More than 10 cities in southern Brazil because of rains declared emergency mode

Twelve cities in the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina declared emergency mode due to heavy rains, said local civil defense office.

According to authorities, the passage of a strong atmospheric front in the region on Wednesday and Thursday, accompanied by torrential rain. Local rivers burst their banks and flooded residential areas of cities.

Stronger than the others suffered Blumenau city, the center of compact residence of immigrants from Germany — the element affected more than 280,000 of its inhabitants. Local officials say the flooding 70% of the city because of rising water levels in 10.64 meters. According to

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Flooding in the Saudi city of Jeddah. Video. Picture story



* 29/01/11 * The number of dead in the Saudi city of Jeddah, where heavy rains caused flooding has reached 10 people. This was on Saturday, the head of civil defense of the kingdom Saad Al-Tuveydzhri.

Photo: EPA

On Wednesday and Thursday on the western province of Saudi Arabia attacked tropical storms caused by a powerful cyclone. Level flows at the epicenter of disaster Jeddah, according to witnesses, in some places exceed one meter. Thousands of people are trapped water in their homes and offices.

"The number of flood victims has reached 10

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Explosive eruption Sakurajima filled up the nearby city of ashes

Japanese city of Kagoshima rebounding after the volcano covered it with ash.

In the Japanese city of Kagoshima — began almost a nuclear winter. Thick ash city slept Sakurajima volcano. Now the region

Blocked roads, delayed trains. The gravity of the volcano is on the third level. This means that the local population is forbidden to him to approach. The eruption of a volcano — an intimidating sight, but not surprised by the Japanese elements — now residents go in masks — and it seems more concerned about the cleanliness of the streets.


Livni drowned capital of Mexico with its residents — photographic

In Mexico City — Mexico City, began masshatabnoe flood that killed 7 people have become.

And blame heavy downpours, which continuously went three days. As a result of the banks of the river came Teoloyukanv Mexico, the water level in some places up to two meters.

In Mexico City, more than 40,000 families were in the zone of flooding. Many local people do not have time to leave their homes and had to wait for rescue on rooftops.

Most of all, from the weather affected the state of Mexico and Oaxaca — it still does not

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Sinkhole in October. Bashkortostan

Failure formed outside geophysics, opposite the Palace of Culture. At the top left a hole about one meter wide, and at the bottom, at a depth of two meters, the diameter of failure increased to 3-5 meters.

On this edition of amateur researcher said underground utilities October Fokin. "Reason for leaving the ground clearly manmade, — said Maxim. — Communication in the well, which could cause subsidence, no. Obviously, this karst processes that do not first make themselves felt in the area of the city. "

Indeed, such failures have occurred on this street before. To eliminate some of

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Flatwater — tourist center of Ivanovo Oblast

During the past year, vacationers Pleso spent 1.7 billion rubles, said a regional department of economic development. Each year an increasing as the number of tourists visiting the "pearl of the Volga", and the amount of funds that they leave the city, increasing the revenue side of the budget and promoting the development of small businesses.

Reach — city in the Volga region in the north of the Ivanovo region. The history of the Reach stems from 1410, when the Prince of Moscow Vasily I, son of Dmitry Donskoy commanded to build a fortified customs outpost. Population —

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Tornado hit the New Zealand city of New Plymouth

Wellington, June 19 / Xinhua / — Last night the city of New Plymouth, located in the western part of the North Island of New Zealand, hit a tornado that caused damage to several houses, some areas of the city remained without electricity. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

According to the local fire service, a tornado raged not long, however, was very powerful. With the number of commercial and residential buildings in the heart of New Plymouth blew off the roof, the windows shattered windows. In addition, strong winds uprooted trees and overturned several cars. Because of the tornado over

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Popocatepetl volcano giant ash falls asleep Mexico

In Mexico, loudly declares his awakening volcano Popocatepetl. "Popo" — so cute and Mexicans called this the most beautiful and famous volcano in South America.

And the name of the volcano is translated as "smoking hill", which is not surprising: it was only in the presence of the Spaniards on the continent, he made itself felt sixteen times, and for all his fiery century erupted twice.

Popocatepetl volcano rises majestically above a small town of Cholula, and is located 40 kilometers south-east of the capital of Mexico — Mexico City.

Now active volcano emits steam,

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Earthquake of magnitude 5.3 occurred in the Mediterranean Sea

MOSCOW, July 8 — RIA Novosti. Earthquake of magnitude 5.3 occurred on Thursday in the western Mediterranean Sea, the site of the U.S. Geological Survey.

According to seismologists, tremors were reported in Thursday to 19.21 UTC (23.21 MSK), its epicenter was 95 kilometers west of the capital of the French island of Corsica city of Ajaccio.

The earthquake lies at a depth of 5.9 kilometers.

AFP reports that in Corsica, as well as located on the continent the French port city of Marseille felt strong tremors.

Destruction and casualties have been recorded.

"My house shook like, vibrate his entire

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The plan to build roads in Tyumen meets the needs of citizens

Tyumen. Plan for the construction and reconstruction of roads in the regional center in 2012 to the expectations of citizens and is aimed at the development of infrastructure in new housing estates. This was stated by deputy Tyumen City Council Sergei Medvedev, commenting on the results of the meeting of the parliamentary commission for Urban Planning and Land Affairs on May 24.

Tyumen in Russia today is the only city where to begin construction of two river bridges and overpasses on the road three interchanges. Following them through the Tour, cut the regional center, moved, and the

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