A.Milinkevich fined 700 thousand rubles

Soligorskiy Tribunal decided to punish the policy by 20 basis units — 700 thousand rubles. May 15 Alexander Milinkevich came to Soligorsk to talk with people. The central market policy gathered around 10s people.Almost a couple of minutes before the detention policies had to share experiences from meeting people:"Not a big meeting was prepared: come to the city to talk to people. Came on the market, has gathered an unlimited number of people. People are outraged, humiliated people. Tensions in the markets is very high. And if the government does not understand that small businesses need to maintain and not

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City share our accomplished almost 20 towns

Share "our city" spent specifically on the anniversary of the referendum in 1995. Favourite organization Dashkevich said "Freedom", that present a day or kicks off a two-month marathon to towns and cities throughout the country. Within 2 months of the Young will distribute stickers and information booklets about the history of the national flag and coat of arms "race."Malady will also conduct a quiz about the history of the state signs among young people. 

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Magdeburg Grodno

Book series, published under the auspices of the favorite movement "For Freedom" Milinkevich, who himself studied Grodno past, issued "Vovchynskuyu history" — a book about the last king of the Rzeczpospolita Stanislaw August Poniatowski. Yuri Gordeev writes that Grodno (such variant names kept creator) "not once get to the page memuarnay literature in the 16th and 17th centuries, but more noteworthy observations about her life left the travelers who visited the city in the 18th century." City since the economic recovery and building of the 18th century just shows more carefully. Book project coordinator — Paul Mazhejka. It states that

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Who without flicker — all in the booth

Vasilevičy have the status of town, but such tremendous puddles I beheld, and not in the villages. After rain on Vasilevichi area not going, and slowly swam from one puddle to another. But the first man I met looked like a completely happy and contented life. At one of the overgrown weeds lanes that nestles on a steel road smiling ancient gathering flowers. And there was so much in her classes this ecstasy and joy that I could not speak.

Reporter: "Are you going to — as it is called, snowdrops?"Lady: "I do not know. There are many of

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Photo: Flying over the Novosibirsk (Summer 2013)

Fotooobzory Novosibirsk from a height already, but if I remember correctly, you can see objects that do not come across before. And, as always with this author, the photo is very informative and give an excellent idea of the appearance of the city.

I often think it would be great if the project is launched across Russia — similar stories about all the major cities of the country!

Photo report of Fame Stepanova (LJ Gelio)

In 2013, Novosibirsk 120 years. I have repeatedly pointed out that the capital of Siberia is

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Need to abandon the station and the construction Nyamiha

* "Free Belarus" in 1918 reported: "In" Belorussian want "(Horse Market, Minsk) on the first day of Easter, May 5th, was delivered to you T-Belarusian Drama and Comedy British farce," Aunt guilty. "Not looking at that behind the scene echoed strangers for Belarusian ear the words: "Mr.," "lord," "Miss," etc., farce went very well, capturing the audience with his fascinating story, pazyvavshym on niutrymany laughter. "*"Evening Minsk" in 1988 published a statement Poznyak at the "round table" "My world: Abandon building second strip through the subway Site of ancient castle and the Upper Town. Need to abandon the construction of

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Minsk under the reddish lights

"Pochetaemy sovereign! Case found that you’re a fan rarity. I can say that I have redkastsi different styles that are left of the deceased spouse. ‘m Home from the 12th to the 6th PM. " Sasha looked at the letter again and smiled with pleasure. Remains to write the address — "Minsk hotel" Europe ", a room number 66. April 15, 1910." Usually it worked. Amateur rerytetav came and found something really special. Sasha-beast — the so-called clients this zavsyagdatarku Minsk hotels — belonged to, so to speak, "geteryyav" that catered to local rich and prepared "for the work" more

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Pinsk met Milinkevich commandos parade

April 17th Alexander Milinkevich met with residents of Pinsk. This meeting was accomplished in the town square. According to witnesses participated in the meeting of 80 — 100 people. Even before the meeting brought to the area power company of commandos, who then paraded, then stood silent in the square. Participants of the meeting have not ruled out that this was manufactured specifically to disrupt a conversation with the inhabitants of the town politician. And yet many could ask their questions Milinkevich. "They asked what to do and how it can be sustained. They say life is worse and worse,

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How to destroy pockets of freedom?

"In 1851 it was decided to demolish the town hall, but only in 1857 the Minsk City Council has allocated funds for the" Purchase Ratushny shells for dismantling the structure. " All this time, the former residence of the magistrate was empty. The formal reason for the demolition was that the town hall, "… taking a main part of the square, embarrass her and closes the view of the cathedral church and newly constructed official place …" But the memoirs of witnesses, the town hall was destroyed due to the fact that " … its existence it reminded about the

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Learning Center at the dental clinic opened in Cheboksary

In Cheboksary, open research and education center for innovative technologies in dentistry AU "City dental clinic."

Physician training takes place on the job of patient care in the workplace — via the Internet, WAP-technology, digital libraries, interactive clinical dissections. Inside the training center each year will increase more than five hundred qualified dental specialists profile.

Today signed an agreement on cooperation between the AU "City dental clinic" and VPO "CSU them. IN Ulyanov. "

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