken similar studies. Recent results in comparison with the results of previous years have revealed interesting patterns.

So, according to the study, the proportion of citizens with savings reached its highest level in the past 20

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Marsh success

Dear citizens of the Russian Federation! Our common cause — the revival of the Great Russia! Our geopolitical rivals seek by all means to stop us. In the course are all means. Their motto — "divide and rule". Their "success" we have seen many times in our history. Unfortunately, their influence is felt today. We must all take responsibility for the future of our country and our children. We must find the strength to overcome our differences, as our ancestors did, joining and forgetting all the strife in the face of danger. We have to forget about their own benefit

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In Vyborg appeared ski run with artificial lighting

In md. Kirov cottages completed the construction of a ski lighting system, located in a ski resort UIA MCL "Favorite". The length of the illuminated part of the route is about 3 miles away. Currently, for those who like skiing prepared circle 2.5 km.

While the light is in the test mode every day from the moment of darkness and up to 22 hours. It is planned that the lighting will be switched on automatically during the ski season from 18-00 to 22-00.

It is noteworthy that the construction was funded from budgetary and extra-budgetary sources. Development of

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Costa Concordia — the tragedy as an excuse

It would seem — in Italy, the ship sank. What does Russia have? And despite the fact. The death of the ship — it’s another reason to ongoing information war against Russia. Where shells and bullets — the lies and manipulation, and military units are "independent" journalists, and even more "independent" bloggers.

About this material commentator Dmitry — Russian diplomat, who spread lies hurt and hurt.

"What happened on the night of 13 on Jan. 14 wreck of cruise liner" Concordia "off the coast of Italy, though inconvenient for the Western media story (in

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Tourists arrive

In the first nine months of this year, Russia visited by more than 19.1 million foreign citizens, which is 12% more than the same period last year, according to the website Rostourism based on data obtained from the Federal State Statistics Service, and the Federal Border Service of the Russian Federation.


The country nationals visited 216 countries. Of the total of 7.1 million trips were made by citizens of CIS countries and 12.1 million — the residents of foreign countries.

The flow of foreigners has increased mainly due to Chinese citizens: the first 9 months

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In the north-eastern Indian state of landslide

September 3, 2013. Human settlements in the West Sikkim several days were influenced by the strongest precipitation. Prolonged rains caused landslides in Tamabung, which killed 5 people, presumably, citizens of neighboring Nepal, sent to Sikkim for medical help.

Of the details of the morning incident is known that the four victims of the landslide were members of one family. In addition to the corpses of people affected after a grueling searches were found the remains of an adult Himalayan black bear and several pets. Working on site gathering soil layer rescuers are not yet ready to say that

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Russia. Number of opponents of same-sex marriage is growing

Against allowing same-sex marriages in Russia are the 85% of Russians, almost as many (87%) of the citizens do not wish to see in Russian cities were regularly gay parades, reported"Interfax"sociologists of the Levada Center, conducted in February, a survey of the adult population of the country.

According to them, the number of supporters of such marriages in the last three years has decreased from 14% to 5%, and those who do not mind a gay parade — still 6%.

Tolerance to the Lesbian and understanding their problems inherent in 23% of Russians who

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