Journey of Kostroma

In Kostroma, clean, comfortable, quiet. Stalin's house and wooden buildings, buildings of different ages coexist quite naturally. Happen, of course, accidents, when a modern building "masterpiece" grows between the wooden houses with carved architraves. Lovely promenade beckons walk along the Volga, to sit, to think, to dream. Neither urban wedding is complete without photos in the gazebo Ostrovsky.

Indeed, wonderful views from the remains of the shaft of the Kostroma Kremlin. From the Kremlin's almost nothing left. But in almost intact preserved 18th-century shopping arcade.

You can take a tour of the production, the museum Large Kostroma Linen manufactures, and

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In the south and east of Poland declared flood threat


27.07.11.V Poland as a result of intense rainfall threatened flood were the southern and eastern province of the country. Prevent a sharp rise in water levels in local rivers published Wednesday Institute of Meteorology and Water Management of the country.

After a powerful storm with winds and heavy rains severely damaged city Sandomierz. According to local rescuers, on the right bank of the Vistula flooded yards and basements. Firefighters are trying to pump out the water, but the reclamation ditches overflowing.

"We received over a hundred calls from residents. Water threatens industrial facilities, in particular, in a glass factory

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Ground failures in Moscow

Karst holes

26-27 July 2011 the staff of the Russian Geographical Society witnessed the failure of two of soil, formed and developed in the center of Moscow.

One of them is the house number 1 on the street Peter Line at the intersection with Petrovka, the other — about 100 meters from the executive management of the RGS, the house number 8, page 2, at the New Square.

A second failure in the eyes of the witnesses progresses — less than a day significantly increased the width and depth of the basin, has grown and there are new cracks in

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Journey to the fire

Kostroma — A city on the Volga River and the administrative center of Kostroma region, a major river port. The date of foundation of Kostroma is officially considered 1152. This date proposed historian VNTatischev, linking the event to the activities of Yuri Dolgoruky in the north-east Russia. Population — 269,711 people (2010)


"Wonderful Kostroma. Very clean, well maintained, beautiful. A lot of people walking foreigners. Interesting form of Zoning: streets fan out from a central square. Mass of sculptures and monuments. Basically, what I've been telling you, see for yourself ….. "

Station "Kostroma-new"

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Major accident occurred in CHP Novokuznetsk


20.01.12.Krupnaya accident occurred in CHP Novokuznetsk. At one point went down once all 11 boilers. The apartments are 150 000 people and 11 social facilities plummeted temperature.

— Homes and Condo Novoilinskogo boroughs temperature dropped sharply — told Life News in the emergency department of the Kemerovo region. — According to preliminary calculations, the area fell off about 150 000 people. The temperature is kept at around 30 degrees. At the moment, only one boiler running. The exact time of removal of the accident is not yet known.

Specialists monitor the temperature in the premises, all the information is

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Athens was flooded with rain

February 22, 2013. Strong continuous downpour with thunder, which began on Friday morning, has caused problems with the movement of vehicles on the roads Athens.

As the road service the country flooded and closed central streets of the city. Blocked the national highway, "Athens — Corinth." Traffic lights do not work, have problems with the electricity supply. Some of the Moscow metro stations are temporarily closed.

Residents of the city many times caused utilities to pump water. For these purposes authorities Athens was allocated 25 vehicles and more than 60 people.

As reported by meteorologists, precipitation in the form

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Just two earthquakes of magnitude 6.1 and 5.7 occurred in Japan


14.04.11.U coast of Japan earthquake with magnitude 6.1. Earthquakes have been recorded at 190 km from the city of Morioka on Honshu Island. The earthquake was located at a depth of 11.2 km, according to "RBC".

A little later, there was another earthquake, whose magnitude was 5.7. Earthquakes have been recorded at 174 km from the city on the island of Honshu Khachin. The earthquake was located at a depth of 20.9 km.

Information on casualties or damage were reported. Tsunami warning has not yet announced.

Recall, on March 11 off the coast of the state was a powerful

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Off the coast of Japan Earthquake 6.0


MOSCOW, March 15 — RIA Novosti. Another strong earthquake of magnitude 6.0 occurred off the coast of the Japanese island of Honshu, the website of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

According to the service, tremors were recorded in 18.49 local time (12.49 MSK).

The earthquake lies at a depth of 15.3 kilometers, the epicenter was located 139 kilometers north-east of the city of Iwaki, located in the Japanese prefecture of Fukushima and 167 kilometers south-east of the city of Sendai (Miyagi Prefecture), the most heavily impacted by the devastating earthquake and ensuing tsunami on Friday.

Information on casualties or

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08.08.12.Zamor fish pond in the Seversky


08.08.12.V city Polevskoy continue actively to seek the causes of fish kills that happened in Seversky city pond. Recall, the incident occurred a few days ago. To investigate immediately joined CPS.

As shown by the results of the first, one of the man-made factors, which could lead to the death of fish, can be excluded. In particular, it was suggested that the groundwater with Gumeshevskogo copper deposit, located in the conduct of "Uralgidromed" might fall into the pond and lead to a state of emergency.

During the test, which lasted 14 days, the experts studied materials Rosprirodnadzor monitoring

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In Sochi earthquake. Video


30.05.12.Kak reported marginal emergency department as a result of the earthquake devastation in Sochi and the victims have been recorded. There was also no disruption to the life support systems of the city.

According to some data, the epicenter of the seismic activity is located 30 km from Sochi — in the sea at a depth of 10 km.

Source: Lead Sochi Sochi.30 May. INTERFAX.RU — At 12:00 MSK among central Sochi seismic station recorded earthquake, said the agency "Interfax-South" chief seismologist Sochi Helen Karpovich.

According to Karpovich, push earthquake was about 3.5 points. She noted that currently

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