Moscow forecast 2011 2061gody

The overall conclusion of Moscow weather 22.06.11-22.06.61: For the coming year 2011 — alternating heat and rain — summer. Autumn, a fire in the peat. Winter — no severe frosts. (Maybe a little sleet and freeze-up) 2012 — 2013 год contrasting hot summer weather, rain. A significant increase in accidents, emergency in the center of Moscow (some buildings may collapse or failure of the soil) 2014 — 2018 can become very fracture surface in the center of Moscow, or a large sinkhole (minor earthquakes) 2018-2030 decrease egregor city residents leave town. Perhaps there is a small amount on the

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Colombian authorities take action in connection with a possible volcanic eruption

Activity of the volcano Nevado del Ruiz in Colombia, awakened in Colombia has forced local authorities to take precautions and to close the four airports in the surrounding towns, said channel Univision.

Without air travel remains a city Manizales, Pereira, Armenia and Cartago. In these villages the population distributed thousands of masks to prevent the ash into the airways.

Ash emissions from the crater of the volcano led to the announcement in the yellow region of the level of anxiety, which does not yet evacuated. However, the authorities do not rule out the possibility of the eruption of the volcano

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In Kachkanar tap water stink, and died in the pond crawfish


* 8/28/11 * public utilities have begun to doubt that the reason this — algae.

Residents and officials fix unpleasant musty odor coming from the tap water, and the laboratory of the Center for Hygiene, guided by their own sense of smell, they say that all the indicators — normal.

In parallel, in the pond, according to the divers died massively crayfish. In the field say it is possible because of draining the pond of heavy metals. In Rospotrebnadzor categorically deny this version.

Bad smell of tap water for the first time felt the residents Kachkanar about two

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Moscow hosts hail the size of an egg

Gidrometeobyuro Moscow and the Moscow Region has issued a storm warning in Moscow on Friday to 20.00, and in some parts of the city it hails.

"Up to 20.00 in the capital expected strong winds with gusts up to 15 m / s and beyond", — told the Met Office.

According to "Gazety.Ru" in the city center is hail and heavy rain. Some hailstones, reports "Interfax", reach the size of quail eggs. Simultaneously with hail in the capital storm began.

Interfax Herald


Flooding in the U.S. states of manic drowns

Flooding in the U.S. reached record proportions. Most affected north of the country: the settlements of North Dakota look out over the water only a roof!

According to news channel 24, one of the towns in the state — Minot, almost completely flooded water. From the village evacuated 12,000 people, nearly a third of the city population.

Flooded thousands of homes. Continuous heavy rains overflowed the river Suris. Its level has already exceeded the record of a century ago, and continues to rise. Hard as inhabitants of areas adjacent to the Missouri River, which also overflowed its banks.


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Record rainfall in a century was recorded in Beijing

Century rainfall in Beijing on June 23. Photo: STR / AFP / Getty Images

Record rainfall fell in Beijing on June 23. This happens once in a century, say the local meteorological services. As a result of the storm tore two transmission lines, and two people drowned in the drain.

Storm began at about 16:00 local time and the Beijing Meteorological Service warned of a stormy situation 10 minutes later. And 40 minutes later, followed by natural disaster warning and possible landslides in the mountains north of the city.

Wang Yi, director of city services to control floods,

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Philippines: Dagupan go under water for 15 years, says Mayor

Sea level rise and land subsidence can cause that in the next 15 years, a significant part of this vibrant coastal city will be underwater, said Mayor Benjamin Lim:

— This is undoubtedly the impact of global warming and climate change. Even in the absence of rain, the tide floods parts of the city, including the business district.

In his opinion, this is due to rising sea levels and the gradual natural subsidence. In addition, subsidence can be caused by withdrawal of water from underground aquifers. The city, situated on the Gulf of Lingayen, there are 16 water

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Giant tropical Atlantic Ocean

Massive storm drifting westward over the Atlantic Ocean and the Cape Verde Islands, located 570 kilometers from the coast of West Africa. GOES, WE geostationary meteorological satellite, the captured image below dust Friday.The image is fine particles of sand, as hazy yellow color (enhanced), which is reproduced below, white clouds. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA): "dust storms, such as this one, quite often, a play list in depressing the formation of tropical waves in the Intertropical Convergence Zone. NOAA Atlantic hurricane season outlook last month called for a" normal "level of dust blow off the

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Sinkhole in October. Bashkortostan

Asphalt went down right in the parking lot of cars.

22 iyunya.Proval formed outside geophysics, opposite the Palace of Culture. At the top left a hole about one meter wide, and at the bottom, at a depth of two meters, the diameter of failure increased to 3-5 meters.

On this edition of amateur researcher said underground utilities October Fokin. "Reason for leaving the ground clearly manmade, — said Maxim. — Communication in the well, which could cause subsidence, no. Obviously, this karst processes that do not first make themselves felt in the area of the city. "

Indeed, such

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Severe flooding is expected in the northern U.S.

June 22 — RIA Novosti. Approximately 12,000 residents of Minot in the central part of the U.S. state of North Dakota to be evacuated because of the danger of the strongest in the last 130 years, floods, said on Wednesday the broadcasting company CNN referring to the local authorities.

According to a Department of Emergency Services of North Dakota, Cecilia Fong (Cecily Fong), which flows through the town of Souris River, the water level is a result of heavy rains and dam is growing by the end of the week could flood the city. Therefore, almost one third of

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