Toxic sardines killed 14 Madagascans


7.04.11.Bolee dozen island residents were killed and about 120 were severe food poisoning after eating a poisonous fish. As reported by the authorities of Madagascar Toliara, located in the south-west of the country, poisoned sardine samples have been sent for examination.

This is not the first time the detection of toxic substances in fish off the coast of Madagascar.

In past times examination proved that the meat becomes poison marine life due to consumption of poisonous algae.

Then poisonous algae began actively to spread Madagascar coral reefs due to changes related c global warming.

In the world it is

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Global Warming: destroyed the first state




Pacific island nation of Tuvalu is almost completely gone under water. On the eve of the ocean flooded the whole nine atolls, with a population of 11 thousand tuvaluanskih citizens.

The unprecedented surge of global warming, scientists say. It will continue for two more days, and who

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In Mongolia, introduces biometric ID cards


7.12.12.Ministerstvo Interior and Justice of Mongolia has chosen provider of biometric ID cards. Russian biometric portal BIOMETRICS.RU reports that new ID-card will get all citizens aged 18 years and older.

The chip biometric ID-cards will store basic personal information of their owners, as well as digital photos of their faces and details of fingerprints. It is expected that the introduction of new cards will help solve two problems at once: first, to create a reliable register of the country's population, which includes real information about citizens and, second, the owners of biometric ID-card with them will have access to

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In Mongolia, the electronic passport


5.01.12.V Mongolia begins issuing electronic novelty pasportov.V people are already calling "smart passport." Increased focus issue of a new document giving postkomitety Parliament Gosstroy and Justice.

The thing is that the passport is a database of every citizen and it even includes information about fingerprints. Therefore, all the information in the passport must be absolutely reliable and protected. Experts say — e-passport has a 4-level protection with 14-Tew different access codes, but thanks to a new form of the document is confidential information about each person can receive in two seconds.

The electronic passport will not vote

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Kazakhstan expects mass fingerprinting


24.04.12.Kazahstantsev waiting massive action to fingerprint. It is also proposed to oblige citizens to share information about their blood group, iris, phone number, the presence of movable property and other information. This is stated in the draft law "On Personal Data", which the government has recently introduced to the Majilis.

Kazakhstan already attempted introduction of fingerprinting citizens. A similar bill the government offered in December 2001. But amid strong criticism of human rights the government abandoned the idea. And 11 years later, it came back again.

At the request of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" the document said some rules Majilis deputy

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In the Tver region 500 people passed the fingerprint


2.10.12.V Tver region 500 "left" their fingerprints to the state. Reported by the FMS site in Tver region. In Russia, this procedure is only voluntary, is the result of the will of citizens of the Russian Federation and is held on their written request.

Special attention should be given to the categories of persons who, because of health reasons can not give their details, address of residence, do not forget about the "difficult" teenagers. Fingerprinting data of citizens is necessary.

Voluntary fingerprinting citizens of the Russian Federation is completely free and takes only a few minutes. By the way,

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In the South Urals 50,000 people surrendered to the police fingerprinted


10.10.12.Gosudarstvennaya to voluntary fingerprinting is much debate among human rights activists. Opportunity to "skate fingers" appeared in 1998. This procedure can take any free citizen of Russia. Recently, it has been clearly stated rules.

Voluntary fingerprinting is the territorial principle, the police station, where the citizen is on the record keeping. The service does not restrict the age. Fingerprinting may be exposed as children (in the presence of parents, adoptive parents or guardians) and incapacitated citizens (also in the presence of legal representatives).

No restrictions. After the procedure, the applicant receives a certificate of registration in the fingerprint records.

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Creepy smell in Krasnoyarsk. Video


4.10.11.Zhutky smell that enveloped the whole Krasnoyarsk yesterday, today retreated. But did not disappear completely. Grove residents complain that they smell became even sharper. Acrid cloud covered almost all areas and kept for several hours. According to the state of emergency rescue in industry, public utilities networks did not happen.

All waited for the results of analyzes of air. However, experts on environmental monitoring said — stinking cloud that all citizens was seen as something out of the ordinary, — allegedly for Krasnoyarsk common phenomenon, and standard tests were conducted. The result looks like a not very convincing

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The Israeli government intends to create a database of biometric data of citizens

Text:Russia Today

The Israeli authorities are seriously concerned about the problem of identity theft, that is a crime in which the stolen personal data rights. To combat this, as well as forgery, Israel will be established base of biometric data. However, not all citizens are satisfied that the authorities intend to collect and store such information. The details — RT correspondent Paula Slier.


As part of the pilot program, which operates in the country for two years, citizens are offered voluntarily to scan faces and fingerprints. Once this information appears in the

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Almost 17,000 have used the service of Primorye obtain passports via the Internet

FMS edge publishes the results of the last six months of the year

Beijing, July 19, PrimaMedia. Nearly 17,000 of Primorye in the last six months of this year have used the service receiving application for a passport in electronic form through a single portal of state and municipal services, RIA PrimaMedia in the press service of the Federal Migration Service of Russia for the Primorye Territory. During the reporting period, there was a significant increase in the number of foreign citizens and stateless persons residing in the Primorsky Territory with different goals. In the 1st half of

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