Hurricane Sandy left a trail of destruction in Cuba


26.10.12.Na Cuba Hurricane "Sandy", bringing serious damage. Wind speed was 180 kilometers per hour. Suffered the most second-largest city and a popular tourist destination — Santiago de Cuba.

Here, "Sandy" left a ruined building, as well as fallen trees and poles of power lines. Disrupted public transport. Half a million people were without electricity and water.

On the eve of the approaching storm zone were evacuated about 300,000 people. There are reports of deaths, but the exact number is unknown.

Public utilities have already started clearing the rubble. To help them sent a team of workers from the

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At a military base in Tanzania explosions occurred


RBC 17.02.2011, Dar es Sal 11:59:52 As a result, several explosions at a military base Gongola Mboto in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania's largest city, killing 17 people. According to local authorities, the bombings at the burial site of ammunition, reports BBC BBC.

Several explosions occurred for several hours near the city's airport, which was closed immediately after the incident. Local authorities have recommended to the city not to leave their homes and not to go near the windows.

According to the Prime Minister of Tanzania Mizengo Pinda, explosions destroyed a total of 23 store on a military base, two

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Mexico City sinks into the ground

Karst holes

10.01.11.Dolina Mexico City, which houses the Mexican capital, the "sinking" into the ground. As a result, the streets of one of the largest cities in the world with a population of over 20 million people have been failures to appear.

In some parts of Mexico shrinkage of soil from the late 19th century had reached 13 meters. So not only disrupted vehicular traffic on the highways of the city center, but there was a threat of architectural structures, located in the "critical" areas.

As explained to the researchers at the National Autonomous University of Mexico,

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16.04.12.Gibel fish in the Orenburg region. Video


16.04.12.Na shore artificial lake, called by the people "of Ai zapretkoy" who came to look at the white swans floating gaychanin, found a lot of dead fish.

The photo and video footage, which he handed over the site "in Gaya. Ru" is seen as a dead fish — big carp, pike and carp, as well as their young, the more profits to the banks of the pond. According to him, the deaths, most likely occurred because of the winter freeze, because no one bother to cut down on the lake hole and the hole for the water fed

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Death of fish in the lake Lebyazhe Ukrainian. Video


Posted on 11/05/2012 by user stastugay

From the time factor:

Unfortunately it is not known exactly where the captured video, but a video lives in Ukraine indicate this registration information in your profile, so assume that the video was made in the same place, namely Chuguivs'kyi district, Punjab.

Help Wikipedia:

Lebyazhe — Lake in Chelyabinsk region Lebyazhe — Lake in the Kurgan region and Kazakhstan Lebyazhe — a lake in the city of Nakhodka, Primorsky Krai Lebyazhe — a lake in the city of Kazan, Tatarstan Lebyazhe — Lake in the Omsk region Lebyazhe — lake in Chukotka

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The Umka — a city with an artificial climate and closed-loop life support


Arkhangelsk, 23.09.2011g.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin before a plenary session of the Second International Forum "The Arctic — Territory of Dialogue" toured the region dedicated to the exhibition, which, in particular, got acquainted with the unique construction project in the permafrost of a small town.

Umka project — a city with an artificial climate and a completely closed-loop life support systems, is looking to the distant future.

Author of the project Valery Rzhevskij city created specifically for life scientists and explorers in difficult climatic conditions of the Arctic, and most importantly — for

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The People’s Budget

The "People's Budget" was developed jointly by the City of Astrakhan Astrakhan with MBU "Information-Analytical Center." The idea of this project lies in the fact that a portion of the municipal budget "City of Astrakhan" spent on the needs and objectives defined by the residents of the city. No one better than the residents themselves do not know what the specific needs neighborhood, street, courtyard.

The "People's Budget" enables people to directly influence the spending of budget funds, stating the existing problems in the city, making proposals to improve the lives of the city, sharing his ideas on the modernization

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28.03.12.Dve tons of dead fish were found in Yaroslavl


28.03.12.Okolo two tonnes of dead fish found experts "Verhnevolzhrybvoda" in the Breit area during a survey of the river Sit. This is the first effects of freeze, which can be seen today.

Ice was discovered while a small section of the river, but there are places where the fish is not enough oxygen, and she gasped, in the field a lot. Among the dead in this part of most of the City — the medium-sized roach weighing about seventy grams.

Oleg Kokorin, head of the regional department of the Yaroslavl FSBI "Verhnevolzhrybvod", "Young moved jamb, she stuffed in

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Mirage in China. Video


14.10.11.Na eyes of the residents of the Chinese city Qingdao in just a few minutes of increased building. As it turned out, it was only the optical illusion. It was the usual mirage, however, for these latitudes it unnatural. Phenomenon remained deserted until the next day.

According to meteorologists, it was not a mass hallucination. Object with white walls appeared on city streets because of optical processes. In the air reflected the adjacent building. Cause atmospheric phenomenon was warm, windless weather.

Source: National TV — Belarus

7.3 Earthquake in Turkey


Magnitude Mw 7.3 Region EASTERN TURKEY Date time 2011-10-23 10:41:22.0 UTC Location 38.86 N; 43.48 E Depth 10 km Distances 42 km N Van (pop 371,713; local time 13:41:22.7 2011-10-23) 21 km SE Ercis (pop 91,915; local time 13:41:22.7 2011-10-23)

Source: EMSC

In Turkey, after an earthquake collapsed house, there are people under the rubble

ANKARA, Oct. 23 — RIA Novosti. After a major earthquake in the Turkish city of Van hit a seven-story building, the debris are people who said the mayor of the city on the TV channel NTV.

Earthquake of magnitude 6.6 occurred

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