Dramatic warming triggered landslide in the private sector in Barnaul

Collapsed about 20,000 cubic meters of earth, no one appears injured, told RIA Novosti on defense and emergency management on the Central area of the city.

According to a witness, at one's neighbors porch, "left", while others leaned outdoor toilet. "All garden plots are sloped," — said Panarin, whose house was on the edge of the cliff.

"At the break to a depth of nearly 60 meters away from us are the trees. Early as Monday, these trees were growing in my garden … I have not heard how it was, but neighbors say they all popped. Rift has

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Venice continues to sink at a rate of up to 4 millimeters per year

The water level in the canals of Venice comes with up to four millimeters per year, partly because of the global sea-level rise, in part — due to the fact that Venice continues to "sink", according to the American Geophysical Union (American Geophysical Union — AGU) with reference to study by American scientists.

According to the results of previous studies, Venice by 2000 almost ceased to sink, but the new findings by scientists from U.S. institutions, showed that the city continues to "sink" and shifts slightly to the east.

"Venice continues to plunge by about two millimeters a year, the

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Thousands of people are fleeing from the big water in Japan

On Tuesday, in western Japan in Fukuoka and Oita prefectures rains caused severe flooding. Tens of thousands of people forced to flee their homes. Reported one missing person.

According to local media, over the banks of the river drowned residential areas. Water is poured into the apartment. Order to evacuate was given 20 thousand people.

Emergency evacuation after floods in Japan Approximately 25,000 residents of Japan. Kyushu were forced to evacuate their homes because of the threat of flooding and landslides after prolonged rains, never ceased to pour more days. The number of evacuees in Heath, Oita Prefecture, was

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The first wave of floods. Video


10.04.12.V Russian regions poured the first wave of spring flooding. Floods have affected Nizhny Novgorod, Volgograd, Tula region. Emergency declared in mode 4 regions of Samara.

In Tatarstan, the night had to evacuate residents of the two villages. Difficult situation now and in Orenburg. According to the regional Interior Ministry, in a zone of flooding about 10 districts. Meltwater flooded bridges and roads. Some towns were cut off altogether from the world. The city Abdulino — hundreds of people have been forced from their homes. For them a makeshift settlements with hot meals. In the Chelyabinsk region thawed

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U.S. destructive tornado swept

A powerful tornado struck Saturday about 20.00 Mapleton City Iowa in the Midwest.

The disaster was so great that hundreds of homes were destroyed overnight, and many local residents are seriously injured.

@ Nati Harnik / AP

As a result of tornadoes dozens of families homeless

— Tornado passed through the city from south to north, and destroyed 50 — 60% of all buildings. While it is difficult to accurately assess the extent of damage — said Roger Cohn, the police of the city.

Echoes of a tornado can be seen in the towns nearby.

— From

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Singapore can go without drinking water

Despite the fact that China — one of the most developed countries in South Asia, an ordinary glass of water in Singapore is very easy to get.

In a city of 5 million people lack drinking water supplies. So now more than ever dependent on Singapore from neighboring Malaysia, which supplies up to 1125 million liters of water a day.

At the moment, drinking water makes up 40% of total imports. However, according to the Singapore Bureau of energy resources, put in place a number of alternative sources, allowing the city's population now provide their own drinking water. The

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A second powerful earthquake in northeastern Japan (7.4)

A second strong earthquake of magnitude 7.4 occurred in less than a minute after the first quake near the city of Sendai in northeastern Japan, according to a statement on the website of U.S. Geological Service (USGS).

The epicenter of tremors recorded in 23.32 local time (18.32 MSK), located 66 kilometers east of the city of Sendai and 330 kilometers northeast of the capital, Tokyo. The earthquake lies at a depth of 25.6 kilometers.

The epicenter of the first quake was located 98 kilometers east of the city of Sendai and 345 kilometers north-east of the capital, Tokyo.

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Hail and squally wind swept over Surgut

The Crimea was hail the size of a quail's egg. On the night of July 3 of Surgut raging elements with rain, hail and squally wind. In the morning the streets and lawns of the city were covered with white hailstones, the word winter again come into its own.

By the way, in 2010, in the middle of summer Surgut experienced similar natural anomaly. July 5 at the city showered the size of a walnut. Elements raged in the city about 15 minutes, breaking windows of houses and cars, breaking trees, wire breakage and destroying crops in

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Climatic vagaries in Ecuador today

Rainfall on the coast of Ecuador, are short-lived and chaotic, while in some areas the rain, very near, just around the corner, absolutely no precipitation and drought continues to destroy crops. This instability is associated primarily with the moisture-laden clouds coming from the regions of the Amazon, as well as the high temperature of the ocean, according to experts of the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (Inamhi). Meteorologists explained that in the next two days of rainy weather in some coastal areas of Ecuador to continue, especially in the cantons of Santo Domingo (province of Santo Domingo de

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New tsunami destroyed the city Rikudzen-Takata

New tsunami with waves 4 meters almost completely destroyed the Japanese city on Saturday Rikudzen-Takata in Iwate Prefecture in the north-east coast of Honshu, the main island of the country. Friday Rikudzen-Takata has been seriously affected by the previous tsunami caused by the catastrophic earthquake of magnitude 8.9. According to incoming reports, the water level rose to the third floor of the local municipality. The city Rikudzen-Takata practically no surviving buildings, the ITAR-TASS news agency. At the height of the tsunami struck on Saturday and for other areas of Japan. Reports of serious damage were reported from there. Authorities

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