Holidays in the city.

More and more kids spend their summers in the town. This has its pros and cons. «House at hand children’s clothing for all weather conditions, cot and highchair, pet toys, — says Anna Shevelev. — Do you know where to buy the products for themselves, catering for the baby and where, if necessary, seek medical attention. Already navigate to a good playground, park, and other places where you can spend your leisure time. » What is the downside?

Even in familiar urban environment mother must be very careful! «It is desirable to have in her purse was always an

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Morning Freshness

Apart from being called the golden hours for photography, early mornings are also the best time to capture the liveliness around you. People are more energetic, the city is engulfed by an organised chaos and nature is lively and lush. From cheerful portraits on the streets to magnificent dew drops on the leaves, everything becomes a great subject for the camera. If you are familiar with the location, choose a vantage point that allows you shoot into as well as away from the sun.

Afternoon Sun

If you have avoided venturing out in the afternoon because of the


Dispatches Photography Scenes Worldwide

Photography is working its mojo on Mumbai. Proving this is Focus, the city’s first photography festival, which ran for two weeks last March. Tapping into citizen pride, the event peppered the conceit of «the city» across a multi-site program that encouraged people to engage with photography’s pivotal role in modern life and contemporary art discourse. Ranging from nineteenth-century vignettes of Mumbai to images of the city’s distinctive Zoroastrian community to slices of urban architecture from the world over, Focus optimistically claimed a place for photography as one of the most stimulating cultural expressions of this maximum city.

From the country’s

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Love at first sight

Graz, the capital of the Austrian province of Styria, for most people on the planet came to be known only as the birthplace of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Terminator has not forgotten his home town — he built a large stadium that bears his name. However, Linda Wei in the biography of the famous actor from the American condescension calls Graz small provincial town, but with the same base can be considered a province of Vilnius and Krakow. In fact, Graz — a big city with 900-year history, three universities and 250-thousand population. A little-known city was due to its remote

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Cottage in the city

«The kitchen is a big deal to me,» says homeowner Sano Goacher. «It’s the place where everything happens.» That’s why when she and her husband, Miles, moved into this

Oshawa, Ont., home six years ago, expanding and updating the awkward, diminutive kitchen was their first priority — until the project took on a life of its own.

Having moved from just across the street, the couple loved this house’s cozy layout, flat lot and ravine setting (ideal for their dream backyard). And, no strangers to renovating — they had already revamped their two previous properties — they were all set

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Barcelona has used the 1992 Olympic Games as a kick start for a highly ambitious programme of urban renewal, reports Deyan Sudjic. Photos by Richard Bryant

Nothing illustrates the ferocity of the competition between the world’s great cities more clearly than the round of tooth and claw politics, arm-twisting and out-and-out bribery that accompanies the final stages of the International Olympic Committee’s decision every four years on where to stage the Games. Despite the catastrophic history of violence, corruption and overspending that is the most lasting legacy of the modern Olympics, the shortlisted cities fight desperately for the chance to

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In 1956, the federal capital of Brazil started taking shape out of nothing. Built from scratch, in just over 40 months, Brasilia is a city commissioned by the-then President of Brazil, Juscelino Kubitschek, to fulfill a promise long pending in their constitution.

A state competition, to which over 5000 architects responded, concluded with Lucio Costa as the winner and consequently as the chief urban planner. Oscar Niemeyer, a non-believer in straight lines, joined as the chief architect and Roberto Burle Marx came on as the principle landscape designer.

Only two cities in the world have embraced Le Corbusier’s principles

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During the crisis requires cooperation

January 20 head of Kurgan Anatoly Elchaninov held a working meeting with representatives of non-profit partnership «Russian lift association» and General Director of JSC «Kurganlift» Nicholas Golendukhino, according to the information-analytical department of the Mayor and the Kurgan City Duma.

The theme of the meeting was the development of cooperation between the municipality and the manufacturers of elevator equipment.

As it became known during the discussions on the modernization of elevators of the city, the Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services agreement with NP «Russian lift association», provides federal funding to upgrade the elevators. Among the

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Interior designer Fox Daniels is not afraid to use big colours in small spaces. We step inside her gorgeously Bohemian city crash pad.

When designer Fox Daniels lived in Paris, she fitted out her tiny city apartment like “a jewellery box” She has taken a similar approach to her Hollywood Road pied-a-terre slash office, thinking through every inch of the 800-sq-ft space in order to adapt to the limited confines.

“I wanted to create the idea of a loft,” she tells IIJ, as she sits in her beautifully re-upholstered pink chaise longue. First, she knocked the walls out of the

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«Togliatti should be proud of not only the Samara region, but the whole country»

On Thursday, July 25 took place in Tolyatti forum «Unity in the name of development.» It was attended by more than four thousand citizens who supported the initiative of Nicholas Merkoushkin the formation of community councils. Forum exposed the weak points of Togliatti. To eliminate them, will require the joint efforts of the government and the citizens.

Positive changes in the city, said Nikolai Merkushkin, addressing the participants of the forum, is impossible without involvement in this process of each inhabitant of Tolyatti.

Citywide Forum «Unity for Development» was held for the first time. The venue was chosen as

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