UFO in Riviera: The most abnormal place Territory




Our region is considered one of the richest places on the alien wonders. So we decided to make a map of UFO Primorye. And help us in this specialist anomalous phenomena Valery Brier.

Terneisky area

At the end of the 80 forest protection inspector did bypass the

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Media: heavy rain caused this flood in Odessa

Heavy rain literally flooded Odessa, said on Thursday Odessa TV "ATV".

"Some areas of the city is completely flooded. On the roads due to heavy rain formed massive traffic jams. Motionless are Greek, Catherine and other streets. Bulkowski on Gators. To get home by swimming motorists and the 2nd station of Big Fountain. Similar situation in Siltings Street Sakharov and the French Boulevard "- according to the site of the broadcaster.

Odessans spread in social networks photos, which show that in some parts of the city cars literally flooded to the roof.

Cause flooding of streets was debris collectors. Public

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Nikolaev lightning chosen power line

As promised forecasters, thunderstorms late last week and otsverkali died down, but not all areas of the city. And in some places they have created in the electrical emergencies. So, on Saturday, August 13, at 11.55 light disappeared in parts of houses Varvarovka: on the street. Hodchenkova, and key in the village Vesnyanoe. As reported by the service quick response from Varvarovskogo RES failure occurs on the transmission line due to lightning. Around 12.30 power was restored.

And at about 16:30 the same day, when the storm "came" on the other side of the city, a similar

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UFO watching submarines

This story takes place in 2005, but interest in it is not fading away now. That's what the correspondent of the newspaper in the Primorye Territory.

The first call to the editor came from Lazo region of Primorsky Krai. September 8 in the interval from 21.15 to 21.40 Kievka villagers saw in the sky something strange.

— The sky was clear, and we have seen very good — says one of the witnesses Elena Starostin, a journalist with experience, people only sensible.

Object detected radar ship

Other witnesses have compared mini-Bear outbreaks flares, said that point

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In Greece, the frost

In Greece came real winter. Since the beginning of the week in some parts of the country there are freezing. In particular — in the capital, where the temperature in winter is rarely drops below zero. This weather has forced city officials to remember the homeless who used to sleep in the open, without fear of the cold.

Now in Athens 1. In some places you can even see the snow falling.

Employees of the organization to help the homeless out on the streets of the capital, to distribute blankets and vagrants sleeping bags. They also inform

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Otradnyj city of Samara region was flooded due to heavy rains

Samara region, like the city Otradny, the second week is filled dozhdivye abundant rainfall. Today, because of heavy rain flooded streets and sidewalks. In the streets of "flow rivers of water." People can not cross the road. Basically, all the water collects at the corners, one of the problem intersections — a crossroads of street. Soviet Ave. Drillers.

The road to the crossroads, just not possible to go. Because at this intersection has accumulated a lot of water, road conditions worsened. car owners have deaf cars, because the water gets into the car

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In Russia found the city of the future?




In Russia, found a city where it is forbidden to swear, as a symbol of honesty there — the traffic cop 7:53

British journalists found in the Russian city where smoking mothers, and a symbol of integrity is a traffic cop. In this "fabulous" place was the

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Argentina UFO in sight

In Argentina will soon see a special commission, whose task will be to collect and analyze information about unidentified flying objects in the air space of the country. According to the army, the Commission is already in the making.

Incredible contact with extraterrestrial intelligence

Earlier, the Argentine Air Force has been collecting information about UFOs, but now the work will involve meteorologists, air traffic controllers and civilian pilots. Authorities urged drivers of military and civil aircraft to report all encounters with unidentified flying objects and send the Commission any available documentary evidence of contacts.

However, according to Argentinean ufologists,

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The cholera epidemic has sunk into Kramatorsk

In the children's clinic Kramatorsk asked mom with a child 5 years with complaints of diarrhea. Then joined vomiting, marked weakness and rumbling in the abdomen. Family consisting of 3 persons (parents and son) was vacationing in Egypt. During the rest ate shrimp, mussels, swimming in the Red Sea. After the return of the patient to start the first signs of the disease

Was the legend of the training sessions to localize and eliminate the source of cholera, which had Kramatorsk in CMU DTMO.

In class, in addition to health care workers in children's clinics № 3,

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Deep earthquake in the Sea of Japan

In the center of the Sea of Japan at a depth of 445 km under his bottom tonight earthquake with magnitude 4.8. According to the Geophysical Service of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the push is registered at 02:44 Vladivostok time (19:44 MSK 1 October).

Sea of Japan earthquake deep quite rare, usually characteristic of the Sea of Okhotsk, where the tectonic upheavals at depths of 400 to 600 km recorded frequently.

The epicenter was in the Sea of Japan lay about 330 km north of the city of Tottori, located on the west coast of the Japanese island of

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