Ales Krawcewicz: Wednesday Blotting unique town Belarus

Correspondent "Ales, please remind the listener that occurs directly in Grodno. For what structure and why you need to fight?"Krawcewicz: "The situation is very difficult in our town since Wednesday destroyed virtually unique in our country town, the euro itself town Belarus. Not counting the fact that individual buildings are destroyed (for example, on the street in the heart of the Socialist town Art Nouveau building in one of the wings of time Tyzengauz in Vilnius street), so still going, despite the protests of the public, carry out the reconstruction of the central square, an old bridge . And all

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N.Korbut: Russian loan is not tied to a stake Beltransgaz

According to the minister Korbut, the bid was entered previously by the Russian side."We take the municipal credit. Governmental loan can not be assigned to any other duties other than the duties of the 1st country to another. I think we this question decide to continue: municipal loan and the interest rate, "- said N.Korbut. It is understood that billion dollars will be provided in Belarus This year, and 500 more millions of dollars — in next year.

Sergei Salash: belarushchyny idea turned into an ideological show

If the four year reversed through the CEC Sergey manages to reach the reception, during the last campaign was arestvoan with their submission. In This year also not allowed to participate in elections: davneshnie "friends" — Secretary Election Commission Number 62 and spn.Stasava vice-chairman spn.Shutko executive committee accused him of slander. On Wednesday, the tribunal held. Well, now deputy director of information-analytical agency "European Wave" Sergei Salash knows that day helped Belarusian writing and printing to Borisov to advocate specifically belarushchyna."I’m not quite sure, because the training took place in a completely different way. Multimonthly Send another method: the painted

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Police warned the organizers of Chernobyl Way

Minsk city authorities determined the route and time of the event, based on the judgments of safety and order in the town, and has been notified to the organizers. They also warned about the unacceptability of violating the order in town "- said Kuleshov. He also saw that" if the order is violated, the organizers will be responsible lure "

UCP activists against the destruction of an old Grodno

Chairman of the Grodno regional UCP Yury Istomin said to us that such a decision adopted after, in Grodno held a meeting of scientific and methodical council running the Deputy Minister of Culture Vladimir Gradyushko. On it by Istomin was approved the decision to demolish 40 buildings in an old part of town. Pickets planned to put on the street bitter, near the entrance to the stadium "Neman" on Dzerzhinsky Street at the entrance to the park Zhiliber. It is understood that the protesters will gather signatures to suspend the requirements of the destruction of an old town.Yury Istomin also

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A.Volchanin All meetings — on the streets Zhodino

"I’ve got a meeting ever. Here and now go through the town and zatrymlivayusya about people.’s Give each its own phone number. This, my views, very badabout. And when you start to organize meetings in the housing and maintenance departments where else, it comes not a lot of people.So I now go through the town, and in the evening, edit all the information and propaganda tomorrow will deliver it to the printer in Borisov. "

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Authorities in Rechitza wish to demolish the building of the former girls’ school

The building, over which hangs the threat of defeat, is in the center of town — on the street, 47. According to the activist Leonid Nevara entrepreneurial movement, who lives close, it was built in the XIX century:"Initially, it was built as a general store. Later first of the twentieth century it was converted into a women’s gymnasium. Here studied 200 women. After girls’ school here was surveying college. Later there was a music school and house pioneers — I walked there. Later — City Council Rechitsy" .Currently this building is part of the executive committee Rechitskoye. Namely, the Department

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Will you take part in cleanup?

Lady "Very badof concern and we are working on this Saturday. Very nice to look at the city after the work day. "Lady: "I think this is very useful for the town. And for people — to visit the nature, on the air. "Man: "I will not participate. Subbotnik optionally must be tied to April 22. You can work in another day. "Man: "We need to clean house in the town, and I will participate."Young Man: "I do not even know what a work day."Man: "In the cleanup will not participate. For what? We have for this special service, they

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European Football Championship 2012 will be held in the cities of Ukraine and Poland

First round showed no favorite. 2nd, when Ukraine and Poland competed against Italy, most of the votes were in favor of a joint bid. Games finish of the championship will be held in euro 4 Polish towns: Warsaw, Wroclaw, Gdansk and Poznan, and four Ukrainian: Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev and Lviv.

From Ukraine was reported that the journalist here for beating punished 14 law enforcement officers

Greetings to you on April 12! Ah well looked today in different years in the past publications Belarusian newspapers.* Grodno "Glos prawdy" in 1927 reports from Minsk: "In connection with the upcoming Easter prazdnichkom Komsomol city into a huge holiday Saturday and Sunday suit" day of the wicked. "The program provides for the rest of the hike in the midst of the Communist Youth cartoons saints through the streets of the town, burning devils what must be images and effigies of the pope and top Orthodox hierarchs, etc. In addition, held conversations and reading rooms in the army and schools.

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