One of the most intriguing photographer’s of the twentieth century was discovered four years ago by accident, causing a sensation in the photography world. After being launched into the public eye with numerous international exhibitions, Vivian Maier’s work returns to her home city for the summer. Anna Bonita Evans reports.

An extraordinary story surrounded by mystery, secrecy and displacement, the life of Vivian Maier and events leading up to her emergence in the photography world may, at times, deflect attention from her insightful images. The phenomenon ‘who is Vivian Maier?’ is a fascinating question, and one we have all excitedly


Twilight of My City: On the Personal in the Project

How does one choose a photographic project? How does one project differ from the other? How does one photograph time, or the passage of? Can we photograph something that does not even exist anymore? Is a personal body of work merely personal?

After a six-year project on Kashmir, I was emotionally sapped. I wanted to take on a project through which I could connect with myself. I wanted to look inwards. And thus began a journey of going back to my roots, my memories of growing up in old Delhi.

I thought this was going to be a very simple

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Tour Guide Beijing, China — The Forbidden City

Take a journey to the heart of Beijing to a place that China’s emperors called home for half a millennium and which is now the city’s biggest tourist attraction

01 The site of student protest and government retaliation

As you approach the Forbidden City you’ll walk through Tiananmen Square, the scene of several infamous demonstrations throughout the 20th century. Most famous of all were the student-led protests that took place between April and June 1989 in the square. The Chinese government ordered troops with tanks and rifles to end the occupation of the square, resulting in an indeterminate number of

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Is it a museum that looks like a ship? A theme park that looks like an iceberg? Or a ship/iceberg/museum/ theme-park amalgam?

Two weeks before its opening, Mark Simpson on BBC1 described the £97m Titanic Belfast as a ‘new Titanic Visitor Centre’; odd considering of course there is no Titanic. A Visit Belfast staffer talked in hopeful terms of it being Belfast’s Guggenheim Bilbao, but it’s not a gallery or museum. And no-one would be so crass as to call it a mini theme-park – yet it includes a six-minute ride in suspended cars through three levels of sensory experiences

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It’s time to consider a sustainable lifestyle when you pick your new address in the outskirts of the city

WHILE IT’S NICE TO WAKE UP to a stunning city skyline, the stress of city living can be overwhelming sometimes. For instance, just 12 kilometers away from Ortigas is the sprawling township of Havila developed by Filinvest.

Havila encompasses three towns in Rizal province: Taytay, Antipolo, and Angono. It has four communities: Forest Farms, Villa Montserrat, Highland Pointe, and Mission Hills.

The developments are located in the mountains and offer a stunning view of Metro Manila and Laguna de Bay. The

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If all goes according to plan, in 2016 we will have a mega-complex of hotels, resorts, and casinos in a brand new strip of reclaimed land on Manila Bay, the City.

There, big money will flow in a frenzy of high stakes gambling and ‘total entertainment,’ our attempt at taking a big chunk of the fun from the little Monaco of the east. It’s that or an easy win over Las Vegas, which has been losing a lot lately. Unless, of course we botch the entire thing…

When Solaire Resort and Casino opened in March at that new stretch of

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The Best City.UA

72 часа, чтобы запомнить это лето!

Уже второй год маленькая страна под название «The Best City.UA» собирает всех на праздник музыки.

В июле в парке отдыха Новоселица под Днепропетровском прошел масштабный музыкальный фестиваль. Один из самых ярких фестивалей лета прошел на международном уровне. Список выступающих тому подтверждение.

На открытие фестиваля прибыла колонна байкеров, в составе 1540 человек. Сколько байкеров сразу в одном месте в Украине еще не собиралось, поэтому, эта самая массовая колонна попала в Книгу Рекордов Украины. Артисты и DJ выступали на 4 сценах, так что, все зрители могли найти для себя то, что хотели услышать. А зрителей и

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Shoot a city

Head into the city just after sunset to capture colourful and atmospheric shots of illuminated buildings and landmarks



What you’ll need


ND filter

Remote release

Photoshop Elements

How long it’ll take

Half a day

The skills you’ll learn

For great cityscapes you can’t beat shooting at twilight: after the sun has set, but before the darkness falls, there’s still enough natural light to bring out detail, while the city lights will be coming on to create extra colour and interest. Twilight doesn’t last long though, so you’ll need to be in position and set up before

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SEA Change

Milan offers a majority stake in its airport authority

Due to financial distress, the municipality of Milan is preparing to sell its majority stake in the Malpensa and Linate airports authority, SEA. The idea is to sell a 50% stake, which could fetch at least €750 million ($927 million).

Just at the end of last year, the city sold a 29.7% stake to Italian investment fund F2I for €385 million.

Milan has faced strong pressure to sell some assets to reduce its heavy debt. The city considered an initial public offering of SEA shares after the European financial meltdown last

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Portland proud

How Oregon does urban.

Portland is a photographer’s paradise,» says horticulture photographer Janet Loughrey (, who calls the city home. «It offers many green spaces, as well as a fun mix of traditional and quirky neighborhoods.» The mild climate keeps the city green year-round, and September lures with dry days and fewer tourists.

For lofty city views with Mount Hood in the distance, Portland- based pro Bruce Forster (www. bruceforsterphotography. com) recommends late-afternoon views from the Pittock Mansion, situated 1,000 feet above the city. For views of Mount Adams, Mount Hood, Mount St. Helens, and evening city views, he suggests

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