UFO mysteries of the Third Reich

There are many stories and legends about the developments of the Third Reich in the various flying machines. But the facts that would have significantly helped to identify or refute numerous assumptions, there is still very little.

According to some reports in mid-1936 near the city of Orenburg crashed UFO. Expressed certain assumptions that the German military were able to seize the opportunity to repair and even the fault of the object. It is believed that the attempt to use the Third Reich did not bring successful results on a

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In the Volga caught huge piranha. Photo


Photo from: Nikolaevsk.NET

25.07.11.Na Nicholas coast July 24, 2011 at p. Piranha caught in the Volga, its size has reached about thirty centimeters, it is rather the adult fish.

With the huge teeth, like a human, but very sharp. This exotic fish found (rather dated) in South America in the Amazon River.

The hero of this catch was Mushtaev Edward, that he caught her in the flooded suburb of Old Bank Nikolayev, where nearby is the unofficial city beach. This catch was reported to the regional center, is now expected to arrive on July 25 a group

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Chelyabinsk region in the grip of locusts


Locusts already in the southern Urals

28.06.11.Chelyabinsk was in the clutches of insects. In Agapovka, Verkhneuralsk, Red Army, Kizilskoe, Sosnowski and other regions of the Chelyabinsk region noted a locust invasion and webworm. Insects fly, even in the city center. Where they came from is unknown. In one version of them brought along with last weekend storm. In some areas, the insects emit a chirping that the noise of the city seems to be quiet.

According to head of the department of plant protection management Rosselhoztsentra the Chelyabinsk Region Vladimir Barbaroshie, the number of individuals is low, so

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Russia waiting for the tsunami

December 31, 2012. According to the forecast of the Emergencies Ministry, in 2013 Russia can expect fires, floods, earthquakes and powerful eight-meter tsunami. However, the ministry believes that the next year will be quieter than the 2012-th.

A preliminary forecast of the key risks for 2013 year Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia begins with a description of seismic hazard. Expected strong earthquake in Sakhalin — just north of disaster relief, where in 2007 the powerful aftershocks have been recorded. Then the magnitude was 6.8, after which there was 100 aftershock jolts. 51 houses were damaged, 1,200 were left homeless

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In Bratsk began falling leaves. Photo. Video


20.07.11.V Bratsk began falling leaves! In the middle of July on the streets of yellowing trees in September. What is the reason why many agronomists and raised the alarm — know Xenia Shilov.

At the sight of the fraternal alleys, it seems that came the golden autumn! Trees began to turn yellow in the last week, and now started a real leaf fall! Many residents are surprised such a picture, because summer is in full swing.

In Rosselhoztsentre explained to us: it is because of abnormal drought. In May and June we were too hot, and the temperature is

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India: The largest gathering of people in the world flooded

February 20, 2013. In the Indian city of Allahabad, the site of the mass gathering of people in the world and the floods. This prompted local authorities to seek help from the army.

From January 27 to February 25, this city is a "Feast of the pitcher," or the Kumbh Mela. In the night from Sunday to Monday because of heavy rains, the water level in the river began to rise sharply. Several tents of pilgrims were flooded by sewage manholes.

Lalmanilal Srivatsav affected by the floods, "Flood came suddenly. As a result, several Tent plunged into the

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Europe faint 40-degree heat. Video


12.07.11.V Serbia becomes even cooler in the afternoon.

To escape the heat, people began to explore the city fountains, because the local beaches already overcrowded.

In neighboring Croatia in the last few days from the effects of heat 9 people died. Since the beginning of the tourist season especially doctors warn tourists about the dangers long exposure to the sun.

In the Italian city of Perugia took the bar in the heat of 30 degrees. Here used to the sweltering summer residents in fashion for a long time to sit in the shade, and they do not forget

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Industrial waste dumped into the river city


© Dr. Peter

5.07.11.Aktivisty NGO Greenpeace, which in a week to conduct inspections waters of St. Petersburg, found more than 40 discharges of untreated sewage into the Neva, Ohta, Izhora, Slavyanka, Karpovka, Zhdanovka and Smolenka. Experts say that most drains are illegal and cause severe pollution of rivers and kill fish.

Water Patrol NGO Greenpeace fifth consecutive season checks Petersburg rivers and canals, each time fixing the illegal dumping of industrial wastes. Pipe, through which the river Slavyanka, Ohta and Neva flowing toxic water are well known St Petersburg. They close their eyes only officials of environmental agencies.

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6.4-magnitude earthquake occurred in Chile


MOSCOW, June 1 — RIA Novosti. A powerful earthquake of magnitude 6.4 occurred on Wednesday in the west coast of Chile, according to a statement on the website of U.S. Geological Service (USGS). The epicenter of tremors recorded in 08.55 local time (16.55 MSK), located at 96 km south-west of the city of Concepcion. The earthquake lies at a depth of 15.1 kilometers.

Data on casualties or damage were reported.

Chile is characterized by high seismic activity. In February 2010, 115 kilometers north of the located in the central part of the country the city of Concepción earthquake with

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Volgograd rescuers cope with the consequences of Hurricane


11.04.11.Shkvalisty wind tore off the roof of houses, felled trees and broken advertising schity.Na last weekend Volgograd rescuers had great hard: in several parts of the city eliminated the effects of the hurricane.

Thus, in the central region of the city from the roofs of corrugated iron sheets flew. To remedy the situation, the rescuers had to use climbing equipment. In Krasnooktyabrsky area canopy ripped from the balcony: Alarmed residents called emergency services. They wait too long: banked sheet iron threatened to fall from a height of 5 floors.

In Traktorozavodsky near hurricane broke the tree: it

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