TTK has completed the first phase of construction of broadband network in Blagoveshchensk, Amur Region

TTK, one of the largest telecom operators in Russia, has announced the completion of the first phase of construction of the urban fiber-optic communications network in Blagoveshchensk, Amur Region.

As a result of the project for the construction of part of the network, home internet from TTK-Chita regional enterprise Company TTK became available to residents of more than 2 million households in 25 apartment buildings. Communication services to the TTC can also benefit small and medium enterprise businesses, located on the streets of the Station, Poplar (near the railway station), Amur, Khmelnytsky, Gorky, Zeya, Ostrovsky, and Szymanowska (in

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Soligorsk detained activists

The appeal podymali prepyadstviya city, has also spoken protest against pressure on personal business."In areas has gathered more than 100 people. We collected the signatures discussed urban prepyadstviya. Later policemen came and took us to the city police department on Tipo conversation. It is possible that the arrest" — managed to pass on the phone businessman Alexander Tsatsura.Later, he told Liberty that it drew up a protocol for the unauthorized collection, as before it was being held, and that tomorrow will Tribunal this case. Sovereign Tsatsura states that he wrote in the report on its own disagreement because, in his

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The third station GLONASS mounted in Tomsk

The works are a part of the establishment of satellite geodetic network and information security in urban Tomsk. The new station GLONASS / GPS will measure plots of land with centimeter accuracy, which will assist in the resolution of land disputes.

The first set of GLONASS established in 2008 on the building of the city administration. The second station is located in the northern area of technical innovation zones. A third appeared in July in the airport area. 

Chairman of the Committee of geo-information for Sergei Sidorenko said that under the project in the city

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Belarusian literature converted into subcultural

Tsigankov: "What are the dynamics of development of Belarusian publishing books in recent years? Situation changed, worsened better?" Bulgakov"In Minsk there are 5-6 relatively large publishing houses specializing in the production of Belarusian literature, and the number of titles issued in the year of production can reach 30-50 names. Hitherto also remain municipal publishers who are in the same building with the Ministry of disk imaging and tradition of producing literature created for school and other official items in the Belarusian language. Together with the fact that this situation can not be called because, according to official data, in Belarus

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Restoration in the Upper town: draft ROC?

The Head of State listened to reports of the responsible for the urban policies of the planned introduction of business centers, high-rise hotels, water parks, parking lots and veselitelnyh complexes. In the center of Minsk lasts so-called "local ordering" — buildings dated XVI-XVIII centuries, assign "modern look." Recent examples Polga repair — stone buildings on the corner of Cyril and Methodius and Commerce. Historians and architects are the least hope for mutual understanding with the city authorities also help Ekzarhata Russian Orthodox Church (ROC), in which the accessories are many objects of historical and cultural heritage.God placed his hopes, but

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TransSakhalin line reached Poronaisk

Road Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk-Okha asphalt reached Poronaisk.

This is a momentous event, the road will provide additional opportunities for the development of the municipality and to improve the quality of life. The track has already left for the city is preparing for further paving fabric, in 2014 the task to reach the city of Smyrna.

Work on the asphalt highway also come onshore and to the north of Sakhalin — in Nogliki, Oxx, Tymovskogo. The length of it is 858 km, about 500 km today, "dressed" in the asphalt or prepared for it. For this highway are realized up to 65% of

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In Minsk destroy castle of the XVII century

Our reporter tried to walk down the street of Commerce, where at the moment concentrated more builders and construction machinery.Photo GalleryTrading on the street at this point is unsafe. Always need to look in order not to fall under the wheels of the crane or not to fall into the pit, dug along the entire street. At the bottom put a giant pipe that water climbed. The walls of the pit can teach history: here laying the foundation’s dark layer after the fire.Slices of dark earth and fragments of bricks bardovyh history crumbles to the bottom of the pit and

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Trams from Uraltransmash — Yekaterinburg

General Director of "Uraltransmash" YS COMRAT and Deputy Head of the Administration of Yekaterinburg on strategic planning, economics and finance AG Vysokinsky signed an agreement on the formation of working groups to jointly develop and test new models of trams.The document was signed during the retreat on the development of modern trams produced in Russia, which was held in West depot EMUP "Tram and trolleybus management" of Yekaterinburg.

Uraltransmash (part of the corporation "Uralvagonzavod") at the event, presented the tram model 71-407, and are in operation in the city — 71-403 and 71-405. The

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Official Newspaper sued nonstate half

Claims billed editor Tatiana Ivkina Krichevsky executive committee. She blames the publisher-independent newspaper "Free City" Vladimir Kudryavtsev and creator of this publication Valeria Bysava insulting own honor, the pros and goodwill.The reason for the trial was a series of articles "6 years in editorial Gulag", which was written in August — September 2004 to be independent newspaper "Free City". Last on the staff of "Lenin’s cry" Valery Bisov described in their ways of managing Tatiana Ivkina.Through Tribunal editor tried to recover from the publisher and founder of the "Free Town" non-pecuniary damages in the amount of 10 million rubles. But

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Chavusy: prosecutor urged the tribunal to punish journalists Free town

Ivkina blames publisher-independent Krycheu newspaper "Free City" Vladimir Kudryavtsev and creator of this publication Valeria Bysava insulting own honor, the pros and goodwill, as moral damages.Now District Attorney Chaussy Sergei Minow called tribunal to satisfy the claim of Tatiana Ivkina in full. The amount of compensation for moral damage it, but asked to find according to the law "On media disk imaging"- That it was within reasonable limits.He explained to his position, so that the defendant failed to challenge in court the claims Tatiana Ivkina.Vladimir Kudryavtsev, Valery Bisov and their representatives claim Tatiana Ivkina not recognize. Her claim they call

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