Ambulance Maritime and disabled the Tambov region. got new cars

Transfer of the first 13 cars "first aid" UAZ today, December 20, had been sent to health facilities Primorye. The remaining 27 cars will be given until the end of the week.The first 13 cars get Arsenyev City Hospital, Dalnegorsky City Central Hospital, Dalnerechensky City Central Hospital, Lesozavodskaya City Central Hospital, Anuchinskaya Central Regional Hospital, Dalnerechensky Central Regional Hospital, Kavalerovsky central district hospital.

The remaining 27 cars "first aid" will go to health care Primorye until the end of the week.It should be noted, on the basis of UAZ cars are ideal for use in off-road conditions,

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In the U.S. state of Kansas tornado formed 4

May 29, 2013. At night, in the north-east of Kansas was recorded 4 separate tornado. The greatest harm tornado brought Marysville and the surrounding area, about 240 km from the city of Kansas City near the border of Nebraska. There are 20-25 buildings damaged homes and businesses, three industrial buildings in the west of Marysville completely flattened. Damaged power lines.

Now the city has teams of rescuers and police, figuring out the details of what happened, and providing assistance to victims. Fortunately, none of the people shall not perish but have dozens of lost animals. Human victims managed

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In Moscow, rain and +4 °

Rain, sometimes heavy, will go to the capital for almost the entire day on Saturday, the website "Meteonovosti."

"From 10 to 18 hours in the city will be held rain. Partly total rainfall by the end of the day will be from 3 to 8 millimeters, and in some areas of the city will fall to 11 millimeters of rain, "- said in a statement.

In addition, during the day in the Moscow region is expected to strengthen south-west wind, whose speed with gusts may reach 12-15 meters per second.

According to forecasters, the air temperature in Moscow on

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In Cape Town, the South African state of emergency due to snow

June 3, 2013. Unusually cold weather in the parliamentary capital of South Africa — Cape Town, where for the first time in many years, in early June, the snow fell. Climate Cape Peninsula, where the metropolis is considered subtropical. As a rule, the snow formed there occasionally and then either at the top of Table Mountain or the mountain passes in the area.

According to local media reports, last night speck of snow and hail covered the quays of Cape Town, near the shore in some places there was ice.

In the winter, which is in the southern

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Flooding in Europe. In Germany, the water broke through a dam in Magdeburg

June 10, 2013. Water broke through the dam on the river Elbe near Magdeburg in eastern Germany. Thousands of residents were forced to flee their homes.

On Sunday, the water in the Elbe reached 7 meters 44 cm This is four times more than usual.

Authorities are investigating a suspicious anonymous letter, which contains the risk of undermining a number of dams.

As the correspondent of the BBC BBC Steve Evans in Berlin, malicious motives are unclear, but the threat was taken seriously.

Because of the threat of flooding 23,000 residents have been evacuated. The supply of electricity

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Named the city, which can be destroyed by earthquakes

According to the Italian edition of La Repubblica, a scientist Roger Baylhem the University of California, USA, from the analysis of the latest seismic activity of the earth's crust, noted on the world map of the city, which can be destroyed by a major earthquake in the next 40 years.

The list of cities that may soon not be hit heavily populated metropolises such as Tehran, Istanbul, Kathmandu, Karachi. In Europe, the risk of earthquakes prone to Lisbon, Athens, Messina. The strength of earthquakes in these cities can reach 7 on the Richter scale.

Especially scientist highlights the danger gas

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South-west China suffers from floods

June 10, 2013. The continuing several days of heavy rain caused flooding in the south-west of China. Flooded villages and partially — the city in provinces such as Guizhou and Gaunsi, as well as the municipality of Chongqing. Damaged farmland.

In the tourist center of Guangxi — Guilin — came out of the local river banks, exceeding the width of 100 meters. Shipping on it closed.

The county Zhunshuy the same province received almost 110 mm of rain. Firefighters rescued from the roofs of flooded homes of several people.

In the city of Guizhou Province Junyi 208 mm of

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Floods in Central Europe: a sad record

June 6, 2013. Torrential rains have stopped in Germany, but the level of water in the rivers continues to rise, and some villages have turned into islands. In the east, tens of thousands of people have fled their homes due to flooding. On Wednesday, the water level in the Dresden Elbe exceeded 8.5 meters. In the city of Halle because of the threat of flooding will evacuate about 30,000 people: there is water in the river Saale (a tributary of the Elbe) rose to the highest level in the past 400 years, the level and scope of the dam.

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Floods in Europe: forecasts are disappointing

June 8, 2013. Central Europe tries in vain to curb the elements of water. Flooding is already being called the largest in recent history. Victims of natural disasters have killed at least 18 people, mostly — in the Czech Republic. Hardest hit areas on the banks of the Danube and the Elbe River, the water level has reached record levels in some places is almost four times higher than normal.

In Germany, the only place this Saturday evacuated thousands of people. Particularly affected Magdeburg. Flooded businesses, residential neighborhoods, as well — a nursing home. People placed in temporary

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Flood ravaged Alaska

May 30, 2013. Alaska is experiencing the consequences of a major flood that occurred due to ice jam on the Yukon River. Hardest hit town of Galen, most of the 470 inhabitants of which have already been evacuated. Some of them stayed in shelters, and other sheltered friends and relatives.

As long as the water keeps coming. Under the water there was a large part of the city.

The probable cause was the late ice jam break the ice. At some point, low temperature changed dramatically warming. As a result, piles of ice stuck on the bend of the

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