City of St. Guberta — reconstruction of Hrodna

The almanac referred destroyed buildings, placed another public project solving the transportation problem in the city center. Article printed Milinkevich dedicated destruction Grodno church — Vytautas Lights — in 1961, and names of those who took the decision then.Almanac published by the Belarusian-Polish society Tadeusz Kosciuszko, which exists in Warsaw, with the participation of the Grodno movement "For Freedom."• In Grodno outbuilding destroyed the king’s palace administrator, 01.08.2007 • For reconstruction in Grodno Minsk monitors archaeologist, 31.07.2007 • Grodno constituent assembly voted for a local referendum, 26.07.2007 • Grodno graffiti appeared criticizing reconstruction, 18.07.2007 • English website defenders Grodno architecture,

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