Flooding in southern Mozambique has affected 55,000 people

January 22, 2013. In Mozambique, rescuers evacuated more 50 thousand people due to heavy floods in the south of the country.

Authorities ask people to move to more safe places. According to their calculations, the disaster has affected 55 million man.

Recall that in February last year, the victims of the floods in Mozambique began 40 man. At least 120 million people in this southern African country suffered.

Floods in practically all regions of the state caused by a strong storm. The natural disaster has destroyed hundreds of buildings. More 56 thousand man homeless.

Mozambique regularly is at the mercy

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Flooding does not let the north-west Australia

The section of the Sunshine Coast in Australia has been shrouded ocean foam, beached remains of a tropical cyclone that struck Australia last week.

January 29, 2013. In the coastal town of Bundaberg Australian water level continues to rise. The water in the local river reached a height of 8.9 meters. 75,000 residents are still unable to return to his home. In evacuation centers housed 1,5 thousand Australians were terrified to see what happens to their home city. It is known that during the floods killed 4 people.

Stormy sea breeze drove to the Gold and

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Lost under the waters of the city

Legend of Kitezh — city, and now actual scientists after several attempts to find something gave it up, and only people who have appeared or was looking for an interest vanished city. Now in more detail.

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The first and only book describing the history of Kitezh was a book "Kitezhsky chronicler," which was

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Gas explosion destroyed the factory in Pakistan


6.01.12.Trehetazhnoe building collapsed in the city of Lahore. Buried under the rubble for about 40 chelovek.Vzryv factory producing medicines, rocked the city of Lahore in eastern Pakistan on Monday, Feb. 6.

According to authorities, the room exploded a gas cylinder. The accident three storey buildings were almost completely destroyed. At the time of the accident inside the building were more than 40 people. Among them — the women and children.

According to authorities, three people died and five were rescued. Another 100 people are under the rubble. Conducted on-site rescue work.

Ekaterina Sidorova

Source: Life News Online

6.8 earthquake occurred in the Philippines. Video


6.02.12.Zemletryasenie magnitude of 6.9 points occurred in the central Philippine arhipelaga.Epitsentr located five kilometers from the city Tayasan.Ochag lies at a depth of 10 kilometers under vodoy.Za major tremors were followed by 80 aftershocks.

According to reports from the island of Negros, the tremors there continue to this por.Tsarit panic, people leave their homes and flee to the mountains. According to the latest reports, the victims of the earthquake were 46 people.

Source: Channel PIC

MOSCOW, February 6 — RIA Novosti. Earthquake of magnitude 6.8 occurred in the Philippines, reported on Monday at the U.S. Geological Survey website.

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19.12.11.Nuzhna a seismological station in Khujand? In Khujand, there are no seismic stations, but after the city has once again shaken, the press reported on what strength earthquake.

This begs the question of how in the absence of Khujand seismic sensors can calculate the number of points of tremors?

Head of public arts organization "Sughd Nav Ovar" Numonhon Hasanov (Khujand), which specifically deal with this issue, said that he had not found any evidence of the existence of seismic stations in Khujand. Not shed light on this, and surveys of employees of relevant agencies, including those involved in natural

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Dozens of countries are exhausted rains. Video


20.10.11.Chrezvychaynoe position announced in Latin America. The region hit tropical storms — the water leaving Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Colombia. The floods killed more than a hundred people. For about 15,000 people in these states remain homeless.

Mudslides destroyed bridges and roads, communication with many settlements lost. Huge damage caused to agriculture.

Binge verse continues in Thailand. There is much for the victims of the floods of the last half century more than three hundred people have been affected about three million! Water crept close to the capital. Now the authorities constrain the flow, but to

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Dublin in Ireland flooded mega-storm. Video


24.10.11.Vlasti Dublin declared in a state of emergency after a Monday during incessant rain in the Irish capital had the monthly rainfall.

According to BBC, after a downpour two rivers flowing through Dublin — Dodder and Camac — burst their banks, flooding many areas of the city.

Rescue squads to evacuate residents of Dublin from the most affected buildings and works to divert water from the city.

In the capital of Ireland canceled trains linking Dublin with Belfast, practically paralyzed ferry and closed the city airport.

Forecasters warned that the situation in the city, facing the Irish Sea,

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Flooding in Argentina. Photos from the

April 4, 2013. At least 48 people have died due to floods in the Argentine city of La Plata, and at least 2.2 million people evacuated, said Thursday the Argentine radio.

The remaining citizens were forced to flee from the water filled the streets on rooftops and trees. Now rescuers continue to evacuate residents.

Severe storm accompanied by heavy rains and gusty winds, hit Argentina on Tuesday, affecting first the capital of Buenos Aires. According to meteorologists, on Tuesday the level of rainfall in the capital reached a record figure for April is 15.5 centimeters. As a result, victims

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Flooding in Argentina: Rescuers found alive missing people

April 5, 2013. In Argentina rescuers have found 106 people alive who were considered missing after severe flooding in the city of La Plata. This was announced by Ricardo Casal, Minister of Security and Justice, the largest province of Buenos Aires, where the tragedy occurred.

He confirmed that the number of victims is 51 elements revelry man. "We surveyed 5940 homes, and found no other victims," — said the official.

Life is slowly returning to normal. In areas affected by floods, reduced the supply of electricity and water supply. Authorities continue to distribute clean drinking water, milk, food,

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