Sinkhole in Yeisk. Video

Karst holes

9.04.12.Pod concrete mixer on a street in Yeisk failed land. Near one of the buildings was reconstructed neighborhood.

Truck drivers felt the rear axle suddenly gone underground. The rescue workers brought two lifts. With their help, managed to pull the car out of the failure. Now experts explain the reasons for land subsidence.

Such cases occur in Yeisk not the first time. Only in March this year at the building underground city prosecutor failed crane and a car. According to the press service of the administration of the city, this is due to the state of emergency

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In Gorlovka can only breathe in a gas mask


Separate opinion

4.02.12.Plohaya ecology in Donetsk region — this is not a disaster, not a tragedy or disaster.

This is a bonanza for resourceful uhvatistyh officials and business leaders. That is to say, an inexhaustible mine, who for twenty years for the shadow core earnings in the industry. And the worse is breathing ecosystem Donbass, the greater are the pockets of public servants and moneybags.

Conspiracy theory — nothing else! What we, mere mortals, only remains angry that rend the air, was worth the power to curse and uncomplainingly live out their days in the waste mononitrohlorbenzola, ammonia,

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Earthquake in Japan


Fatalities are more and more

12.03.2011 15:04

The devastating earthquake that struck Japan on March 11, claimed the lives of 1,700 people.

This number includes both dead and missing, the agency "Kyodo".

Panic gripped Japan after the earthquake: lack of water and food, long queues in hospitals

12.03.11. Residents of several Japanese cities hit by the earthquake and tsunami, panic and despair.

People do not have enough water, food and medicine. At the hospital entrance lined up in long lines of wounded. As the correspondent of Reuters, near the city of Fukushima, on the outskirts of which

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Africa: Drought — the cause of cannibalism

March 19, 2013. At the end of last year, even Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary General expressed his concern about the harsh drought in southern Africa. Over the past time situation in the region has not changed significantly, and in Zambia, Zimbabwe and in the north of South Africa there is a deficit in 90-50% of normal precipitation. The heat has already led to the death of a significant part of the agricultural crops, and farmers association of the Republic of South Africa has significantly reduced the preliminary estimates of agricultural production in the country.

Drought affects not only the people

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The development of sports infrastructure Yugra

The city Pyt-Yah (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District) held the opening of the Olympic Games of the Small domestic clubs of the city. Competitions will be held in the new sport and the sports center "Atlant", built around the circumference of the target program of development of physical culture and sports in Yugra.

During the opening ceremony, a parade of athletes and demonstrations — roller skis, boxing, karate, volleyball and soccer.

2012 in Ugra must be a record for updating sports infrastructure. Before the year is planned to open 13 new sites. This is three times greater than in the previous year,

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Development of Vladivostok


Sent comments leprosy. Photos are added. The result was a report of what has been done in Vladivostok. Very helpful blog, there are many photos of projects under construction.

============================================== Clearly surprised about such large-scale inflows into the city for some two-day APEC summit. In fact, the Summit is just an excuse to develop the infrastructure of the largest in the Far East of the city and the port from which rapidly began to put off people. Built not only one bridge, it is a set of objects to the construction site where the fourth

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Boeing 737 plane crash in Canada


MOSCOW, Aug. 21 — RIA Novosti. Passenger plane Boeing 737 Canadian airline First Air crashed in the north of the country, 12 of the 15 people on board died, according to TV station CBC.

The plane was flying from the city of Yellowknife in the city Resolute. The causes of the crash are not called.


Source: RIA Novosti


Residents of asbestos are trying to unravel the mystery track Asbestos — Reftinskiy




Residents of asbestos are trying to unravel the mystery of disastrous road linking the city to the village Reftinskiy. Almost once a month on this road there are serious road traffic accidents in which people are dying. As noted in the statistics of the city traffic police,

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Heavy rains will de-energize a number of areas of Buenos Aires, three dead

April 2, 2013. Three people were victims of bad weather in the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires, on the night Tuesday, in April dropped to a record rainfall, local authorities reported. There have been flooding the building and de-energized in some metropolitan areas, disrupted public transport and one of the Metro lines.

Heavy rains were in town from 3:00 to 5:30 on Monday night Tuesday, in this period fell about 155 millimeters of rain — the highest figure for April days in recent years, meteorologists said. The victims of the weather were two elderly people and subway worker who died

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Rainbow City

Rainbow — city in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area, located on the river and its tributaries Agan Agrnegan and Nehysyagun.  The appearance of the town is connected with the development of Varyeganskiy oil and gas. In 1973, at the future site of a landing workers SMU number 9 of trust "Nizhnevartovskneftestroy." In the early 1980s, construction of housing capital, and August 15, 1984 the village received official city status. Khanty Varyogan area called Maa.

Business center "Agan-grad"

JSC "Varieganneftegaz"

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