Mogilev youth activists again summoned to KGB

On days of Mogilev to human rights activist Boris Buhelya addressed two Young people, who said that they were called to an interview in the State Security Committee.Unemployed Yuri Twitter refused to come without a formal agenda, and to the student Mogilev municipal institute named Kuleshov, a human rights activist whose name does not name, KGB came to the institute.2- Young people summoned to the regional council of the KGB after, February 10 they visited the Embassy of Lithuania in Belarus, where participated in the lecture event dedicated to NATO. On the lecture they have learned from the web and

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Deputies of the Czech Republic and Democrats met in Minsk, Belarus

New members of the Assembly deputies of local councils is more than 40 former and current opposition MPs. Interregional group headed by activist from the district center of town that in the Vitebsk region, Leonid Gorovoj. He told about the results of the meeting with the Czech delegation, headed by the mayor of a bed Kralove, MEP Aldridge Vlasak.Gorovoy: "We are not only familiar with this book. Discussed the situation in Belarus after the 2007 local elections — it is a question to motivate our friends. Also states support the development of democracy in our country. Discussed the development of

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In Belarus, an outbreak of influenza

By him, "Molodechno and Gomel Epidemiologists declared an epidemic of influenza and acute respiratory infections. In these towns over the past three days has been fixed excess epidemiological border on a group of these diseases. By A.Kozhemyakin midst of cases — 53 percent of adults and 47 percent of children. It is expected that this week "To the epidemiological process can connect the new town in including and Minsk, "said Chief Epidemiologist Ministry of Health Anatoly Kozhemjakin.

Lukashenko ordered the province to pull level Minsk

Alexander Lukashenko criticized the government and Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky personally for the inefficient implementation of funds for these purposes:Lukashenka: "We must raise, revive, bring back to life all the small town — I again I stress this is about 50 thousand people. It seems that however difficult it is to do. And more to do about this five-year period. "According to Lukashenko, Belarus inhabitants they say that as long as it is normally possible to live exclusively in Minsk and large towns. And because the main task — to "pull the standard of living, working and living conditions to

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Martyrology of murdered Russian authorities monuments Grodno

Reporter: "We make a trip to town with well-known local historian Alexander Gostsevym Grodno. He decided to make a" Martyrology "building heritage of the town."Gostsev: "I must say that I got the idea make such registry, as I myself at the moment said all destroyed buildings since 1946, since the first post-war destruction — the Town Hall and to present a day or. "Reporter: "We ask a passer-by: you see — what the building was a monument to this place?"Youth"Grodno know that this place was the most luxurious, the largest church in town — Headlamp Vytautas, older people remember him.

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Yaroslavl has received new buses

Twenty buses "LiAZ" received Yaroslavl MTE-1. Machines purchased now for lease. In order to improve the quality of public transport services, frequency and comfort of passenger traffic, work is continuing to update the fleet of public transport.

For the company did this ceremony — a significant event. To replace the old and worn-out cars on city routes will be released twenty new buses. Thus, the full release will be provided on the bus line, which will strictly observe the traffic intervals and regularity of traffic and improve transportation services Yaroslavl.

— To 20 buses came

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Yaroslavl golden autumn

Yaroslavl — a city with a history of 1,000 years.

Yaroslavl is probably one of the most beautiful cities in Russia.

The historic center of Yaroslavl included in UNESCO World Heritage Site.  


And Yaroslavl surprisingly reminiscent of Western Europe.

Not by chance, Yaroslavl called "Russian Florence."

Let's golden autumn stroll through the old city of Yaroslavl.

We will start a walk in the early morning before dawn and ended it in the late evening.

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The trial of Mozyr group ended, questions remain

All six people are lured to justice, the tribunal were found guilty of grievous sins and sentenced to various terms ranging from 3.5 to 12 years. Most big time and got accused Lysko Timofeev. According to the court, the gang, among other, engaged in racketeering, theft of property and stealing cars.By the way, particularly as an example of an organized criminal group mentioned "MOZYR case" Attorney General Peter Miklashevich nedavneshney at a press conference. In the same vein, Peter Miklashevich read about "gang Morozova" with Gomlya yes about "Rechitsky grouping" and did not rule out that these gangs were associated

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I think that’s what …

Colleagues! I think that's what — This site is extremely useful and paramount thing: contrary to shake hands with different media told that our homeland is reborn. I at one time on the city forum started a relevant topic to people in my town knew about it. Some of the members of the forum did not like it and kept trying to throw shit at ventiyaltor, and even now sometimes try, but I'm just stupid and wildebeest its line: the country and its people are alive and well, the Empire Reborn. I started at 21.05 13.01.11 words: Russian Empire meant

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Commemorative changes in Neftekamsk


Neftekamsk celebrates the 50th anniversary of its founding. However, the celebrations, which have already reached the city and its guests have a great final work carried out on the eve of the anniversary.

Without exaggeration, the ones who did not look quite a while here, can not find Neftekamsk. Its inhabitants are under the city government has done much to surprise and please everyone who came to the feast. Repaired highways and street lighting, broken new green avenues. One of them — Youth — under the Komsomol prospectus,

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