In Drozdave Drozdov and we have and that will peck …

Cosmo: "Drozdava will settlement for cottages. Near freeway dyzel. Rivers — Ditva and Neman. Facilities in the village for byastsenne acquire. Town in the prices grow without measure. Apartment in the town can pass here 5 years and live …"Meeting and getting to know the fascinating hobby of Victor Ivanovich — ahead. I also still talking to other drozdavtsami. Cossack: "Our neighbor at one point lost. More grandmother took the kids to the city — home escaped. Hundreds Share — going, some say. Library that was removed, sorry. For kids was a shelter. Come with guitars, there were activities

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To call an ambulance A.Atroshchankava

"Yesterday, June 12, he became ill with heart, to him called an ambulance and taken to the survey in two urban clinic. Now Alexander better transmit to all relatives and friends hello" — said Vera Stramkouskaya. Lawyer sent to the Minsk City tribunal against the verdict, which was handed to Alexander Atroshchenkovym. Recall activist was sentenced to 15 days in jail for contempt of court, which he Tipo shown during the trial of 14 participants of the meeting business. Own guilt Ales Atroschankau not guilty.

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Minsk — city moderate cultural life

Midst of characteristics that were rating the quality of life cities in the world, manufactured by «Mercer», there is a possibility to relax in the town — in other words the level of cultural life.Please 1990s Pavel Morozov wrote an essay about the city under the title "City which is not." Philosopher meant, that the city is not very culture. Now Valentin Akudovich sees only the first signs of the birth town of Minsk as: "In fact the city — it is not the structure, not the street, not the factory, factories and stadiums. City — the myth of the

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This year, for the first time in my life I came to Transcarpathia. It was May, the warm weather, gorgeous mountain nature, unusual for the rest of the territory of Ukraine architecture. And yet, everywhere bloomed cherry blossoms. Of course, Transcarpathia liked from the first minute. I liked as well as once skirts, Galicia, Poland. And the first city that I have met have been Hust. Certainly not the most impressive city of Transcarpathia, but for a first impression about the region — just the right option.

Hust could not help but like. The provincial cozy towns

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Minsk — Russian city forever period

Minsk as before remained Russian city where the main prize still remains from the Russian times its purity. Experts of the company "Mercer" in assessing the quality of life in the town, or otherwise take into account the political, economic and social situation in the region, personal safety, censorship and restrictions on human rights facts, cultural life and the opportunity to relax, honey services, transport and services, abundant supply of goods in the shops, affordable housing, the natural environment and other causes. Undisputed favorite for a couple of years in the ranking of the town remain in Switzerland and Germany.

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S.Horevskogo Minsk lose fucking

For a number of selected buildings in the ancient site of Minsk. For example, in the Yanka Kupala Park is meant to start construction of the restaurant over 100 seats. Projects peraplyanavannya parks from the Opera House to the park Kupala estimates culturologist Sergey Hareuski:"This is one of nainteresneyshih ensembles core of so-called water-green width Minsk, which was created in stages since pre-revolutionary times. And now those projects that I beheld, would mean almost their liquidation. Come again expect 50-60 years until these parks poured a memory. There already cut trees. cut, for example, the beautiful parterre of tui

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A.Klinav: Minsk lacks drive

For example, he was surprised by how the city survives in the absence of art galleries in the traditional sense of the word, and not a few huge exhibition halls of the Palace of the type of art or 2-3 shops selling paintings. Arthur wedge (created by books and photo project "Minsk — the City of the Sun", which he presented in almost all towns in Poland and Germany, but not in Belarus) said that in the capital do not occur such cultural activities that would capture if not the entire city, then at least the artistic elite. And in

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If Minsk worst that talk about the other town

"Very often people go when it’s too late — because of medical care is not always available. The system is built so people limit the appeal to doctors to a minimum. Only if their fried rooster peck, "- says Osmolovskaya.She shares her observations: "In hospitals, we blew that come and contact — help is available. Myself doctor … When I think that I must be go to the hospital, where I have no friends, covers a nightmare. I imagine that through bureaucratic obstacles to go through to get a certificate. ""According to my observations, the system of health insurance, which,

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Minsk: not Russian and European

 S.Horevskogo: "Minsk lose a damn"How to have an effect on the life of a new building in Minsk? Do they make the city pretty and comfortable?Minsk — Russian city forever period Most of the professionals does not see as a result of international research company "Mercer" nothing unusual: Minsk as before remained Russian city where the main prize of the Russian still time left its purity.

"Savetskastsi in Minsk more"Favourite band "Stary Olsa" Zmiter Sosnowski recognizes that suffers from a life in the center of Minsk. "I have an apartment in the center of town, but I can not

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Minsk — the last in Europe

The study was conducted in over 200 campuses worldwide. In first place is the second year in a row Zurich, second divide Vienna and Geneva. Midst of Eastern European cities ahead — Prague (71th place). Vilnius — at the 78th Warsaw — 85th, Riga — 89 m. Minsk occupies 183rd place — the lowest of all European cities.In assessing the quality of life into account: * Political and social environment (political stability, the force of law, etc.)* Financial situation (exchange rates, banking services, etc.)* Socio-cultural environment (censorship, restriction of human rights, etc.)* Health and sanitation (medical services, waste disposal, etc.)*

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