Three years later, the U.S. can go bankrupt?

& lt; a rel = "nofollow" target = _blank & gt; & lt; img alt = "-AdRiver-" border = 0 width = 160 height = 300 & gt; & lt ;/ a & gt; Over the next three years, hundreds of U.S. cities may be declared bankrupt. Their inability to pay bills and fulfill social obligations threatens to put the entire country on the brink of a sovereign default — most sectors of the economy will decline, and the U.S. will not be able to pay for its numerous debts. This is the conclusion reached by experts of

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After 4 years, there will be Innograd


Innovation City, which should be the center of the Russian scientific and technological modernization, will be developed by building templates offered by the French company AREP. The winner of the architectural design innovation city in Skolkovo Foundation Council has identified the development of the center of the development and commercialization of new technologies.

In the final involved two foreign companies — AREP of France and the Dutch OMA. They both have experience in Russia and, according to its own promises will attract Russian subcontractors. The concept of the winner is seen from a bird's eye something

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Executive committee of the protesters: You do not live in Pukhovichi

Says Maria Bushuk, head of urban planning of the Committee of Architecture and Construction of the Minsk City Executive Committee:"It is the capital, is another building density town. And people who do not want to live in such criteria need to choose other methods of protest … you do not live in Pukhovichi, and in the capital, Minsk, a town that belongs to naikrupneyshim where there are other rules. "Bushuk commented on the fact that the street Gamarnika local residents went under the wheels of construction equipment to prevent the construction of on-site playground flats:"When we come earlier, then let

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Tea plantations Sochi brought a rich harvest

At the end of the harvest of tea, which recently ended in Sochi, a city of six farms have collected 310 tons of tea, which is significantly higher than last year. In 2010, the farm raised only slightly more than 200 tons of tea.

tea plantation in Maceste


In 2011, the tea growers for the first time in recent years, not only managed to lay a new plantations and modernize the processing of tea, but also increase the collection plate.

tea factory in Maceste


"Now we are developing a

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Tchaikovsky — favorable city

The birth rate in the Perm region is higher than the death rate

In the first 8 months of 2012 were born more than 26 thousand children, while all died about 25 thousand inhabitants.

The city Tchaikovsky also created a favorable environment for life. The number of births in the first half of the year was 534, up 34 young residents of the city more than in the first half of 2011. The death rate in the city dropped by 52 people. The natural population growth in the first half of the year amounted to 51

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The CIA is preparing the Syrian occupation of the city in the south of the country

According to the Iranian information agency Fars, the CIA prepares fighters for the transfer via Jordan to the south of Syria for the occupation of the city of Deraa.

Coordinate the operation instructed no one to 57-year-old general, who was Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya — John Wright. After the meeting the general and Saudi intelligence militants began to transfer heavy anti-tank weapons, and Stingers.


It also became known that the U.S. plans to occupy the city and establish a no-fly zone over it (how not reported). Thus the rebels will be created

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Chase Coat of Arms — value, and a white-red-white flag — no?

Almost three months, the Ministry of Culture was considered the appeal of the Belarusian society volunteer protection of monuments of history and culture of giving the status of historical and cultural values of white-red-white flag. Met the scientific advisory board, was official correspondence between the Ministry and the State Academy. And in the end the decision — to give up. Details of the case we are discussing with the chairman of the society Anton ASTAPOVICH.Michas Scoble"Anton, you’re heading the Society for Protection of Monuments of History and Culture. Realizing all historical and sacred significance of the white-red-white flag, still call

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Digital city format from Mediavizor

The Russian company "Mediavizor" created a digital display street city format.

Video displays are steadily replacing traditional advertising market with light boxes. In fact, the development of Digital Signage and reflects the transition from a paper (metal, stone, wood, and so the media) to digital. But total victory Digital Signage is not possible without penetration of digital technologies is a city format. City-format — is a standardized, validated by the authorities advertising medium, covering, for example, in St. Petersburg, about 15 percent of the outdoor advertising market. City-format distinguishes prolonged contact with the consumer media

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The latest U.S. carriers are huge «floating city»

USN carrier fleet upgrade its own series of next-generation vessels, which will be equipped with new technologies, including more UAVs. DCS09-371-5 Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding Newport News file New class aircraft carriers «Ford» — is the first new case design such type of ships since the construction of the aircraft carrier «Nimitz» at the end of the 60s. Their large size and the number of different structures and connections on board earned him the nickname «floating cities.» First class ship Ford had just finished aircraft carrier «Gerald R. Ford», will be launched on November 9 as part of the ceremony. Formally,

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Voters have nothing to do in the areas

Belarus in autumn elections to the House of Representatives. The expression on this topic: Man: "What about the fall elections. Either little memory of the opposition? Neuzh do not remember how Lukashenka" falcons in camouflage "in the spring of 1995, throwing deputies of the Supreme Soviet? And in the fall of 2005, the chief mate huge amount of grace allowed to hold a joint congress of the opposition in Minsk, fearing that she would go to the Union Smolensk. In today’s letter, he clearly said that the deputies — his talent pool. So what? Someone get through without permission authorities

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