Named the city, which can be destroyed by earthquakes

According to the Italian edition of La Repubblica, a scientist Roger Baylhem the University of California, USA, from the analysis of the latest seismic activity of the earth's crust, noted on the world map of the city, which can be destroyed by a major earthquake in the next 40 years.

The list of cities that may soon not be hit heavily populated metropolises such as Tehran, Istanbul, Kathmandu, Karachi. In Europe, the risk of earthquakes prone to Lisbon, Athens, Messina. The strength of earthquakes in these cities can reach 7 on the Richter scale.

Especially scientist highlights the danger gas

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Last Exam

The Institute of Aleppo began midyear, and on January 15 was her first day. Many men and maidens put off the exam so well known and understood a mixture of excitement, and hope that they will win the mental battle … Students believed that they pass exams, and were encouraged by their current plans, but did not know that their battle will not mental. Did not know that for some of them this will be the last exam in their young lives that their textbooks and notes soaked with blood, that many of their friends who are lucky enough to

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Discovered the remains of ancient civilizations

There have been numerous studies of rock formations, which are located on the coast of Japan, and with an accuracy assured that these are traces of an ancient civilization that was absorbed by the ocean 3,000 years ago.

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Masaaki Kimura says he was able to identify the ruins of the famous city on the coast of Yonaguni Island. These mysterious rocks have been found

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Honduras. White City of Gold Found?

Researchers from the United States which year trying to find a mystical "White City", which was is packed with gold, according to legend. And maybe they are one step closer to opening. Results of the latest aerial survey using the latest laser scanners, helped discover the lost city in the jungles of Honduras…

Researchers from the University of Houston and the National Mapping (NTSK) flew over the Mosquitia region in a small plane, producing billions of shooting laser pulses by which subsequently created a digital 3D-topological map.


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