High-rise building in the historic center — the standard netsyvilizavanastsi

Girth: "In the historical center of Minsk is virtually impossible to allocate more unsafe periods and objects, if we evaluate the situation from 1944. But more brutal and unsafe processes were developed specifically after the year 2000. On the first object planted Nyamiha and construction is still continuing, we had read in last transmission. "Ulitenok: "Let me remind our listeners — it so called Transport parking opposite Peter and Paul Church in Nyamiha. Well, what happened to the continuation of the reconstruction Tipo? "

It is a violation of all that in all other countries called civilized handling of the

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A criminal investigation into the killing in the U.S. Belarusian

20-year-old native of the town Shchuchin (Grodno region) Alex Vasilevsky studied at the Belarusian State Technical Institute.In June 2006, he was in the United States under the programs from "Work and Travel".In the town of Wells, Maine, he took a job at one of the local restaurants, pizza delivery service.As previously reported, "Freedom", June 20, 2006 found the body Vasilevsky near the hostel for foreigners, where he lived.According to the American militia disk imaging, death was caused by a blow with a knife. Investigation involved police Maine.Deal as before, remains undisclosed.General Prosecutor’s Office of Belarus shall be removed to report

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Tram sobriety to catch 14.00 to purchase a bottle

October 16 from 14.00 in Minsk forbade the sale of alcoholic drinks, said BelaPAN control department info and public relations Minsk police Alexander Lastouski.Policemen visit disadvantaged families, become familiar with the situation, where live everyday brawlers.October 16 through the town will ride "tram sobriety": police offer passengers not to use today Liquor.All districts of Minsk will work Mobile drug items.Restaurants and cafes will serve customers in the ordinary mode, reports Interfax.Chief Narcologist town Sergei Milk said that the volume of alcohol consumed, Minsk comes in the middle of the top three favorites of European capitals — almost 12 liters. of

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Minsk will 10s skyscrapers

In order to give the capital a new look, even to destroy objects that could considered the hallmark of the town — namely, the number of construction sites in the Upper town, high-rise hotel "Belarus" houses on Volodarskogo and Karl Marx, and even the whole airport "Minsk-1". During the meeting with Minsk nedavneshney urban development asset Alexander Lukashenko has approved plans by architects building constructive revolution. Namely, just decided to build a business center under the title of "Minsk-City" on the spot airport "Minsk-1", as do point of attack on the heath, where the sky vzlyatsyats first Belarusian nebasyagi. Their

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In Ufa university professors got its own house

Kirov district of Ufa commissioned residential home for university teachers of Ufa. The opening ceremony was attended by the head of the object of the city administration Irek Yalalov, who expressed confidence in the prospects of such projects.

As the press service of the administration of Ufa, in the construction of the house the city government helped with land allocation and accelerated connection to utility networks.

— This is a landmark event for Ufa, a kind of beacon showing the entire business community, our natural monopolies and companies that can successfully address

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Vitebsk: municipal media reporters were ordered to anticipate the situation

Principal among them — "to convey to the public the features that provide stability in society," the other day parliamentary elections, also "Dozhinki-2008", which This year decided to hold in Orsha."Journalists should like to anticipate the situation, that is true and impressively convey information and readers," — said the emperor Yuzhik.Present at the board meeting Deputy Minister Alexander disk imaging Slobodchuk expressed the hope that in the local press has often gave the floor to the Company and representatives of the authorities, and their criticism of the address was only "constructive."Observe these commandments should 25 municipal publications issued in the

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Tyumen became a city of free internet

Tyumen became a city of free internet. Today, the presentation and the official opening of a regional network of free internet "TyumenFree". While in the parks and squares of the regional center has 22 points of Wi-Fi-Access.

By July 1, their number will increase 32 new access points will cover the house of culture and leisure, health centers, sports and youth organizations, building stations.

The regional network of free internet "TyumenFree", according to the governor Vladimir Yakushev, would be an important competitive advantage in the region. "Today, we have enabled our countrymen, especially older people, to improve their computer skills

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Zhodintsy Palace of Arts

In her exhibition — works by Valery Slavuka, Ksendzova Alexander, Alexei Marochkina and about 2-10’s artists, whose creative life associated with Zhodino.The exhibition breaks the stereotype as Zhodino home Belarusian automakers and reinforces the status of the country of the 1st of the cultural centers of the country.Admission to the exhibition, watching two knights, who held banners with the emblem of the old town and a portrait of its founder Prince Boguslaw Radziwill, after whom it was named. During the second half of the twentieth century in its place appeared Zhodino."One of the objectives of the organizers and participants of

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A.Klinav: Partizan — the mental body of every Belarusian

Karatkevich: Klinov Arthur was born in 1965 in Minsk, finished construction faculty of the Polytechnic Institute. Arthur, when you started to draw?Wedge: You know, in the book I am writing about it too. There is such a maxim — "as a kid I did not want to be an astronaut, and wished to become a mask." It’s true. I basically wanted to be a painter of early from the youth, the only thing I wanted to be not just an artist, and avant-garde artists, for some reason I like that word — garde. And of course, I started to draw

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A.Klinav: I am afraid that Nyamiha Sun City and trampled

"City of Happiness perish but remained beautiful and what is not like the aesthetic design — Solar City of Dreams" — writes in his own work Arthur wedge.According to the philosopher Ales Antipenko, Speaking during the presentation, the book Arthur Wedge — it’s goodbye with the "State of happiness’, which lives or not the majority of the population."Country of Happiness" still exists in the minds of even a significant number of Belarusians and our real-time. From this it is slightly disappointing, but cheers that this "Land of Happiness" reserves more and more people. And Arthur Klinov writes in his book

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