Syktyvkar gone for new experiences

To the north, Russia go for new experiences, health, knowledge and testing, hunting and fishing trophies. In the Republic of Komi has all the conditions for the development of tourism: the unique historical and cultural monuments, lively festivals and ceremonial traditions, extensive grounds with a variety of landscapes and climatic features.

But the way this neblizok, for large distances in the region, and on the way meets a curious lot. So the best way to travel in the region — on the train.

Is embarking on a journey from the capital of the Komi Republic

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Calls to Freedom: Putin United Our Homeland turned the election into a circus

Pochetaemye listeners! We appreciate your ideas and suggestions. You do our radio more meaningful and fun. The creator of the best call, messages, hints will receive a prize. Favorite proclaim shtonyadelyu in weekly review "Call to freedom."Recall: phone "Liberty" in Minsk 266-39-52 open 24 hours a day. Mobile Phone for SMS messages: 8-029-391-22-24.Several calls listeners upcoming elections in the Municipal Duma:Man: "The difference between Belarusian Russian election is in Belarus Belarusian-grab, and in Russia’s political opponents. Political struggle in Belarus — is the definition of genocide. "Lady: "Good evening," Freedom. "Putin" United Russia "have turned the election into a circus,

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As the new chairman of the executive committee Novapolatsk

Speaking at the session, the regional head of the "vertical" explained Vladimir Andreychenko shift control of the town "considerations planned rotation as well as the age factor and health of the preceding control."BACKGROUND Executive Committee Chairman Alexander Komarov, who had been in this position for about 10 years, went to one of healing European states appointed time and not come back home. In the town rumors that the emperor had reason not Komarova vorachivatsya home.Newly appointed chairman Kachanova Natalia was born in 1960. Svoychas finished Novopolotsk Polytechnic Institute and for 20 years worked in the housing and communal services. Her

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Lida — a city of poets and knights

In Lida held jousting tournaments, a newspaper "Our word" magazine "Lida chronicler," there are communities TBM, as earlier poets write poems in Belarusian, although "Lida newspaper" defected to the Russian language.

Notice in soon, that all Grodno press seldom uzreesh poem in the Belarusian language, most, including the students, the students are printed in Russian. In Lida situation is different, there is presented a collection of poetry about the town — local creators, whose 67 — says Stanislav Sudnik, journalist, poet, publisher.

There in the Belarusian language 95 percent of poems"There on the whiteRussian language 95 percent of the verses,

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City iniquities: Detroit police can not guarantee the safety of tourists

Detroit Police officers can not ensure the safety of residents and visitors to the city, according to CBS. Their work is poorly paid, and the 12-hour shifts lead to the complete depletion of the officers.

On Saturday, officers staged a demonstration to draw attention to the problems. "Driving into town, you are risking your life" — a slogan written on one of the posters that police put up next to Comerica Park in downtown.

"Detroit — the most dangerous city in the United States, with the highest number of murders. And in spite of the Detroit Police Department is

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New criminal case against activist Malady Front

Lady suspected of violating 2-articles of the Criminal Code — abuse of municipal signs and the role of an unregistered organization. The reason for the first case was the recent action of students in Polotsk. Then on the wall of the executive committee there was an inscription: "We do not suspend!" And not far from this place on the building of the prosecutor’s office were attached residues municipal flag after, as it tore and burned.Catherine initially questioned by police and later taken to the student residence and conducted a search there.KGB and prosecutors seized informational materials and carriers of information.

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Venice wants to secede from Italy. Good luck.

In Venice activists "Venice independence" provoeli rally for secession from Italy and the establishment of the Republic of Venice.

Their demands "Venice independence" justifies the fact that Venice became part of Italy recently. Venice and the surrounding areas were annexed to Italy in 1866. In the Middle Ages, Venice was the center of the Venetian Republic, one of the Mediterranean countries.

According to opinion polls in September, 80% of the city in favor of the independence of the city.

U.Kuntsevich: Naftan Polymir and out at the start of privatization

Prince Kuntcevich ponders over now, which came in handy structural modernization of large petrochemical complex, and what to expect from the ordinary."In September Novopolotsk celebrated its 50th anniversary. Its emergence and development of our city has to a large petrochemical complex. Still remember from childhood: a new building was referred to as another "neftsestroy."At first, then began construction of the refinery, which in 1962 gave the first Belarusian petrol, and after 5 years, at the second company — w / "Polymir" — was obtained first cellophane. Virtually "Polymir" was a logical continuation of one of the newly technological chain of

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Construction of the north-eastern bypass Belgorod completed

October 8 opened the final section north-eastern bypass Belgorod $ 2.2 bn and a length of about 20 kilometers.


Reasonable road-Novosadovy length 19.87 kilometers, which became part of the bypass road of Belgorod, started construction in September 2011. The total cost of 2.208 billion rubles.

Four-lane highway with a dividing strip all over equipped with bike lanes, barrier fencing and lighting. Road capacity — 16,700 vehicles per day. For it is built of reinforced concrete bridge over the river Reasonable, overpass, transportation, rebuild 23 adjacent road.

"We chose the most promising task — ring the city

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Construction of the resort Gorky Gorod

The lower part resort  "Hills City"At around 540 meters completed facade work is finishing and decorative trim interior, engineering networks are laid.


At the Olympic Games in 2014 "Hills City" will house the Olympic media village for 2658 numbers (1780 numbers at around 540 meters and the 878 rooms at around 960 meters) and the auxiliary media center for international journalists.


Just two parts resort "Gorki-Gorod" will be built 2.5 million apartments in apartment buildings and townhouses, 110 detached houses (villas, chalets), 9 hotels

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