Versatile all-terrain vehicle Snowstorm

If your machine to remove the wheels and put it on the track, you get something entirely new, unprecedented — terrain vehicle "Snowstorm". This off-road vehicle to travel over snow of any depth, marshes, soils with low bearing capacity and to overcome water obstacles (with quick-installation of pontoons). And at the same time, this is your usual car with the usual level of comfort! After the raid on the road your car gets back his wheel and drives off the track to re-roll on the asphalt.

Analog "Snowstorm" anywhere in the world! This is a purely Russian invention:

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The prosecutor claimed for 7 years A.Fedarava bullpen

Now court held oral arguments. Municipal prosecutor in his speech urged the tribunal to punish Alexander Fedorov seven years imprisonment with confiscation of property.According to the prosecutor, the defendant through abuse of official capacity, violation of the order to pay the salaries of municipal property and appropriation of the state caused damage in the amount of 18 million rubles. Wines Fedorov said prosecutor confirmed.The lawyer, in turn, urged the tribunal to restrict probation.It is expected that on March 31 the referee Alexander Tarakanov sentence reads Alexander Fedorov.Alexandra Fedorova detained in Last year June 14. While the investigation was conducted, he

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Baranavichy preparing for the 90th anniversary of the BNR

They are required to provide space for the celebration of the 90th anniversary of the Belarusian People’s Republic of in the auditorium of Baranavichy city executive committee. Baranavichy activists tried to agree about renting the hall in urban palaces of culture. They refused, citing lack of permission executive committee. And then it was decided to refer specifically to the management of the City Hall, reinforcing its statement signed by 307 residents of the city, says a member of the movement "For Freedom" Victor Syritsa:"We have been building in the 75th anniversary of the executive committee of BPR, it was fifteen

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Mogilev, and Krychau Shklou plan in public to celebrate Freedom day

Now activists in Mogilev city coalition Democratic Forces "Our Mogilev" registered in the executive committee request for a rally and march.According to the applicants, the bureaucrats should see the application within fifteen days. In the march and rally, which will be held March 23, perceive the role up to 100 people. The rally will take place in a certain place of the power of public events — on the forecourt of the Palace of Culture and Rest of Mogilev city executive committee.In Krychau request for festive meeting in the local executive committee filed a group of people. It is planned

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V.Supranovicha: Celebrate not yet learned

Supranovich: Celebrate in our country have not yet learned. And prazdnichkom, are presently are, what they are transformed in the process … — I would not like, that in the current situation prazdnichkom March 25 would be municipal. And that is all turned into such things as, for example, prazdnichek town — when people take to the streets in the city just for the purpose of drink. Remained in the memory of the 90s, when the procession came really a lot of people. Unlimited number of flags. Lovely festive … I personally think that the day of Liberty — it

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Past South American diplomat: I’m looking for real Belarusian

South American photographer and diplomat answered questions from our correspondent.CorrespondentVery pleased that you have researched the Belarusian language and reads as before her. Tell me about yourself, what you are currently doing and where you live?KunstadterI retired from the diplomatic service two years back and worked as a photographer, as can be masterful, in general, this is now my profession. I work in Belarus, Italy, Turkey. And I live in Turkey, in Ankara, since I served there three times. My wife, when I retired, decided not vorachivatsya descent in the United States, and remain slightly in Turkey. We have

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Now — the day mentioned in chronicles Minsk

The same funny day in the "Tale of Bygone Years" dates from the first mention of Minsk. On the role of the date of March 3 in history and on how to count the years from 1067 Minsk th — historian and archaeologist, explorer old Minsk Sergey Tarasov."Senior City about two centuries. Already you can read that in the ninth century as the city of Minsk existed. He had the post, he was fortified center, has developed crafts, trade already existed around Minsk, is already cemetery Kurganova group around him and the similar.Unfortunately, a precise day or month or year

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Free city suing Lenin call

The lawsuit was a series of humorous anecdotes, which in 2005 —2007x printed Krichevskaya rayonka.According to the plaintiffs, in an irreverent satire in the form of activities described Krichevskys opposition politicians. Public activists journalists and independent newspapers.Tribunal through Sergey Uneven and Vladimir Kudryavtsev try to defend their honor, dignity and business reputation. Plaintiffs also wish to recover from the "cry of the Lenin" 10 million rubles as compensation for moral damage.

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Grodno holders plates threaten Tribunal

Inhabitants wrote a collective statement to the prosecutor the October district of Grodno, that there is a requirement to stay in overall antenna viewpoint law. The prosecutor’s office sent a statement to the urban housing and utility sector. As said us one of the inhabitants, Maxim Garmash, the utility gave a written response. They offer to get permission to antennas in urban governance architecture. If permission is not, the inhabitants have to dismantle the antenna to the beginning of April. In another communal solve the problem of "the court", — said in the letter, which was received by the inhabitants

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Gomel perceives and Russian homeless

68-year-old emperor Peter

"Package with bananas, I took on the market, and I was given two years"On the zone." My sister was 27 years old, she had already died. I do not know approached her nephew, but home she wrote to them. When I came back, they had already sold it. I appealed to Yarominski Rural Council, where he was born. I answered: "Where was, there thou and shirked. "At the moment the emperor Peter without documents, public old-age benefits wandering about town. If you really push, finds salvation, like many other poor fellows in the House of

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