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Unusual earthquake measuring 3.8 shook the city of Santa Fe, NM

Unusual earthquake measuring 3.8 shook the city of Santa Fe Natural Disasters

October 17, 2011 at 10.38 am local time in New Mexico, there were an earthquake measuring 3.8. For the area earthquake of this strength is historical, though wilts against the events in Japan and other warm countries.

Photos: USGS

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Truth and untruth about the events in Libya

Prior to that, explain why not share that beheld and experienced in Libya, immediately upon arrival at the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations first board — on a cargo plane Il-76. Also tell you why I decided to write about it at the moment.

In 1-x, the whole flow of misinformation which gushed from the horns of Middle Eastern, Western and Russian media at the beginning of clashes in the east of the country, put me in a deadlock. I could not understand why Twitter and Facebook every 10 seconds, there were reports in which it was suggested that

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Forbidden Archeology


In his books, anthropologist and historian Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson mathematician lead startling data, which the scientific community has been aware of, but for a long time this information was outside the field of view of scientists thanks to the so-called "knowledge filtration." The bottom line comes down to the fact that modern man has existed on Earth for millions of years.


To extract this information to light, the authors had to do an enormous amount of research and analysis, the results are so impressive that are set out in such detail that

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Drought in Novorossiysk: the authorities have imposed restrictions on water

June 16, 2013. In Novorossiysk because of dry weather had to impose restrictions on the flow of cold water inhabitants. This was announced on Twitter Mayor Vladimir Sinyagovsky.

@ SinyagovskyV: «The negative outlook was confirmed. Because of the hot and dry weather dried up one of the sources of water supply of the city. Because of the lack of water in the reservoir Neberdzhaevskom in a restriction cold water. "

He also noted that misconduct dispatching water utility employees can complain to him via Twitter. The hot water in the city will not block. All residents are asked to be

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Today in Saransk open fountain complex Forever with Russia

Its construction began in preparation for the celebration of the millennium of unity of Mordovia Russian peoples of the state and the reconstruction of one of the most famous monuments of the city — historical museum complex "Forever with Russia."

The authors of the project said that it will be a unique facility — a cascade of fountains of different heights with multicolored lights will surround the circumference of the monument, and the original flower beds in the colors of the flag of Mordovia will give a national character. Today, residents and visitors will be able

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It is time to bring down a U.S. city

When the U.S. economy is falling apart and the world becomes increasingly unstable, more and more Americans, more than than ever before, become "survivalist" («Preppers» — people who are prepared to survive in the face of economic and political disaster, the translator's note, It is estimated that in the United States today is not less than two million "survivalist", but how many actually no one really knows. The fact that it is very difficult to determine, since many of the "survivalist" just do not talk about their preparations. Your neighbor can store food warehouse in the garage or

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Flooding in Canada has resulted in two deaths

June 22, 2013. From the area of flooding in the Canadian province of Alberta, including the suburbs of the "oil capital" of Calgary, were evacuated hundreds of thousands of people.

According to BBC, the two found dead, the number of victims is not specified.

Disaster area visited by the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper. According to him, the government is taking "swift action".

Recall due to heavy floods in Alberta rivers burst their banks. Flood waters washed away roads and bridges carry cars, flooded homes, felled trees and power line pylons. In Calgary, the state of emergency.

Source: Rosbalt

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Beijing — a city of the future?

Beijing — a city of the future? It is interesting

How can you benefit the environment with high-speed trains? The answer is simple — if you build megacities around these rail services, as China does in his new project "Innovative Development of Beijing-Bohai."

Expanding the borders of the Chinese capital will add to the existing area is 17.6 million square meters, which will be used for various purposes. But special emphasis on providing high quality location of head offices of the most advanced companies in the district capital of Bohai. This place is responsible for a quarter of China's annual

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U.S. diplomats have condemned the Soviet Union for the bombing of German troops.

Portal Russian community in Estonia line

The U.S. diplomatic mission in Estonia issued a formal statement in which he said that the bombing in September 1944, Soviet aircraft had been occupied by the Nazis in Tallinn, from a military point of view, is meaningless, and its main goal — the demonstrative destruction, intimidation of civilians.

"This is remarkable both in aviareyd shocking number of victims, and in its ineffectiveness in military terms. As many as 300 Soviet bombers dropped more than 3,000 high-explosive and incendiary bombs on Tallinn, wiped out a third of the city and causing devastating damage

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In southern Taiwan earthquake

In southern Taiwan Earthquake Natural Disasters

February 26, 2012 in Taiwan was average strength earthquake near the coastal city of Pingtung, located in a mountainous region in the south. According to the U.S. Geological Survey at a depth of the main shock is 4.7 kilometers were a force 5.9, although the local seismological center recorded a tremor force 6.1. These injuries were reported, but minor damage occurred.

The earthquake occurred at 57 km from the second largest city Gasyun, with a population of about 3 million people, forcing many residents in panic from their homes. On local television video images

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