Tuesday at Freedom

Morning6:00 * replay of the webcast from 18.00 Mon.6:30 * "Prague accent." What benefits can get from Belarus EU energy market reform, which not so long ago, the European Commission has proposed? How to mix the statements of officials of the European Union on the inadmissibility of dialogue with Minsk and the visit of the Secretary General of the Energy Charter? How can explain the sharp criticism in the address of "Gazprom", which came from the mouth Alexander Lukashenko on "Dazhynki"? These prepyadstviya in the program "Prague accent" discussions are: Minsk — Belarus last salting in Germany by Peter Sadowski,

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Gaddafis associates arrived in the capital of Niger

The people of the coming environment Muammar Gaddafi, including the head of security for the deposed government Libya, arrived in the capital Niger. This was told by representatives of the local administration. In addition, the received information that the side Niger moving convoy of trucks loaded with gold, money and guns. Caravan escorted the men from the Tuareg tribe.

It seems that the colonel himself Gaddafi is still in Libya. For information about the other day that he and his kids have crossed the border, officially denied the authorities of Niger and the Municipal Department of the United States. Official

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