Abnormal glow over Arizona

October 2, 2012 0:57

Video appeared on the Internet, which show unusual lights (UFOs) in the skies over the city of Phoenix, Arizona, who, as the author of this video — emerged in the morning at 5:00 am September 13, 2012.

Earlier similar lights were seen over the city of Austin, Texas, United States (although the video with the user quickly removed). The distance between the cities of Phoenix and Austin — over 2,000 kilometers.

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Environmental monitoring will be the first station in Bratsk

Automatic station of environmental monitoring will be in March in Bratsk, one of the most polluted cities in the Irkutsk region, reports the city council.

Bratsk, where the power of the "Ilim" and "Rusal", is one of the most disadvantaged in terms of the urban environment in the area.

The lab will examine all the pollutants and obtain results in real-time. Scientists promise that the first results of analyzes of air in Bratsk will be received in the spring. Information on pollution plan to publish in the local media.

The station acquired by the grant of the Bratsk State University

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Residents Lyudinovo pursue flotilla UFO




Recently, residents Lyudinovo repeatedly observed strange objects that hovered over the city in different places. According to the newspaper "Lyudinovskiy worker", one of the unidentified flying objects recently watched the whole night Lyudinovskiy family — husband, wife and two school-age children. Son Andrew, fond of astronomy, and

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Brest residents celebrated the receipt of Magdeburg law

Society Activists of the campaign "Tell the Truth" laid flowers at the memorial plaque in honor of the city gained the right to self-government on the corner of the Soviet and Mayakovsky.

Brest received Magdeburg rights August 15, 1390, the second in the vast ON after Vilnius.

Senior researcher at the museum "Redeemed values" Brest Sergei Bytskevich, evaluating this historic event, said:

"Getting the Magdeburg law — quite an important and distinctive event in the history of the city. However, so far this day not properly marked. But time should change the attitude to history. "

According to Magdeburg law

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North India experienced heavy snowfall

Over the past 8 years in the Indian city of Shimla not seen such a snowfall, which is just one day completely covered him with a white shroud. 24 hours in the city fell 38.6 cm of snow, which in January will not be repeated in 2005. Then the record was 33.2 cm, and in the next two years, there was no snow at all, and in 2008, for the entire month fell only 1 cm of precipitation. Then they saw a slight annual increase, while in January 2013 will not happen real breakthrough.

Now, two days to a

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The Curious Case of the hot water in St. Petersburg


Residents of one of the districts of the city for several days watching as their cocks instead of hot water flowing liquid — as they say — "the smell more like an oil or gasoline."

Petersburg Energy launched the whole investigation: look for reasons and put forward new version. But here is the quality of water not getting any better. Earlier it was reported that water pollution due to the transfer of one of the city with a gas boiler for heating oil. Residents of the ill-fated house written complaint to the CPS. But

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About 10 streets in Minsk were flooded due to heavy rain

About ten streets in Minsk were flooded as a result of heavy rain, which was held in the city on Thursday night, told RIA Novosti spokesman MOE Belarus Vitaly Novitsky.

"In particular, the streets are flooded areas Kalinowski, International, Shevchenko boulevard. On some sections of streets interrupted public transport" — said Nowicki.

According to him, due to the flooding in the city announced a plan to "Poseidon."

"Information has been received about the victims, rescue and evacuate anyone not have, is pumping water," — said Nowicki.

More information on flooding, according to him, will be known by the morning of

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NGO Mostovik: Serbian frontier

The international consortium of NGOs "Mostovik" and the Bulgarian company Trace Group Hold PLC declared winner of the open tender for the construction of the road in the area of international importance, taking place on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

"You could say that the victory in the competition — the first real step" bridge builders "in the international market in the field of construction, — said Deputy General Director of the NGO" Mostovik "Yuri Grachev. — Staff of the Bulgarian company "Trace" will execute the construction of roads, combining the

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Flood victims in Beijing are already 77 people

The number of victims of flooding caused by torrential rains last Saturday in Beijing, has grown from 37 to 77 people, reports Xinhua news agency on Thursday, citing the city government.

Record in 1951 were deposited in the Chinese capital on Saturday. Heavy rain had stopped by Sunday morning, but rescuers several days Debris clearing, in which found new body.

According to local media, in the night from Saturday to Sunday in the city limits has fallen over 220 millimeters of rain in some parts of the city received more than 460 millimeters of rain.

Due to bad weather closed

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Etna volcano eruption threatens Settlements

Sicily has had an new crater of Etna, which is actively spewing lava, volcanic ash and smoke.

A cloud of volcanic ash and smoke razrostaetsya eyes and tightens the sky over the island of Sicily.

Etna is the biggest threat to the port city of Catania. The city is located on the eastern coast of Sicily at the foot of Mount Etna.

Guide Catania Fontanarossa Airport, which is located 5 km from the city, was forced to delay flights. Every hour, take to the sky no more than 6 aircraft.


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