Monument to Ilya Muromets opened in Vladivostok

Monument to Ilya Muromets opened in Vladivostok. Location for the sculpture chosen Admiral's Square in the city center, next to the chapel of St. Andrew, the arch Tsarevich Nicholas and memorial complex "Battle Glory of the Pacific Fleet."

The sculpture is made in the workshop of the artist Konstantin Siberian Zinichev and is a gift to the public Krasnoyarsk Vladivostok.

Residents of this Siberian city, who served in the frontier troops in the Far East, Vladivostok proposed to erect a monument of military glory in honor of the defenders of the borders of the country. According to them, the image

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The monument is open to two outstanding scientists in Dubna

September 20, 2013, the second day of the Scientific Council of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, a monument was unveiled two outstanding scientists, academicians Bruno Pontecorvo, one of the greatest geniuses of physics, and corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Venedikt Dzhelepov, who for many years headed the Laboratory Nuclear Problems, where they both worked.

The monument — sculptor Dmitry Yarmin and Vyacheslav Sergeev — were able to fully embody the idea of colleagues BM Pontecorvo and VP Dzhelepov the lab and the institution: to present them in simple situations, which

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In southern Chile landslide occurred

Protracted rains in central and southern Chile caused landslides, cut off from civilization for about 30 residents. The landslide occurred on a road in 4 km from the village Farellones, near the capital city of Santiago.

The injured were sent to the said road to one of the ski resorts in the area Farellonesa when the rain and snow, they blocked the path of a huge lump of rock and soil razmyakshey. Fortunately, the incident there were no casualties. Indeed, in this part of the Andes weather conditions have deteriorated, and the heavy snow continues to pave the border crossing

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Environmental disaster in Atyrau. Video


14.06.11. Environmental disaster in Atyrau.Tam dying fish. Two weeks riverbanks literally inundated with dead fish. On the causes of PE tells our correspondent Gulbadam Nazbenova.

GULBADAM NAZBENOVA, correspondent:

— Here in the Black River, a tributary to the Urals, in line Atyrau rot tons of fish. Local people use this water for watering the gardens, and the beast goes to drink.

Local residents say that the roach, carp and bream literally jumping out of the water. And it lasts for two weeks.

BAKTYGALI URAZAKOV, a resident of Atyrau

— Because of dead fish everywhere flies, smell, hope city

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In the river Ustia mass death of fish. Video


Rivne. June 15. UNIAN. On the banks of the river Ustia, which flows through the central part of the city of Rivne, and its water is fixed mass death of fish.

Bad smell of dead fish carcasses and residents of Rivne fix for several days, especially in the area of Street Pier.

According to UNIAN, pedestrians and fishermen put forward several possible versions of the causes of the incident. One of the most common — getting into the water of chemicals or impurities from the sewage network. At the same time, experts tend to say that the massive

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The unprecedented storm in Komsomolsk, Ukraine

Tornado, hurricane, hail, and rain fell on the city of Komsomolsk in Poltava region. This has not happened in the history of the city. More than 300 trees uprooted. Hailstones the size of a hen's egg broke the machine. Streets in seconds turned into rivers. Because of massive broken wires in turned off the light and water. Exclusive video from the epicenter of the storm.

In Kerch coast dotted with dead fish


31.05.11.Po estimated that floats on the surface of about three tons of mullet. The details corresponding RSN in Sevastopol, Dmitry Fedorov:

"Judging by the high degree of decomposition, the fish died long ago. But saltwater fish sinks to the bottom, and only after the expansion to the surface. Experts determined that the mullet family kefalevyh, and believe that the mass deaths occurred in the winter from the cold, and the temperature rises dead fish floated to the surface. "

In the central part of the city is a strong smell of rotten fish. People are forced to give up

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African Durban turned into a snowy kingdom

For Durban, one of the largest cities in South Africa, suddenly swept incredible hail storm, the city covered the white "winter" shroud. Damaged many roofs city buildings, gardens, cars, plenty of trees turned inside the roots. It is surprising that some suburbs could avoid the Gradova cloud, for example, and Glenmore Vestvilyu. Injured same regions except heavy hail were also small flood after heavy rain preceded by hail, which brought up to 30 mm of rain in the first few minutes. Houses that escaped the hail strikes, flooded with water. Thundercloud with hail.


Flooded houses

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Tornado appeared over the Amur

Local residents have witnessed an emerging tornado

In Blagoveshchensk, on Thursday, June 7, citizens have witnessed the birth of another tornado — the IA "Port Love." Tornado townspeople saw in the commercial port.

— It was seven o'clock in the evening. Did not last long — about five minutes. He was born on the river, as well as last time, but only went to sushi — extinct. Apparently, not enough time on the water power gain and unwind. Moving from south-east to north-west. If it had become more powerful, then again, would pass diagonally through the city —

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Mass death of fish in the river in the city of Nanjing Tsinhuayhe


13.05.11.Na days in some parts of the river Tsinhuayhe in Nanjing, the capital of wire. Jiangsu / China Eastern /, there was a mass fish kill, the reason of which, as informed the Nanjing government, served as a sudden lack of oxygen.

Monitoring results show that the lack of oxygen in the river associated with its pollution caused by heavy rains that ran from the afternoon until the evening of the 10th of May in the city, reported Nanking Board of Environmental Protection.

To improve the quality of local water agencies concerned have taken the necessary measures.

Qinhuai River

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