Ufa: 2 years emissions have decreased by a quarter

In Ufa, in the last two years, almost 25percent fall in emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere. This is evidenced by ranking, prepared by experts RIA rating based on the data of Rosstat.

Special attention deserves the fact that emission reductions in Ufa comes amid growing industrial capacity. According to the data given by Professor MSU Natalia Zubarevich during a regional forum "Russian regions in a globalized world", Ufa has a stable industrial potential, while the industrial profile of the economy in most major cities in Russia today is lost (Scheme is set out below).

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Ufa updates the electric park

The capital of Bashkortostan proceeds to update the fleet of electric vehicles. To date should be replaced more than 40 trolleybuses and 153 trams, said the city administration. Operation of rolling stock in excess of the amortization period shall require the high costs of maintenance and repairs.

— To date, conducted trades to acquire two modern low-floor trams, having the ability to perform the carriage of passengers with disabilities, including wheelchair users, — commented on the renewal of the town hall. — Another five trolleybuses "Bashkir Trolleybus Plant" shall be submitted to the disposal

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Firmly whether to keep funds in Belarusian banks?

The reason for such issue was the official information that the external debt of the Belarusian banks for the first time reached the 3 billion dollars. In addition, certain municipal banks made not for sale to foreigners own a significant amount of assets.Past chairman of the Board of the State Bank of Belarus Stanislav Bogdanovich states began the process of implementation of municipal banks foreign capital:"It was announced that the control packets 2-large municipal banks (" ICB "and" Investment Bank ") implement foreign capital. Yet two large municipal bank (" Belarusbank "and" Agrobank ") put up for sale about 15%

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Ales Rybachonak. Real prazdnichek

City preparing for prazdnichkom. Scurried back and forth munitsypalitetchyki, hanging white-red-white flags and banners. Through several days, March 25 — the ninetieth anniversary of the founding of the BNR. Do not say anything, large prazdnichek but not for Nicholas. Nicholas walked down the street name Ezovitova and thought about one thing — it does not meet the police in its path. Past "Merce" and "Bugatti", on sidewalks smug bourgeois went with spouses and kids. The city lived, worked and breathed the air and did not even think out that the danger threatening him. Nicholas remembered another prazdnichek. January 1 several

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Gomel walked in the footsteps of fellow countrymen Semivolume Bodunova

Citizens of different ages with a white-red-white flags and the same balls came to the park on top of Gomel. Hence began a historical excursion, or, as readand activists solemn wandering around town.Historian Svyatoslav Shapovalov said the audience about the events in March 1918, when the Bolsheviks passed Gomel troops of Imperial Germany, and the city went to Ukraine: "Local communities Social Democratic Hulk sends delegation to Minsk Belarusian Secretariat People’s Republic of. She was concerned about the issue of Gomel. Gomel not want to be Ukrainian. Germans make the subsequent course. Gomel considered Ukrainian, but here are ready to

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Three urban areas: Stalin, Voroshilov, Kaganovich

"Star" in 1938, publishes official information: "Given the significant increase in the population of Minsk and the need to bring management advice to the public, the Presidium of the Central Executive Committee of the BSSR decided to organize in the town of Minsk three urban areas: Stalin, Voroshilov, Kaganovich. Presidium approved border areas and proposed Minsk City Council before 25 March this year make organizing committee raysovetav by Stalin, Voroshilov and Kaganovich urban areas. ""Belarus" in March 1968 resembles the letter 12 Russian people, addressed the congress of 67 Communist parties in Budapest: "They accused the Russian regime" oppression of

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Polotsk authorities were not allowed to picket on the 90th anniversary of the BNR

In town committee BRYU opposition activists said that this action Tipo long planned and approved by the joint plan of the youth organization and the executive committee. But this plan show urban management BRSMu refused. One of the applicants, picket, member of the Conservative Christian Party BPF said Nicholas Bowls Radio Liberty, that to introduce this document and in the executive committee refused. Head of Department on work with youth Cold hard Natalia saw the opposition: "And can you spies!" Disclaimer officials Polotsk democratic activists are going to appeal through the tribunal — they believe justify that city officials illegally

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Lida: Activists celebrate Freedom day, despite the prohibitions

One of the failures — to hold friendly meeting — BPF activist "Revival" Stanislav Sudnik received in writing. The authorities explained that "at the present time about the monument are improvement works." Two second refusal given orally, by telephone. Say, in the central library on March 23 in connection with the Catholic Easter holiday is declared, but in order to hold the conference — there are no such room. From the words of the emperor Soudnick already exactly clear that scientific Studies Conference will not hold, because there was no time to invite participants from other cities. Sudnik: "There were

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Destroyed in order to build another monument cabinet

Chairman of the Belarusian Volunteer Society for Historic Preservation and Cultural Anton Astapovich knows about the next victim "buldozernay restoration":"This is the house of the nineteenth century, a fine example of urban quarterly development. Facade is not rich, but particularly in the tradition of decorated middle of the XIX century. Moderate facade decor: profiles, set window openings, etc. In short, catchy example of urban sprawl of the XIX century, the status of historical and cultural value of the first category according to the Municipal list. This in-1’s. A in-2, he was under the protection of several regulations. March 29 2005

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Versatile all-terrain vehicle Snowstorm

If your machine to remove the wheels and put it on the track, you get something entirely new, unprecedented — terrain vehicle "Snowstorm". This off-road vehicle to travel over snow of any depth, marshes, soils with low bearing capacity and to overcome water obstacles (with quick-installation of pontoons). And at the same time, this is your usual car with the usual level of comfort! After the raid on the road your car gets back his wheel and drives off the track to re-roll on the asphalt.

Analog "Snowstorm" anywhere in the world! This is a purely Russian

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