European citizens are saved from Lucifer in the fountains

European citizens languishing in the heat. In many Italian cities the temperature reaches 40 degrees Celsius mark. Italy this season experienced several periods of intense heat, the last heat there called "Lucifer". According to the forecasts of meteorologists, Florence, Bologna and Rome sorokogradusnuyu temperatures will last until the end of the week.

Last Sunday was the hottest day of the passing of the summer in Germany, the temperature fell short of one degree to a record in August 2003.

The unusually hot weather in those days, and in the Czech Republic. On Monday in Prague was an absolute temperature

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Curfew for minors legalized in Belarus

Council of the Republic approved the amendments to some laws on the prevention of child neglect and juvenile delinquency.

Approved the bill establishes the duty of parents (or guardians) to accompany children under 16 years of age, from 23.00 to 6.00 am outside the home, or provide them with support by the citizens, "Interfax".

The document states that "minors under the age of 16 years who are in the period from 23.00 to 6.00 without parents or guardians, or unaccompanied on behalf of other adult citizens are to be transferred to parents, guardians or trustees, or on their behalf ,

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Compliance of the U.S. citizens’ voting rights

Compliance of the U.S. citizens' voting rights

Election of the President of the United States — not direct, not universal, not equal, do not provide secrecy of voting. In this connection, it is strongly recommend to my opponents see the conclusions of all missions Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights Election Observation in the U.S. since 2002.


U.S. Elections

OSCE ODIHR observed the national elections in the United States, on 5 November 2002 (general election to the U.S. Congress), 2 November 2004 (the elections of the President of the United States),

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The need destulenizatsii

The need destulenizatsii

Victor Marakhovsky Chief editor of a web project "However". Journalist. Born in Riga in 1978.

Dear readers! Of course, the power may be, and nothing was accused of deliberately drowning of Krymsk. But is it possible to believe in her innocence? After all, it holds the power of mental debilitation, de-Russification, de-Stalinization, anesthesia and pindosizatsiyu Russia. How to trust her if Chubais free? When we enter the WTO? No answer? Then some. Meanwhile, each year 100,000 people die from drugs, compounded by the collapse of the industry, and the borders with Central Asia open, and there

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Juvenile justice is paid from a thick wallet Western

Our "midfielders" constantly trying to convince us that defend the rights of Russian citizens. But in fact it turns out just the opposite. For example, not long ago, they were protecting the rights of American citizens to purchase our children.

A few days ago there was news that the famous "half", a member of the Moscow Helsinki Group, Boris Altshuler Finnish television channel in an interview said that the law on the introduction of juvenile justice is ready, but "because of the media and the" Soviet propaganda hyping scandals of removal of the Russians children, adoption of the law

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Athens air was dirtier

The air pollution in Athens reached frightening figures. And in the summer and winter in the city you can watch a real smog. Its appearance is attributed to the fact that during the crisis the citizens to heat their homes began to use lower-quality and environmentally friendly fuels.

For example, the increasing popularity began to use conventional wood. As the recent measurements of harmful air suspensions in Athens is 150 mg/m3. This is three times higher than the permissible values. Particularly deplorable situation appears in the northern and western suburbs of Athens, and now he could, from time to

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Most heavy snowfall in 20 years struck Jerusalem

Snowfall, the most abundant in the past 20 years, collapsed on Thursday in Jerusalem, prompting city officials to block the road, to cancel classes at schools and to ask citizens not to leave the house to warming.

Since last evening in the city which Israelis, contrary to UN resolutions, consider their united and undivided capital, fell to 10-15 inches of precipitation, which was the highest figure since 1992, a spokesman for Mayor Elisha Peleg. "Members could hardly remember the last time this was … After a day of family. Afternoon warming is expected, and you can go shopping," — he

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Russian steel drink less

Russian citizens have become less alcohol. This, as the correspondent of RIA "New Region", according to a case study of All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM).

Share regularly (several times a week) drinkers Russians decreased from 8% in July 2009 to 5% in November, and those who use alcohol more than once a month — from 41% to 33%. In this three-year increase in the proportion of citizens who claim to not drink alcohol — from 24% to 33%.

Most often recognized that drinking alcohol, men (77%), residents of large cities (70%) and respondents 24-44 years of age (74-76%).

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The People’s movie. On the 28 Panfilov citizens were given 10 times more than requested. But this is just the beginning

According to the platform of public donations, collecting money for the film "28 Panfilov," 4 days before the end of the first phase of the campaign citizens were given the project more than 3 million. 

We recall that a month ago, St. Petersburg's independent studio Lybian Palette Studios, desperate to get money for a movie about the heroism of "Panfilov" division of public and private funds, has begun to raise funds on the internet. The campaign was supported kinoperevodchik D.Yu.Puchkov and the audience of his website, as well as the site of "But" and its

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The imposition of homosexuality in Russia, fails miserably.

Against allowing same-sex marriages in Russia are the 85% of Russians, almost as many (87%) of the citizens do not wish to see in Russian cities were regularly gay parades, reported"Interfax"sociologists of the Levada Center, conducted in February, a survey of the adult population of the country.

According to them, the number of supporters of such marriages in the last three years has decreased from 14% to 5%, and those who do not mind a gay parade — still 6%.

Tolerance to the Lesbian and understanding their problems inherent in 23% of Russians who offer such

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