Earthquake in Nizhny Novgorod, November 2010


11.11.10.rucfavin.8 — November 10, 2010. at different times in Nizhny Novgorod was detected anomaly in the form of earth tremors, vibrations and strange sound. Received thousands of phone calls from around the city and from different parts of the region.

Military completely denied any involvement in what happens on the grounds that the effect of disposal of ammunition can manifest itself at 20 — 40 km, but not for a couple of hundred kilometers. And scientists can only admit that the earthquake in Nizhny Novgorod, though an extreme rarity, but it turns out to be possible. And it

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Krivoy Rog state inspectors have developed new safety rules

Karst holes

9.02.11.Posle earthquake in Krivoy Rog miners will explode without explosives. Gosgorpromnadzor Krivoy Rog seems to think seriously about how to protect the city and the miners from unexpected emergency during blasting in quarries and mines.

According to the chief Oleg Gosgorpromnadzora Cherednichenko, in 2010, in local businesses banned the 500 explosions because of violations of rules and regulations for such works, and the company were fined a total of 70,000 USD. Therefore decided to improve the technology explosion bestrotilovoy with explosives, which is less flammable, but is more efficient.

In June, during the planned explosion at the mine

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Australia moves to supertsiklon Yasi: the evacuation of the Queensland population

Monster cyclone Yasi

In connection with the approach of a powerful tropical cyclone "Yasi" to the shores of Australia's Queensland state government began evacuating people. According to meteorologists, who is expected to "Yasi" on Thursday night, the wind speed inside the cyclone, has already received the fourth of five possible danger category, reaching 250 km / h.

Evacuation was carried out by the police, army and rescue, emergency declared in much of Queensland. According to the publication, this evening suspended the operation of ports located on the coastline from Cairns to Mackay.

Earlier this month, the "green continent"

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Secrets of the world. Cities underground online

The film is about an ancient underground cities that are endowed with incredible strength and hide the secrets of past advanced civilizations. Very few people managed to get into them, and quite a bit out of there …

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In Romania mine swallowed supermarket. Photo

Karst holes

Technological disaster in the Romanian city of Windows-Mures

28.12.10.Po to experts, geologists expect a similar situation smt. Solotvyno Tyachiv region in the Carpathian region in the case of conservation (this is called flooding) mine number 8 and number 9. Is it necessary to wait to the whole village went under ground and under water to finally move this issue from the "dead spots"?!

Windows-Mures city, with a population of 15,500 people (of which 10,500 are over 50 years — according to the 2002 census), is located in the north-western Romania, 55km from the administrative center of Alba

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Exceeding the standards of cesium detected in 18 schools in Yokohama

A significant excess of the norms of radioactive cesium-137 were found in the tanks, which collects rainwater in 18 schools in the Japanese city of Yokohama, told Japanese media on Friday.

An inspection carried out by the city administration in 44 schools showed that in 17 of them the levels of cesium-137 in water and mud sediments in tanks, where rainwater collects sewage for the needs of schools, well above the state standard in 8000 becquerels per kilogram. Maximum level in one of the schools was 16.8 thousand becquerels per kilogram.

In this case, the cesium-137 in the water in

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Snow pushes east China

For the second day in the central and southern part of the eastern Chinese province of Hebei not stop snowing. The snow cover in the city of Xingtai has reached 42.2 inches, which caused disruptions in transportation.

According to the official Chinese media, from the morning of 29 November, in Xingtai went a little snow, which in the second half of the day turned into a heavy snowfall, followed by a 4-6-point wind. The temperature dropped to 6.8 degrees Celsius.

Evening rush hour on many roads of the city were formed long jams caused by snow. Currently closed due

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Snowfall disrupt your normal life in Beijing

Ground and air traffic in China's capital, Beijing vybilos from the usual schedule due to last almost day snowstorms. Due to unstable weather conditions stopped working two railway express route. According to the city was declared a warning relating to increased snowfall. All citizens officially made known that snowfall may last another day.

The capital's international airport because of deteriorating visibility 51 flight was canceled, another 22 flights were delayed. One hour in the early snowfall average snow depth reached 4.7 cm, 5 cm in some places Since blizzard only intensified, and traffic on the roads deteriorated, the

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Light aircraft crash in Mexico


19.02.11.Legkomotorny plane crashed Friday at the airport in the Mexican city of Pachuca (Hidalgo), two people died, told the head of the Civil Defense staff Miguel Garcia.

According to the latest avianetka owned local flying club, came off the runway during landing and crashed into the building of the military unit. Died in the crash of an aircraft commander and copilot, the building was completely destroyed.

This is not the first plane crash in this airport, which is located in the city. Last year, the light aircraft crashed on take-off at the house, located on Pitaayyas then killed two

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Russia is going through a snow apocalypse

Moscow recently experienced a real traffic jams, when one day the city received more than 254 mm of snow. This rainfall is considered to be the January monthly norm. Due to snow, thousands of passengers were forced to spend the night in the city's leading airports, as the aircraft could not fly in such weather.

After a snowfall of some residents of the capital could not get to his car, the roads near the houses, small streets were under the impressive snow. They did not even able to get road service workers to start clearing. Of course, due to

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