200 homes affected by the rains in Tomsk. Video


27.07.11.Tsely day operational services of the city is accepting applications from residents of Tomsk, who complained about the incessant rain and its effects. According to the MOE, the flood hit about two hundred houses and even entire streets: turn off the lights, the roof is leaking, the water flooded basements. Roads washed patching.

— Today, all services worked in high alert, — the press-center of the Municipality of Tomsk. — Heavy rain has identified deficiencies in the sewer and drain pipes on the roofs of houses.

In high-rise buildings, some tenants were waist-deep in water, even had to evacuate.

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Tornado rips roofs in Sydney

A powerful storm hit on Friday at Sydney and its suburbs. Squally wind tore the roof of a Catholic college in the city, evacuated hundreds of students and teachers, there are victims.

Now winds reach speeds of 100 kilometers per hour. The greatest impact of elements occurred in Sydney. So Two people suffered because of the collapsed roof at one of the local colleges, another 700 people were immediately taken out of the building. The hurricane also damaged power lines, no light in the northern and south-western suburbs of Sydney and were 3800 houses.

Rescue agencies in New

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Underwater underwater pipeline

In September 2011, the Novosibirsk MUP "Gorvodokanal" plans to launch a third sewer culvert across the river Ob. The capital city of Siberia is one of the most important sites of the city municipal infrastructure. Moreover, the object is unique. The other day in the alignment of streets and Saratov Zaobskaya began mounting thread pipeline. Bottom pipe — this conduit equipped with pumps, designed for the obstacle (river channel, deep lake, ravine or railroad). The project is part of the investment program Gorvodocanal "The development of water and wastewater systems" for 2007-2012. The cost of the facility — about 443

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Terrible secret dungeons Aksai

February 28, 2013 0:15

Residents of the Rostov region Aksai have superstitious terror, telling the secrets Aksay dungeons. Dungeons Aksai — labyrinth of underground tunnels and passages.

He was not built for decades and even centuries: people Kobyakov — ancestor of Aksai — first built the catacombs in religious purposes, and then to successive generations and generations maze grew and grew. At present, under the Aqsa Mosque, there are a maze of city-living their Latent life. In Aksay dungeons found a lot of anomalies that warily share with a visiting locals.

In Aksai Mezei is a local

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Authorities ordered to open the floodgates in Bangkok to save capital

The Thai government has ordered to open the floodgates in Bangkok to avert the threat of flooding from the capital, said on Thursday AFP referring to the statement of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra. The largest in the last half-century seasonal flooding in Thailand caused by heavy rains have led to a critical situation in the central and eastern regions of the country. Killing more than 300 people and affected about 3 million. In Bangkok, located near the 200 and 158 gateways pumping stations, the agency said."I decided to ask the (authorities) in Bangkok to open all gates, which could

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The mayor of Rome asks for a state of emergency in the capital of drowning

The authorities of the Italian capital try to normalize the situation caused by the worst hours of the storm that erupted over the Eternal City. Mayor of Rome Gianni Alemanno asked the government to declare a state of emergency here in connection with the disaster. He compared what happened in the capital of the earthquake.

According to ITAR-TASS, the rampant disaster forced the city to close a dozen plants of the Roman underground, including Termini station to the central station, which is a major interchange hub, and located near the Vatican station Ottoviano. Completely stopped the movement of

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Mysterious places on the planet

November 14, 2012 20:53

© Photo: ru.wikipedia.org / Stefan Kuhn / cc-by-sa 3.0

There are places that continue to amaze us with its magnificence, uniqueness and origin of the mysterious beauty Our planet is full of interesting and mysterious places, whose story continues to excite the minds of people for centuries. While many try to explain strange phenomena with the help of science, there are places that continue to amaze us with its magnificence, unusual origin and mysterious beauty. Therefore, perhaps, despite the existence of hazards in these places, people still seek to attend.


It is an ancient

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Ghost town

Phantom of the city is often referred to as a ghost town. Do not confuse them with the cities that people have left as a result of man-made or natural disasters, or for economic reasons.

Enough of these cities and the western United States: the former gold-mining centers or auto industry, and in the former Soviet Union, for example Pripyat. The phenomenon of phantom cities are not well understood, and there are several versions of their origin, sometimes the most ridiculous and absurd. By the way, learn how best to

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Giant masks pushed back centuries Maya




Giant masks decorated with fangs gods found in the lower reaches of Guatemala showed that the developed Mayan culture spread in the region for hundreds of years earlier than scientists thought. A pair of masks, dating from 150 BC, were dug out of the ground in the

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Sestroretsk wake a series of explosions


PETERSBURG, March 24. Residents Sestroretsk day off a series of explosions woke from which shakes zemlya.Kak reported "Rosbalt" witnesses, about a dozen bombings in 0900 at this moment they are continuing.

No warning of St Petersburg has been reported.

"Explosions not only heard, but also oschushayutsya — the houses are shaking the walls, ceilings, etc.," — said St. Petersburg.

Recall that a similar situation was observed in October last year. Then, in different parts of the city — both in the center and on the outskirts, but mainly in the northern parts of the city were echoes of explosions

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