In Kerch coast dotted with dead fish


31.05.11.Po estimated that floats on the surface of about three tons of mullet. The details corresponding RSN in Sevastopol, Dmitry Fedorov:

"Judging by the high degree of decomposition, the fish died long ago. But saltwater fish sinks to the bottom, and only after the expansion to the surface. Experts determined that the mullet family kefalevyh, and believe that the mass deaths occurred in the winter from the cold, and the temperature rises dead fish floated to the surface. "

In the central part of the city is a strong smell of rotten fish. People are forced to give up

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Precipitation in New York reached eight inches

New York, 8-inch water has penetrated into the city, the roads are flooded. At 9:00., 7.7 inches of rain had fallen at Kennedy Airport. It was the most recorded there in a single day since the National Weather Service started keeping records 116 years ago. Heavy tropical rain is expected to continue into Monday, and flood warning in effect until 9 pm. Normal rainfall for all of August in New York-4 "- which means that the city was hit with two months worth of rain in one day." This is what you would expect in a hurricane, 'said Steve

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Etny.Aeroport new eruption of Catania in Sicily may limit their work

The eruption of Mount Etna volcano began this morning. The resulting ash cloud may cause a malfunction of the Italian city of Catania airport, "Interfax" reports.Currently, the air masses from the volcano moved towards Catania, and so it is possible that the airport this Sicilian city will be forced to go to work in restricted mode. In addition, according to the specialists, the crater of Etna occasional lava flows.The eruption began on Friday morning, the ash cloud is moving in the direction of the city, and it is in the airport — the fourth largest in Italy, and right

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China: the release of waste water into the rivers led to the death of fish


20.04.11.Vybros waste water has caused the death of large numbers of fish near the city of Nanjing in eastern China. Raw sewage got into nearby rivers due to the closure of the plant in water purification, which caused the deaths of thousands of fish in the waters of Jiangsu Province, said local authorities. Water treatment plant that cleans more than 100 000 tons of water a day, suspended its work on Thursday last week, due to a breakdown of the main pump. That is what led to the ingress of contaminated water into the river. Settled hot weather aggravated

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5.0-magnitude earthquake occurred in northern Iran

Earthquake of magnitude 5.0 occurred on Friday in northern Iran, the website of the U.S. Geological Survey.

The impetus came in 02.02 local time (01.32 MSK). The epicenter was located 30 kilometers north-west of the city Shahrud. The earthquake was located at a depth of 10.3 kilometers.

Information about the victims, casualties or damage were reported.

Iran is among the ten most earthquake-prone regions of the earth, there is almost every ten years, an earthquake with magnitude greater than 7.0. An earthquake of magnitude 6.3 in the city of

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Failure in Guatemala in the bedroom floor

Here's something you never want to hear: "So loud booming sound is coming out of the house!"This is one Inocenta Hernandez from Guatemala City learned after the sudden noise caused her to run out into the street, thinking that there was an explosion nearby. When she realized that the problem was in her home, she returned to find the stare, more than three feet, 40 feet, dip under her bed. Hernandez, 65, was glad that the damage was only to her house, and did not harm her grandchildren, who played next to the bed. It was too close to

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The tragedy in New Zealand. Since September 2010, seismologists have recorded in Kraysterche 7500 earthquake

The first major earthquake, will cover the second largest city in New Zealand, there have been 10 months ago. Five months later Kraysterch shuddered under the new more powerful tremors, resulting in 181 people killed and the center of the city in ruins. The last major earthquake in Kraysterche happened a few hours ago, reports the Associated Press.Since September 2010, seismologists have recorded in Kraysterche 7500 earthquake, which means that more than 20 earthquakes a day.

Seriously injured the city, however, still breathing. Many have left the city for good, leaving behind their homes and stay in which

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Nepokorlivy Sevastopol

The heroic defense of Sevastopol became the main point of the whole of the Crimean War. But before we can consider itself a battle, you should understand the causes of this bloody clashes, its background and purpose. Some researchers believe incorrectly that the war played out in the middle of the nineteenth century, was initiated by France, eager for revenge for the defeat in the first quarter of the century. But If more detailed analysis of the historical background, it becomes clear that the most interested state still acted England, loudly announced their own unselfishness and desire to overcome a

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Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky with height (PHOTOS)

Author of the report — Slava Stepanov (LJ Gelio)

Petropavlovsk-Kamatsky — the administrative center of the Kamchatka region. Located in the southeastern part of the Kamchatka Peninsula on the shores of the bay Avachinskaya Pacific. The city's population of about 180 thousand people. On the other cities of Russia Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is bound only by air and sea links. Near the city of towering active volcanoes — Koryak and Avachinskaya hills.


Peter and Paul fort founded by Vitus Bering on the site of the village Aushin October 17, 1740. Named after

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Chelyabinsk drowned. No options

In Chelyabinsk, in the shortest time necessary to reconstruct old storm sewers and build

new. Such an order on July 18 staff meeting at City Hall gave his zamam head of the city administration Sergey Davydov. The existing storm sewer system on July 15 once again did not withstand the pressure of the elements: the central streets — Blucher, Engels Thieves — cars with difficulty, but the way through flood waters. But in remote areas of the city — Traktorozavodsky and Lenin — shower was a real emergency.

Elements can, and passed by a part of

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