Jubilee Klimovsky ammunition plant

At the central office of the International Information Group, "Interfax" January 17, 2012, a press conference "Klimovskikh specialized ammunition plant named after Yuri Andropov — 75 years. Achievements and Challenges. " The session was attended by journalists from many newspapers, magazines, television, Russia. Questions the responsibility of the head of the plant, heads of departments and divisions, advanced workers, according to a press release.

Prior to the conference Klimovskikh delegation was received by Director General of the Military News Agency Valentin Rudenko. He told klimovchanam of the "Interfax", held them for a tour of the building.


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This fabulous Viatka!

The Curious Case of founding of the city on the hill Kikimorskoy, picturesque embankment of the river Vyatka, Alexander Garden is beautiful, breathtaking legend Razderihinskom ravine unique architecture of the provincial Russian city of Kirov, majestic Cathedral of the AssumptionTrifonov monastery, amazing destiny of great people associated with the city over the Silver River. During"Dreamlike World Games"participants visited several fabulous sites of the city, took part in the fairy procession at Theater Square and visited the"Preserve Tales"— The residence Kikimora Vjatskoj, which took place on the territory of the first World fabulous game in 2012. By the way, the

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Energy launched in Chelyabinsk 80 MVA substation

Residents of neighborhoods, located in the northwestern part of the city of Chelyabinsk, will consume power at the expense of a new substation "Krasnopolskaya." The new substation is of strategic importance — it will provide electricity to one of the most promising and fastest growing areas of the city.

to date in the plans of developers — new housing in the area total area of 2 million square meters, and it is about 30,000 apartments, including neighborhood "The park"

According to the general director of "IDGC of Urals" Valery Rodin, the total capacity installed at the substation transformers —

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In Pruzany is a street named after Lev Sapieha

Is independent newspaper "Courier from Vitebsk" in most fresh room publishes analytical material on the Russian-Georgian conflict. Article referred to as "curb fire" report editor Vladimir Bazan: "It’s about the fact that our homeland invaded Georgia and that she is to blame for the conflict. Creator remembers Transnistria, gives other examples. Mentioned also that Vakhtang Kikabidze refused the Russian Order of Friendship. "Theme issue of the weekly "Bobruisk courier" — Winning rowers brothers Bogdanovich at the Beijing Olympics. They are inhabitants of the city of Bobruisk and graduates of the school of Olympic reserve."Not all that alcohol in a bottle"

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Electrochemical Plant and Zelenogorsk for the first time presented a joint exhibition

Electrochemical Plant and Zelenogorsk presented at the IX Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum, a joint exhibition. Joint venture and a closed city first came to such a large-scale platform to attract the attention of the business community to the investment potential Zelenogorsk.

Create in Zelenogorsk a favorable environment for the development of business activity — a precondition for the development of the city in which interested and State Corporation "Rosatom" and the Government of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Today, the city opens wide the doors for investors willing to build in the Closed jobs. To do this, Zelenogorsk all conditions.

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Polotsk: No picket — Russian imperial monument

According to the organizer, the Young, Ales Krutkinpicket spent about 15 people — members of "Junior Front"And the Conservative Christian Party BPF. Protesters held placards" Polotsk — the cradle of Belarus and not imperial Russian city "," We must not put the war monuments, and died, "" Old Polotsk — historical street names "and" Imperial Russian monument is not . "

According to Alexander Krutkin and his associates, of implementation of this project can not be allowed because it is focused on the distortion of the true history of Belarus and the identification of Russian occupiers as liberators of the

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Extreme fun for charity

Downhill with a 40-meter height on the roller on the tight rope arranged Zhitomir extreme. At the city pedestrian bridge on the trolley ride everyone to raise money for the treatment of an 8-month-old girl from the city, which received 45 per cent burns to skin and requires expensive treatment.

Return occupier

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In 1968 Belarusians Valery Finyuku was 20 years old. He served in the Russian Army, where he became a tank commander at number three hundred and eighty second in August his crew in the first echelon crossed the Czechoslovak border. Went almost without a break, so on the orders of the Soviet government assist Czechoslovak brothers save socialism. Field tanks on the asphalt of habit was hard to keep, they are often turned over, the driver jumped out at the hands of bloody blisters and the entire crew was bandaging his

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Georgia: the agreement is signed, the conflict is not over

Meanwhile, Georgia accuses Russian troops in undermining the railway bridge near Tbilisi.Now Dmitry Medvedev signed an agreement on the settlement in Georgia. This document was supported by the European Union.Previously, it was signed by the President of Georgia Misha Saakashvili and favorites of the unrecognized republics of South Ossetia and Abkhazia Eduard Kokoity and Sergei Bagapsh. Plan not counting the ceasefire and the withdrawal of troops to pre-war positions implies the beginning of international negotiations over the status of the breakaway Georgian autonomies.

Now U.S. President George Bush harshly criticized the conduct of the Russian Federation and the support of

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Thousands of refugees in Tbilisi and South Ossetia

In refugee camps now been a photojournalist for the Associated Press Sergei Grits. By him, number of refugees in Tbilisi goes to a thousand. In the town center there are three registration of refugees who rassyalyayuts them in 170 locations around town: at boarding schools, kindergartens and schools."In the refugee registration Fri town crowds … People very many, with the children, very often without things, what were, in fact, and fled … Who week back, who almost went out yesterday from Blaze due to the fact that there came Russian military convoy with tanks. "According Grits, some refugees say that

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