The imposition of homosexuality in Russia, fails.

Against allowing same-sex marriages in Russia are the 85% of Russians, almost as many (87%) of the citizens do not wish to see in Russian cities were regularly gay parades, reported"Interfax"sociologists of the Levada Center, conducted in February, a survey of the adult population of the country.

According to them, the number of supporters of such marriages in the last three years has decreased from 14% to 5%, and those who do not mind a gay parade — still 6%.

Tolerance to the Lesbian and understanding their problems inherent in 23% of Russians who offer such

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Defense presented the logo Army of Russia

Friends! As you probably know, the Ministry of Defence now chooses new brand of Russian Army.

And the public is not going to no one sovetayu. As was said at the meeting of the "Internet is endless — the answer can not wait to pick themselves."

The options presented are not only that terrible from a visual point of view, so also is the dreaded carbon copy of the American Army. We do not want to admit that such an option was selected, because our armed forces — this should be our pride. It is

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Marsh success

Dear citizens of the Russian Federation! Our common cause — the revival of the Great Russia! Our geopolitical rivals seek by all means to stop us. In the course are all means. Their motto — "divide and rule". Their "success" we have seen many times in our history. Unfortunately, their influence is felt today. We must all take responsibility for the future of our country and our children. We must find the strength to overcome our differences, as our ancestors did, joining and forgetting all the strife in the face of danger. We have to forget about their own benefit

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Earthquake in northwest Turkey

Earthquake of magnitude 5.7 occurred in the north-eastern part of Turkey on the Aegean Sea. The push was quite powerful because it felt even in Istanbul and Athens. The depth of the epicenter, set in the 94.4 km to the south-west from Kannakale between the Greek islands of Lemnos and Lesvos (40 km from the first island), was 9.8 km. This has provided a thrust force. By the way, local seismologists originally assigned a magnitude 6.2 earthquake.

Fortunately, no one in Turkey and neighboring Greece during the earthquake was not injured. Reports of fatal outcomes have also not been

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Open letter to the Slavic doctors in Libya


Victims of aggression of the West in Libya!

Russian President Medvedev DA,

Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin

from the citizens of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus

working and living in Libya

March 24, 2011, Tripoli, Libya

Dear Dmitry Anatolyevich and Vladimir Vladimirovich,

appeal to you citizens of the former Soviet Union was destined become today citizens of different Slavic CIS countries — Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. Despite this, we believe it is Russia as successor to the USSR, the only guarantor of the interests of our countries

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Testament Dagirov Hasavova: Moscow is turning into a bloody dead lake

Time is gone, leaving only terms.

AV Trehlebov

In Moscow, was attacked migrants police. As the press service of the Moscow Research Affairs, participated in the attack about 100 people. The incident occurred on the eve of the street Durov. The police detained several citizens of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, who were engaged in illegal trade on the roadway. In response, about 100 people returning from the mosque after Friday prayers started throwing in the Ministry of Interior stones and pieces of rebar.

According to official information, the incident hit five policemen, suffered multiple bruises, broken

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Kargopolsky character

"I learned what Kargopolsky character. A teacher at the school, the village librarian, a tractor and a cobbler — the profession of my friends, Kargopolov. Now when I say that the Russian province of sawn and died — I do not enter into useless controversy, and smile, because I know that this is not the case.

 My friends raise children, keep the garden, and the beast, go to Sunday services. They are young, full of energy. They will not leave from their native land. And not because they have nowhere to go, but because they love

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Rescuers search in the waters of the Kuban River crocodile

Rescuers looking for the third day in the waters of the Kuban River in the "Sunny Island" the crocodile, which saw athletes involved in the rowing canal, the site of administration of Krasnodar.

Reptile small size — about one meter in length. On the bank of the river near the beach set special traps, trying to lure the fugitive meat, the report said.

"According to the head of the municipal" Rescue "by Sergei Lopatin, searches are conducted continuously using a variety of technologies, including special facilities offered by the experts and the citizens," — said in a press release.

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Every sixth person in the EU can barely make ends meet

According to the report, the statistical agency Eurostat, the European Union 81 million inhabitants could not live a month on their own income and savings, if it were suddenly without social benefits.


Of these, more than 12 million lives in Germany, accounting for 15% of our population. At risk to be without means of subsistence are 11 million people in the UK and Italy. Most financially vulnerable in relation to the total population accounted for Latvia and Romania, where one in four could not survive without government assistance. The most prosperous country in terms

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