Found giant Japanese underwater city

November 15, 2011 18:37

Scientists have discovered a unique underwater city. Why did the ancient civilization?

Half a day in Blagoveshchensk

Only some seven o'clock flight, and you're on the other side of the country. For me, as long as it is the most eastern point of the visited Russia. And when the first settlers came by Cupid of Irkustka to Blagoveshchensk three (!) Years, enduring hardship, loss of associates.

City Blagoveshchensk, in Soviet times, closed to foreigners, but fellow citizens and only on special passes caught here, now — the visa-free zone for the Russians and the Chinese province of Heihe residents. They are separated only by the water of the Amur, so cruelly bypassed with Far

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Novorossiysk: combating hurricane

The damage caused Novorossiysk element, estimated at 600 million rubles. Extreme cold for Kuban with gale-force winds were for urban residents ordeal. Hundreds of houses damaged roofs, shattered windows. Many residents Novorossiysk live without light. Power strips cut off by the wind. Currently, assistance city shrunk from around the province.

Tsemes bay turned into mazes of frozen water ice and high mountains. From the pier, and sailors from the ships frozen chips storm waves. In one area of the town was broken water pipe. Place a breakthrough, by the way, there was enjoying popular backdrop for amateur photographers. Park "ice

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Smell of hydrogen sulfide in Dnepropetrovsk


Photo from

18.11.11.So yesterday morning from residents of different regions of Dnipropetrovsk started to complain of a terrible stench.

People with Kosiora Pridneprovskaya, Working report of a strong odor of hydrogen-sulfide, which is felt in the streets, including — in the city center.

Here's what they write about it, users Forum:

— Journalists and Kosior breathe, you can lose consciousness, sour!

— On Kalinovoe in Obraztsova is also stink.

— The smell of hydrogen sulfide was like last week. I go out in the evening to work in the center, it stinks! I arrive to the workers,

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Three people have died because of a snow storm in the north-western U.S.

Cyclone storm, brought on Tuesday from the North Pacific snowfalls, hit the states of Oregon and Washington in the north-western United States, where, because of rampant disaster killed three people, 275,000 customers were without electricity, according to the Reuters news agency on Friday.

In the major cities of Washington Seattle and around toppled trees, disrupted power supplies. Due to bad weather authorities closed about 100 children's education. Police reported the death of a man as a result of fall. Due to bad weather in the city has increased dramatically the number of road accidents.

Located near Seattle International

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In Africa came the real winter — snow fell

In marrokkanskom city Infran snow does not stop for days. And now the white landscape resembles the Alps. Many vacationers were not ready for such a change in the weather — and are forced to leave the city. For the inhabitants of the national park — snow also came as a surprise. Was in the grip of winter and the neighboring Algeria. Sahara desert into a snow-covered field. Local farmers console themselves with the fact that the weather good for trees, because frost kills germs. However, for a long time see a picture is not necessary. Weather forecasters promise that

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Smog covered the city in the Irkutsk Region in schools Bratsk reduce lessons


Bratsk in Irkutsk region covered by smog from fires. Photo Gennady Taraskova.

24.09.11.Zhiteli Bratsk in this panic. The city is a smog, which is five meters around almost nothing is visible.

To blame for forest fires. The situation has been called katastroficheskoy.Mashiny move slowly along the roads, people sit at home. Classes in schools overturned.

— This we have never been! — The director of the school № 42 Bratsk Natalia Saunkina. — How many live here, never seen this. Yesterday and the day before to give the most difficult days. Usually could stand alone on the ground

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In northern Japan of snow fell through the roof

The calendar is not Christmas, but decided to treat nature with snow north of Japan just now. And so it is that the Japanese have no joy. Once in the town on the island of Hokkaido Ivamidzava snowstorm, snow depth is up to 2 meters.

According to the Meteorological Service of Japan, it is the most snow in the city since 1946. And calculate the exact amount of snowfall is not yet possible, because most of the measuring equipment damaged storm.

For many residents of the weather was literally a surprise. To free himself from the snow captivity,

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In the Turkish province of Van earthquake again. Video


10.11.11.Moschnymi 5.6 magnitude tremors destroyed dozens of buildings, including two hotels, which lived representatives of humanitarian workers and journalists.

Aware of five victims. Be retrieved from the rubble 20 survivors, among them are foreigners. Another 100 people are under the rubble.

For this night, people have survived more than 10 aftershocks. Now the Turkish city Edremit panic — in fear people run out on the street, those who have a car — leave their homes and leave the province. Seismologists do not exclude aftershocks.

Tremors began to rock the province of Van late at night, when many have

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Climatic vagaries in Ecuador today


05.04.2011.Osadki on the coast of Ecuador, are short-lived and chaotic, while in some areas the rain, very near, just around the corner, absolutely no precipitation and drought continues to destroy crops.

This instability is associated primarily with the moisture-laden clouds coming from the regions of the Amazon, as well as the high temperature of the ocean, according to experts of the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (Inamhi). Meteorologists explained that in the next two days of rainy weather in some coastal areas of Ecuador to continue, especially in the cantons of Santo Domingo (province of Santo

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