Hurricane in Kazakhstan


17.05.11.Neozhidanno began in the early evening of the eighth storm in Almaty has brought a lot of trouble quickly and rescue services to the city. Not only that, many of Almaty it not only caught off guard, but "taken prisoner."

As a result of strong gusty winds on the road connecting Shymbulak — Medeo — Almaty, in the environmental office, dropped a few dozen years of poplars.

Dozens of tourists returning from vacation, have been cut off from the city. Not only that, the segment length of about a mile, where it happened, by the fallen trees,

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Cargo aircraft Antonov fell on the city in the Congo


PARIS, March 21. / ITAR-TASS /. Cargo aircraft "Antonov" suffered disaster today in the Republic of Congo. There are many casualties. According to preliminary data, the plane was following a flight from Brazzaville. The accident happened when the plane came in to land over the city of Pointe-Noire — located in the south of its main economic center.

Apparently, the pilots tried to take the car falling from the city and make an emergency landing on the surface of the sea — but not yet. The plane crashed in the densely populated neighborhoods of the city.

In the area

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In Norway, the severe flooding caused landslides (video, photos)

Heavy rainfall and snow melt in the mountains of central and eastern valleys of Norway triggered severe floods. According to recent reports, one person injured.

Bergen, Norway's second largest city, virtually cut off from other parts of the country. Roads leading to the city were flooded, many bridges are damaged. According to witnesses, a flood of water literally washed off the house.

The most serious situation in the south of Norway — in the area of lakes Mosa, Worm and Glomma. The level of the largest lake in the kingdom over the past day Mosa rose by nearly 30

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A series of explosions and fires swept through China


A fire in a shopping pavilion American electrical equipment. Zhejiang Province. December 2010. Photo from

26.12.10.Minimum six incidents of fire occurred in various parts of China on December 24. The country continues to explode plants and burn the building.

According to the website "Zili", about 8:00 am local time in the city of Jilin in one of the houses exploded gas. The blast blew out windows in the two neighboring houses. The fire started to urgently evacuated thousands of residents near the six houses, four people are in critical condition, no one died.

The publication "Syantay

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Seine burst its banks in Paris start flooding the


26.12.10.Silnye snowfall and rains led to a sharp rise in the water level in the Seine within Paris. December 26 it reached 4.5 meters above normal.

A similar situation in the French capital was in March 2006. Now flooded the lower levels of the embankments of the right and left bank. Laid there in the 1970s, are important ways to automobile traffic in the city, so in some areas already have high congestion.

No entry for river water buses that during the holidays does the company that owns them significant damage. The crews of all cargo ships ordered

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Natural disasters plagued the world — from Thailand to Chile

Bangkok, Thailand is dominated by the strongest in 50 years floods. Already half submerged metropolis, the water gets to the main attractions — the Royal Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Emergency services are trying to save the historic city center, erecting protective barriers, and the people rushed to leave the capital Jams on highways flooded Bangkok stretch for miles. Someone is trying to leave on their own, others are taken to the army trucks. Residents of the Thai capital remained only a day to leave the city. Bangkok threatened by severe floods. Many districts have already

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Almaty waiting for the apocalypse

In the case of the devastating earthquake in Almaty will be in ruins, without electricity, communications and water. On the streets of chaos and looting … We do not exaggerate! This is — a horrifying reality that representatives of various structures repeat the first year. It scares the townspeople, but it seems that the officials did not bother!

Scientific-practical conference "Lessons learned of the earthquake in Japan. Ways to improve the seismic safety of Almaty "was held just before the earthquake in Almaty and Almaty region. But some officials, heads of various organizations of Almaty event ignored. I wonder how

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Natural disaster in the capital of Ecuador

April 16. Overpass at about 15:00 in the metropolitan area of Y, in the north of Quito, was almost completely flooded by heavy rain that hit the city today. Hail and rain, which lasted about an hour, destroyed the sewage system in the streets of Brasil, Shyris, 10 de Agosto, Amazonas, Rio Coca, 6 de Diciembre, Naciones Unidas. The water level reached about two meters in height, so that the water trapped passengers were two trolleys, taxis and pick-up — only about 150 people.

Desperate people who have realized that they can not escape, and their life

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In Spain, a storm destroyed the botanical garden Albacete

Albacete has experienced severe thunderstorms and now slowly comes to life, the radio station Cadena SER.

Stormy wind, rain and hail destroyed Botanical Garden and for a time paralyzed the city.

Less than half an hour per square meter fell to 24 liters of water, according to measurements taken Agricultural Technical Institute.

Rescuers received 150 calls for help that did not stop until dawn. By 15 regular volunteer rescue teams joined 45 others.

It is reported that no one was hurt, but the city and its surrounding area has suffered significant damage. Fallen trees blocked the highway that connects

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Shanghai sank

Heavy rain was held in Shanghai. As a result, the city had recorded 100 mm of rainfall. Heavy rain started in the afternoon and intensified during the night, and also marked the first day of the rainy season.

Shanghai Meteorological Bureau said the possibility of a hurricane rain, another Shanghai meteoorganizatsiya announced the possibility of extensive flooding. Large pteri poultry industry has suffered near the town in the district Ganchzhou Dzhinshan. On a farm drowned over 13,000 chickens after the flow of water from the floods poured directly on the farm buildings. There daily rainfall was 164.4 mm. According to

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