In Santa Cruz, there was an invasion of bees



20.06.12.Nashestvie thousands of bees brought a lull in the ever-filled streets of the Spanish city of Santa Cruz.

The bees have settled in a small garden on the platform for one of the most popular bars in the city and a few hours brought a clear headache police.

Amazed locals watched from afar, like a huge swarm of bees began to build himself a hive on a low wall. Police officers cordoned off this area, and for a while everyone was waiting for arrival of the beekeeper, who was able to defuse the situation by isolating bees

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Residents Kohtla-Jarve again choked emissions


14.06.12.S pm June 13 and until late at night on June 14 reporter called the inhabitants of the city Järve Kohtla-Jarve and complained that, approximately, from 18 am until late at night, they feel on the streets and in the apartments of the sharp smell of hydrogen sulfide.

A resident of one of the houses on the street Olev, Vitali, said that in the evening, when he came home with two young children, they began to cough and choke. According to him, the house could not open the window because the apartment immediately penetrating smell of sewage. The

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Heavy rain flooded half the buildings in the Turkish town of Edremit

March 11, 2013. More half of the buildings in the Edremit in the north-western Turkey were flooded as a result of heavy rain, told RIA Novosti on Monday, Acting Mayor of Fatih Çağlar (Fatih Caglar).

"This rain we had the last 20 years. Flooded more half of all homes in the city … The water level in the river rose almost a meter. Fortunately, no casualties, but the material damage is enormous. The amount has not yet dare to call, but the calculations are carried out, "- he said.

According to Çağlar, which began in the aftermath of Sunday rain

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Militias in Libya put forward their demands

Gen. Fernand Mokhtar, head of the Military Council of the Western Libya, made a statement that is formed as a state army, militias, warehouses gun, leave the Libyan capital Tripoli. As the Gen."At the moment, Libya not even a semblance of law and order. Stability and security in the town supported only by the revolutionaries that performs these functions. The Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Interior, State Transitional Council (NTC) Libya do not have in their own possession sufficient forces to protect Tripoli. Militias have deposited an instrument they form a government army. "

According disk imaging,

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20,000 remained without electricity in the Irkutsk region


21.12.11.Naselenie Kirenska city remained without electricity. Cause tripping now find out specialists.

Kirensk city plunged into darkness because of an accident on the line "Lena Podymahino" on Wednesday morning.

Remained without power 20,000 people, including 4,810 children.

According to the MOE, the city has 16 boilers. They all have a redundant power supply and operating normally, ie without heat Kerensky residents remained.

— In the search for the accident has left a team of 11 people. The city Kirensk An operative headquarters under Mayor Neupokoeva in Irkutsk — operational headquarters MES — told Life News in EMERCOM in the

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Lviv chestnuts bloom


Photo from:

30.08.11.V center of Lviv, this year for the second time in bloom chestnuts. The trees near the Lviv City Council on Market Square appeared color.

Note that some of the chestnuts in a city with green leaves and a part — destroyed by pests, of which more than a year suffer chestnuts. Chestnut mole — a dangerous pest in the city, she lives in the bark and leaves of the tree, and the larva overwinters in the soil. Deal with it, you can use spray or vaccination carried out every three years.

According to experts,

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The capital of Azerbaijan is slowly lowered into the sea


Ecologist Telman Zeynalov. Photo:

24.08.11.Stolitsa Azerbaijan sinks slowly into the sea. The process of reducing the territory accelerated by constantly rising sea level — say the experts.

"Baku goes under the water," — said in an interview with "Echo", the famous ecologist Telman Zeynalov passes

"Until about four years ago, I spoke and gave a forecast that Baku is flooded by the Caspian Sea, and is the movement of water in the city will continue until about 2020. At the time, President Heydar Aliyev issued a decree just about 130-meter area on the coast where you

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A cloud of poisonous smoke covered Penza


23.05.12.Massovoe poisoning have occurred due to the leakage of sulfur-containing substances odorant and propane. Around a hundred people have already went to doctors complaining of headaches, vomiting and fainting.

Whitish veil of smoke enveloped the areas Ternovka, Lighthouse, GEA. The area was covered with smoke, more than an hour in the visibility is less than 20 meters. Some time later, the smoke began to dissipate, the air was filled with the pungent smell of sulfur.

— The incident took place today at the reception scrap — told Life News in law enforcement. — Dispose of metal cans and propane

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Operation Jihad, Harsh, August 1996

"Jihad" — codenamed Operation Crucible by storm, held by Chechen rebels in August 1996. Together with the harsh militants were attacked towns of Argun and Gudermes, the last federal troops surrendered without a fight. From a political point of view, the assault of the town was won by militants who have gained independence after nearly signing Khasavyurt agreements. From a military point of view, none of the parties is not to win navoyevat. For the fighters were the first days of the assault, when, guided by the effect of surprise, they were able to block the garrison town in

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Operation Jihad — the blood after the elections

Summer 1996 was the first after the second presidential election, which defeated Boris Yeltsin. One of the numerous promises his company was the end of the Chechen war, why the government was forced to sign an agreement in Nazran. Under the agreement, Russian troops were evenly output from areas of the country, and the order was provided by local police. But in practice, the separatists were not suppressed, and the command output perfectly understood the danger of armed forces from the troubled region.

Yet, the conclusion was planned, because the question of the cessation of hostilities was standing in

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