Emissions of sulfur dioxide exceeded the MCL in Orsk


Emissions of sulfur dioxide exceeded the MCL

20.09.11.Utrom September 20 in the One-duty dispatchers GO, safety and emergency workers from Orsk rolling plant began receiving complaints about the air pollution in the area of sanitary protection zone of "Southern Urals Nickel Plant."

GO service, safety and emergencies reported the federal inspector Rosprirodnadzor Valentine watering and administration of the city of Orsk. Simultaneously reported complaints received were transferred to Orsk laboratory monitoring of air pollution (FGU "Orenburg Center for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring").

At 9:00. 35 min. were made sampling in the village. Nickel Metal Workers in DC and

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Chelyabinsk again attacked gas emissions


29.08.11.Spetsifichesky smell townspeople felt the morning of 29 August 2011. Source of contamination is not installed.

Management of civil protection experts went to the north-east of the capital of South Ural to investigate air samples.

As "Uralinformbyuro" the press service of the City Hall, with the news of this emergency administration head Sergei Davydov Chelyabinsk started bodies meeting on Monday. He said he would soon be submitting an application to the city prosecutor's office and the SU TFR in the Chelyabinsk region. Must be found and punished, said S.Davydov.

This "gas attack" in the city is not the

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Environmental disaster in Dzerzhinsk. Video


Dzerzhinsk, June 9. Dzerzhinsk residents live in dangerous proximity to the millions of tons of chemical othodov.Kak RIA "News", the city has about 50 companies that produce ethylene oxide, caustic soda, chlorine, phenol-formaldehyde resin. Especially dangerous is tens of polygons, which stores the chemical waste.

In the city there is a systematic excess of content standards in the air health risk phenol.

Many residents report that the streets present chemical smell from the tap flowing mud. Environmental specialists do not even hide the fact that almost everywhere you can detect dangerous toxins in high concentrations, reports News BCM.

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An example of practical patriotism. How ordinary people to restore the monument in the outback. Themselves

Dear readers! We have repeatedly argued that a person who cares about the fate of the country, it would be a good addition to discussions on the internet to do something useful in real life. Educate children and pay taxes — it is certainly true, but not enough. This thought you agreed with you, but what we lack — so it's living examples of such patriotic initiative. One of them describe below.


There is a small town in the Sverdlovsk region of 25 million inhabitants — Nevyansk, the city-factory. His fate is not much different

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About attempts to undermine China with Xinjiang mine

Taking into account the situation in the United States and England, it is clear that China and Russia will not give a relaxed living. London and Washington for any shocks in these powers is simply a gift that allows you to delay the inevitable has enormous configuration in the U.S. and satellites. Because, not surprisingly, that the Middle Kingdom activated Uighur separatists.

Over the weekend days of the conflict occurred in the north-west of China, where, according to official data, during clashes and terrorist attacks killed 15 people, injured more. According to the official news agency "Xinhua" speech came

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Tornadoes in Massachusetts. Video


Tornado strikes again U.S. cities

2.06.11.Tornado deal a new blow to U.S. cities. In Massachusetts, where a state of emergency because of rampant disaster killed four people. The number of victims is not specified, but authorities say that the injured is likely to be "a lot." Tornado went through 19-year settlements. more than 26,000 people were left without electricity.

Hardest hit city of Springfield. There tornadoes damaged hundreds of homes. To eliminate the consequences of the military involved tornado. Forecasters are seriously concerned that the same hurricane can reach up to the country's largest city of New

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Edgar Mueller — 3D picture is at your feet!

Street art or street art is by far one of the most interesting types of non-profit contemporary art. Perhaps the most prominent member of this trend is Edgar Mueller (Edgar Mueller). You ask why? I will not answer, because it is impossible to describe! This is a MUST SEE.

The main purpose of such work — it's to deceive a person's vision, drawing a picture in perspective, from a certain point of view which will create a three-dimensional image. Now these pictures, entertaining and often frightening passers-by or idle

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Failure in Berezniki rose 20 meters

Karst holes

12.01.11.Po data on December 28, a funnel at the railway station "Berezniki" is 81 to 41 meters. Failure during the holidays has increased markedly — its dimensions are 101 by 48 meters.

Scientists have warned of a possible increase in the crater, especially in the west. This is due to a natural funnel and flattening boards with feature rocks in the formation of the crater.

As the press service of the city of Berezniki in the crater continues daily monitoring. The output to the Mining Institute, Ural Branch of RAS for further analysis of the

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6.6 earthquake near Vanuatu


MOSCOW, Dec 29 — RIA Novosti. Earthquake of magnitude 6.6 occurred on Wednesday off the coast of the archipelago of Vanuatu in the South Pacific, said on Monday the U.S. Geological Survey website.

Quake was recorded at 17.54 local time (09.54 MSK). According to seismologists, the epicenter of the earthquake was located 115 kilometers west of the city Isanhel. The earthquake lies at a depth of 31 kilometers.

A few minutes later in the same area occurred avtershok magnitude 5.5. The epicenter of tremors recorded in 18.02 local time (10.02 MSK), located at 137 km south-west of the

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Threat of floods in the Czech Republic


15.01.11.Uroven Czech river water has increased dramatically due to strong warming, heavy rains and melting snow, there was the threat of flooding, according to the Czech news agency CTK.

Thermometer in the Czech Republic these days rises to the level of 11.10 plus degrees. In the river Labe (Elbe), the water overflowed its banks in the city of Usti nad Labem and flooded the highway to Prague. Traffic on the route Prague — Decin closed. In Usti nad Labem flooded several streets, adjacent to the river. It is expected that the water in the Elbe in the city will

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