Flood in Chelyabinsk. Video


18.07.11.Chelyabinsk still recovering from the last storm.

Water element to send a car to float freely, taking the tablets with Gosznak and left people without electricity.

Just half an hour Chelyabinsk overtook almost normal monthly precipitation. Parking the cars, drivers must have regretted that the trunk is not an anchor. For "swimming" machines elements motorists paid state numbers.

Announcement of the loss-filled findings Internet. But his combination of numbers and letters Hope Rebrov never find. "It's very sad — complains hope Rebrov, motorist, — because it is a long time to restore, re-register the car. This queue is

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River Station in Kazan started remodeling

Work began on the reconstruction of the main building of river station and the surrounding area. This was reported in JSC "IC" Tatflot. "


River Station "surrounded" by forests, and builders clean wall tiles, keep on the facade of the building for several decades. For landscaping River port has grown seedlings of flowers, new seedlings will be planted with trees, renew green areas, where passengers rest in anticipation of his ship.

Reconstruction of River port prohoditv part of a major city program. In particular, the builders put in order the main streets of

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The issue of global warming with the help of city-reflectors

The issue of global warming with the help of city-reflectors to save the planet

Scientists from Canada's offer to turn the city into a giant reflectors of sunlight by painting roofs and roads in a lighter or white. When you do so, then in 50 years, according to experts, the level of the cooling of the planet would be equivalent to reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the 25-150 billion tons, equal to the amount of CO2, to allocate all existing vehicles in the world.

Sidewalks and roofs for over 60% of the area of the city,

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Hurricane in Kazakhstan. Photo. Video


27.06.11.Nachnem us your release with the next disaster! Today in Almaty a great storm, which was accompanied by rain and hail, uprooted trees and blew the roofs of houses. The city having power outages and communication. For several hours, was paralyzed traffic. Shyngys Bisari felt the effects of the hurricane. These amateur footage fearsome. A powerful storm with rain, and then hail and uproot trees, tore off roofs and blocked the highway. 12 drivers were trapped in their cars. The lower part of the city in a matter of minutes was flooded. What, in general, happens every time

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Report / Yekaterinburg aerial (Spring 2012)

Ekaterinburg — the fourth largest population (after Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk) city in Russia — 1.35 million. Thermal Springs, cultural, scientific and educational center of the Ural region, endowed with the status of the center of the Urals Federal District ("the capital of the Urals").

The metro station "Ural". PRIVOKZALNAYA quarters.

City Hall on the square in 1905.

Sverdlov Street

BC "The Summit"

The future presidential center "Demidov"

Karl Liebknecht Street

Multifunctional high-rise complex "Vysotsky".

The first skyscraper in Yekaterinburg —

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St. Petersburg again reported tremors


20.12.12.V town again it was reported that residents felt tremors from which the walls of apartments went crack.46 year-old resident of St. Petersburg told the blog in LJ that night 20 December felt the tremors. A resident of the northern areas of the city wrote that pushes him to the bathroom went crack.

"I live in the north of the city. Tonight in 2:00 resistant felt tremors. And in the bathroom on the same side of the tile directly in front of the crack, and the other does tiles fell off. It was about 3 push. A similar phenomenon

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In the river Ustia mass death of fish. Video


Rivne. June 15. UNIAN. On the banks of the river Ustia, which flows through the central part of the city of Rivne, and its water is fixed mass death of fish.

Bad smell of dead fish carcasses and residents of Rivne fix for several days, especially in the area of Street Pier.

According to UNIAN, pedestrians and fishermen put forward several possible versions of the causes of the incident. One of the most common — getting into the water of chemicals or impurities from the sewage network. At the same time, experts tend to say that the massive

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Environmental disaster in Atyrau. Video


14.06.11. Environmental disaster in Atyrau.Tam dying fish. Two weeks riverbanks literally inundated with dead fish. On the causes of PE tells our correspondent Gulbadam Nazbenova.

GULBADAM NAZBENOVA, correspondent:

— Here in the Black River, a tributary to the Urals, in line Atyrau rot tons of fish. Local people use this water for watering the gardens, and the beast goes to drink.

Local residents say that the roach, carp and bream literally jumping out of the water. And it lasts for two weeks.

BAKTYGALI URAZAKOV, a resident of Atyrau

— Because of dead fish everywhere flies, smell, hope city

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Less trash raids, more recycling

Less trash raids, more processing Facts

In the pursuit of reducing the number of landfills in Seattle released a ban on the use of plastic bags and Styrofoam containers. Of citizens require board and engaged in processing of food waste and refuse from the acquisition of phone books. The city authorities believe that it is possible to go further and implement the export of municipal waste at least once a week.

Employee Waste Management Inc. collecting garbage in Seattle. 04/05/2012.

Garbage collection every two weeks will help to save up to $ 6 million a year by reducing the use

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Repair of roads in the Saratov region

This year, for road construction Saratov region allocated 1 billion 807 million rubles, or 229% compared to 2011. Of these, the overhaul of the federal network to a 995.8 million, and in September, is commissioned 21.13 km of roads, which is 366% compared to last year.

Repair stands 236.7 million with the commissioning of 103.15 km of roads, more than 4 times higher than last year. In 2013, work on the road is planned to master mlrd.500 more than 2 million rubles.

August 15 in Volsky's the grand opening of renovated 1-up complex of the road Sizran-Saratov-Volgograd around g.Volsk. In

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