Tornado in New Zealand. Video. Photo


19.06.11.Na New Zealand hit by two tornado.Ob this sends five kanal.Bolshe hardest hit city of New Plymouth, 250 kilometers from the capital. According to local authorities, the dead and wounded — no.

Substantial losses incurred center. Element damaged about two dozen office buildings and as many houses.

Strong wind broke the trees, broken glass, cut power lines and de-energized about three hundred houses. Now working in the city emergency services.

Recall that in early June, it was reported that as a result struck the U.S. state of Massachusetts tornado killed at least four people.

Source:, Television New Zealand

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In the Komi-Perm district mass death of fish


14.11.12.Tri weeks ago at the village Pronino lowered local pond. Former officials say that it was necessary. Fish at this time you can catch bags. Do not even fishing rods. Pike, carp, ruffs and carp lying on the bottom of the former the former pond. Wear waders and gathering. Easy prey fish, which can simply gather hands went not to the public. People no one say when the water goes. Therefore, a considerable part of the fish just died.

— Horror same — clasping his hands woman — a resident of the village Mazunino Yugov Rice — fish on

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The next blow elements predict California


14.03.11.Katastroficheskoe Japanese earthquake — the most powerful ever recorded in this country — should make think America, which can be in the coming years under the impact of elements of similar size. Frequent earthquakes of great strength will be observed in all seismically active areas, but an earthquake of great power in the next 30 years could destroy Southern California, and its main city and capital of the world film industry in Los Angeles in general can be wiped off the face of the earth.

On these frightening forecasts against the Japanese disaster reminded professor at American University in

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Residents of the area Skovorodinsky felt minor tremors


September 30 from 21:00 to helpline EMERCOM of Russia on the Amur region received several calls from residents Skovorodinsky district. The callers said that they felt a slight tremor. Calls came from residents of the station and the city of BAM Skovorodino. According to the interim head of Skovorodino in the city tremors were not felt.

According to the duty seismologist seismic RAS Yakutia, there were a small seismic events, which shall not be checked.

To ascertain the circumstances, inspection areas and assess the prevailing situation was immediately forwarded to the Working Group of the city administration. The work

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South Greece swept flood. Video


6.02.12.V while to the north of Greece collapsed abnormal snowfall in the south began to flood. In the administrative area of the Peloponnese, in particular — in the town of Pyrgos and around archaeological sites of Olympia, a state of emergency. In some mountainous areas, there landslides.

[Resident of the town of Pyrgos] "There was a lot of water, people are trying to figure out how to escape, but the water was coming, could only pray for salvation."

According to police, a small village near Piraeus killed 82-year-old woman. She could not get out of the house, in

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Rain poured Costa Rica. Video


15.12.11.Na eastern rivers burst their banks and flooded the entire city. More than a thousand people have been forced from their homes. They will have to survive the disaster in makeshift shelters, outfitted in schools and churches.

Forecasters predict more severe flooding during the day. — Heavy rain started at night — until the morning the whole city has fallen into the water: and then we will only get worse. — We lost everything: washing machine, television — all took water.

Source: Detail-TV

Uzhgorod podtopilo. Video


18.12.11.Uzhgorod began to sink with Radvanki. As rescue workers warned on Saturday the regional center of Transcarpathia was filled with water. In particular, in the district Radvanka cars drove virtually the river. There the water flooded basements of houses. It was also blocked traffic at the level crossing on the street. Ankudinova, traditionally flooded with water.

Uzhgorod began to sink with Radvanki

But in the upper reaches of the river Oh, a decrease in temperature, therefore, the water level should fall. Yesterday, in an urgent meeting held Uzhgorod Emergency Commission, which convened the Mayor Victor Pogorelov.

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Civilization aged

Scientists have shown that the urban culture existed 6,000 years ago. Scientists have greatly lengthened the period of existence of human civilization. This week in Copenhagen at an international conference on the archeology of ancient Mesopotamia, researchers from the Institute of Oriental Studies in Chicago are going to announce his discovery, significantly changes the perception about the time of the urban culture. In Syria were found the remains of the city, dating back four thousand years BC This disproves the old notion that the urban culture emerged around this time in the south

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Brazil: A powerful storm hit the Sao Paulo

March 11, 2013. Powerful storm, which began in the Brazilian city Dignity-Paulo has 9 March, was the cause of widespread flooding, landslides and traffic chaos. As soon as the rains intensified, the situation became critical in the city and in the surrounding area. The flow of water down the street Vergueyru linking Avenida Paulista and the south of the city, claimed the 14-year-old girl. She was later declared dead.

Storm claimed the life of another resident of Sao Paulo. It appeared the 32-year-old man who tried to save the girl, but he could not resist the force of

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A tornado hit the south of the United States: there are victims

February 11, 2013. To the south of the U.S. state Mississippi tornado blew. Hurricane accompanied by torrential rain. Wind speed from 22 m per second has increased to 45.

The city Pickwick five people were injured in the disaster. At present, a tornado moves towards neighboring Louisiana and Alabama.

As a result of floods destroyed about 50 homes, dozens of mangled cars. The greatest damage was caused to the town in the central part of the Hattiesburg Mississippi. According to media reports, was seriously injured University of Southern Mississippi. Several schools in the state were closed.

Residents of the southern

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